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This song has a special meaning to me...

First came across the song on streaming radio last year. I used to hate it whenever they played this as the voice was weird but upon repeated hearings, I grew to love it because it never fails to make me want to stand up and dance like an idiot. That is how a good song should be. I wondered who was behind this song and what a surprise, it's Daniel Bedingfield, THAT guy behind "If You're Not The One". He sounds so different on both songs.

In fact, a couple of times when it randomly played on my iPod when I was on the bus, I just lost myself and moved to the beat in my seat without a care in the world. Those people in their vehicles beside me stared at me when the traffic lights turned red but I wasn't bothered with them. Of course, I only did this when there are not many people on the bus. Since I liked the song that much, I went to find out the history of it and it had a very interesting story indeed.

1) He recorded "Gotta Get Through This" in his bedroom with only a microphone and computer.

2) The inspiration behind the song was a red haired Swiss-American dancer who lived in Leeds, England. Daniel had fallen in love with her, but avoided telling her for two and a half years. He was walking in London's Tower Bridge and he was upset that the distance prevented him from pursuing her. It was this frustration, tension and desperation to see this girl that he wrote the song. He got the girl in the end.

3) He send the demo of the song to a few record companies in London but they didn't liked it. So he decided to make it into a single and send it to three DJs as a last ditch solution. In the end one famous DJ picked it up, included in his album and spread the song to the underground garage scene. The song then somehow ended up Number #1 on the UK music charts in 2oo1. People wondered who the guy w
as behind the song and in the end, he did become a singer when a record company signed him on after this incident. He released his debut album after that and of course the song is included inside. What a fairy tale ending.

And yes Natasha Bedingfield is his sister, if you haven't knew by now.

This part of the lyrics perfectly described what I was trying hard to do for weeks now. Trying to move on from the experience.

If only I could get through this
If only I could get through this
If only I could get through this

God, God, gotta help me get through this

I gotta get through this
I gotta get through this
I gotta make, gotta make it, gotta make it through
Said I'm gonna get through this
I'm gotta get through this
I gotta take, gotta take my mind off you

Give me just a second and I'll be all right
Surely one more moment couldn't break my heart
Give me 'til tomorrow then I'll be okay

Throughout the whole time which I felt really low, I had it on repeat and listened to it everyday for hours till I got sick of it. Nevertheless, this is a great track to groove to in clubs. If this came on, I think I would go crazy and danced myself silly.

Actually I could had stay at home and rot until June but it's not very good in t
he sense that I will do nothing but just keep on thinking and thinking about that matter. People around ask me why I should bothered to work when I only had so little time left to enjoy my civilian life. I tell them the most honest reason is because I am bloody bored waiting for NS at home. That's only half the truth. The real reason is I just had to find a job and work to keep myself busy and not brood too much about the matter. It does somewhat works...until I get home and alone in my room and all the thoughts come back in my mind. Sheeesh.

But as each day passes, I think I can gradually accept the fact that it wasn't meant to be. I had pretty much got over it, but not the person totally though. I am not sure why about the latter but maybe it's because this was the first time I ever took action instead of just keeping quiet inside as I usually do. You would had never bet on me mustering the courage to go up to even talk to someone I might had fancied few years back seriously. Though it didn't worked out in the end, it's quite amazing to me now that I actually tried to do(keyword "tried" but didn't execute in the end) quite a few things for her. Another thing is though I said I didn't cared anymore, that is not really how I felt inside. I still cared about her well being but not to a greater extent as in the past. I always want to know that my friends are doing well and getting on fine.

After many sleepless nights, I figured the problem lies with me and not that "It's not you but me" reason which she gave. She probably just said that to make me felt better. I pretty much knew I am not good enough in many ways and I am not fit to be in a relationship. One thing I found annoying was those friends of mine kept consoling me by saying that I'm a great guy and all that feel good rubbish. People always lie in order to make you feel less hurt. Oh come on, give me a break. The truth is hard to take but look at me, I still manage to somehow came through after a few setbacks in the past. The moral of the whole story is I got to change and improve myself in order to appear desirable. But that would take time.

And oh thank you Mr Bedingfield, I did got through this.

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