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Work, Whine and Laughs

Working in the morning shift is somewhat tedious because I have to wake up at 6 and reach at 7. Given a choice, I would rather work in the afternoon one but well, since I'm like the replacement for two other FT staff who had left, I am about their only few options I guess. So nowadays I work like 5 or 6 days 10 hours shift straight(sometimes 15 if I have to cover some guy's arse in the afternoon shift), which is what I won't want. I hope they employ one more person (they are in fact but haven't approve work permit) to lessen my workload because I would had rather prefer to work like 4 or 5 days week and oh, some afternoon shift please!

I seriously don't want to carry on like a hardcore workaholic until I enlist. In the perfect world, I had rather work when I feel like and still get enough rest time to do other stuffs at home. But of course, this would never ever happen and I cannot complain about this. I don't really like to work in the morning to be honest as I STILL sleep late and arrive at work feeling tired and listless almost everytime. I am NEVER a morning person and feel slightly grumpy when I do not have enough sleep. They all know how I am like when I am like that and had told me many times to sleep early but the problem is I can't no matter how I tried. It's a bad habit that has been developed since the attachment ended. Thrice already, I overslept and arrived late but amazingly, I have not been given the boot yet. It's probably because they can't find anyone stupid willing enough to wake up for morning shift. I can roughly half guess that the morning shift kitchen people probably don't really like me but have to tolerate with it until they get another person.

Afternoon shift is great because the working hours are shorter and I prefer the kitchen staffs better. Maybe it's because they are less whiny, more friendly and love to joke around. I don't really talk much to most of the people there except for a few here and there because most of the time, I feel a little tired and it's like we don't have any common interests. Still sometimes, they make me laugh intentionally or unintentionally.

1) I get called "Daniel"(another of my colleague) three times by different senior colleagues in the space of a few hours in the morning. I also cannot understand why. Damn, I knew it lo
ng ago I was not their favourite and this confirmed it. :( Except for being male and around the same age, I don't see any resemblance between me and him.

2) Night Shift Auntie HAD NEVER got my name right even though I have worked for like a month now. She calls me Yen, Rodney and a lot of other weird names. I repeated a few times my name but she probably can't remember it. So I just laugh and assure her she can call me whatever she liked. I won't get pissed because she's one of the nicest staff around there.

3) Some idiot got sacked in the stupidest way ever. It was surprising to me as because this Uni student from China had only worked like a few days. Manager told me the customer was sitting down waiting for the food to be served. Then the China dude was all ready to pass him the food when suddenly the customer switched seats. He moved to the next table and this got China dude angry a bit and he muttered "Shit" in front of the customer. It was not directed at the customer but of course, the customer thought otherwise and made a complaint and he was history.

Yes, there are some female staff that are around my age. But I only talk to maybe a handful. The one I talk to the most is Miss TP. It was my first week and I was still a newbie and didn't knew anyone. Then I saw a familiar figure walking in to start the afternoon shift. I was a little surprised because I swore I had seen her before so I asked
her how many days she had worked so far and she said two. Then I remembered where I saw her, she was in front of me when she got interviewed by my boss. So I asked her if she did came down with her friend that day. She confirmed my assumptions and I was glad to know someone finally.

Whenever she report in late for work, I would tease her "Or hor, late again". I would do it everytime and last weekend when she came early, I still said "Or hor". But she retorted back "I am not late leh, I was early". I just replied: "Eh, I know but I only say OR HOR mah, doesn't mean anything. Why so worked up for nothing?". I laughed like an idiot and she made a >_<>

4) After work, we walked to the MRT station. She asked me which poly I studied. I don't like to give obvious answers so I told her to guess.

"One of the polys in Clementi"
"Let's see, my poly TP, Republic in Woodlands, Nangyang I dunno where and..."
"NYP in AMK, Yio Chu Kang lah, wah lau eh"
"Hmmm....oh. I know liao. Then must be Singapore ah?"
"No lah, you almost got it but I'm from SP's good cousin at the other side of Clementi, near Bukit Timah lah"

I thought this was pretty obvious already but what the hell...


¬_¬ Nothing more I can say about her.

"What course you study in poly ah?"
"Golf course lor!"

Then I laughed like an idiot. She shot me a "I really buay tahan you" look.

"You huh, very lame leh and laugh very horribly. I don't want to talk with you liao. No meaning at all and made me more tired"
"Like that better what. Then you would sleep easier when you reach home. In fact, you should thank me for that leh"

"Hah Hah. Like real eh so where do you live?"

I thought for a while and acted stupid again...

"Palau Ubin"

I can see her face really like want to whack me already.

"You huh, not funny lor...just say lah."
"Ok, make a guess again. HDB Hub. I give big clue liao"
"Hmmm...HDB Hub ah? Where is it ah? I dunno leh"

¬_¬ I slapped my forehead and gave up.

"I really suspect you are not Singaporean lah, everything also dunno."

It's very ironic that later when I took the train home with a new Chinese colleague and I asked her the same question and she could answer me. A FOREIGNER KNOWS BETTER THAN A LOCAL??? Oh well, Miss TP really is one hopeless blurcock but I love it. Makes it so much easier and funnier to tease and joke around with. :)

Originally before I started work, I wanted to work until the week before I get enlisted. But now, after experiencing so much BS, standing on the feet for more than half of the day, being tired for most of the time and clearing endless leftovers and dirty crap, I think I have had enough. I have decided to stop 2 weeks before enlistment. Partly because of what someone said to me. Well, I went to get my geeky and ugly army glasses after work today. Thursday I worked 14+ hours till closing and then woke up few hours later and worked 10 more hours today.

When the optician lady asked me if I was working tomorrow on Voting Day, I said yes. She was surprised and told me why should I slog so hard especially now when I do not have much time left to enjoy? After sonme thoughts, she is right. I don't really work for the money or whatever. I work just to pass time. Why should I be so accomdating to my employers anyway? So I guess I would have to inform them of my new departure date and also to apply some holidays to watch football. If they don't allow, then I just quit then. Simple as that.

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