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Intruder and Idiots

Someone broke into my flat on Friday evening and strangely, it wasn't chased away and in fact my parents was very happy. How come? Well, when I got home after work on Friday afternoon, I immediately rushed to the toilet to do my business. Honestly, nothing beats doing it in the comfort of your home's toilet because sometimes, public toilets are just downright disgusting. Dirty, smelly, floor filled with urine and lack of toilet paper. Arrgh. I would know better because I dread using the toilet at the shopping mall of my workplace. Can't people treat public loos like their ones at home? It would make going to the toilet a more pleasant experience. Anyway, back to the point....

While I was about to finish, I heard a sound. A very LOUD chirping. It was as if there was a bird in the toilet with me. But the thing is, we don't have any pets at all so what was the deal with it? I looked around and found the source of the voice at the corner hiding.

Yes, it's the mynah commonly seen around. My first thought was where did it pop out from and why did it chose to come, of all places, the toilet of my flat? I asked my mum about it and she told me it somehow flew into our flat via the kitchen's window and then straight to the toilet, staying there for hours. My mum also noticed it's parents at the window ledge
chirping and searching for him. My parents did not want to chase it away because they believe it's arrival would bring them luck because it is not everyday you get such a visitor. What pure superstitious rubbish I thought. I mean won't they feel one bit awkward that when they are pissing, there is a pair of eyes staring at your private parts? No?

Strangely, it prefers to hide in a corner and not do anything. When I walked in to offer some clean water and some small chunks of apple on a plate, it backed off away from it. Maybe it is shy. I do not know why the mynah did not want to leave. Are it's wings injured or did it grew to like the toilet so much that it decided to stay for good? I have no answer to that question but it just stayed there throughout the night. When I woke up early for work the next day, I went to checked if it was still there. Yeap. It was, with a lot of free gifts in the form of droppings.

Saturday evening. Ater a long day at work, I just want to get home quickly and take a damn bath. Taking the train on weekends is a bitch as it's just crowded. So I prefer to take the bus even though it might take me a little longer to reach home. But at least I might get a seat.

As I was about to cross the road, I noticed my bus coming but the damn lights were still green. I prayed that the people boarding the bus would delay it a little until the lights turned red. What luck, the lights did in fact turned red and I quickly ran across the road and flagged down the bus. That bloody driver just waved me off with a snotty look on his face. It was not as if the bus was packed. So I just have to say Fuck you Mr Bus Driver.

I just stood there like a fool as the bus left. There was another alternate bus service I could take and within a few minutes, it came. As the crowd filled the bus along the journey, I pressed the bell to drop off at my stop. The people are just like statues. They can hardly move to let me through to the exit even though I already muttered excuse me. I just had to push my way through like what every rude Singaporean is good at.

The best thing is there was an eldery man sitting on the steps of the exit blocking my way. I am serious. If he wasn't as old as my grandfather, I would had kicked him down the steps. I don't blame him though. I can only point a finger at those people who did not give up their seat to him. He would not had sat there if there was one considerate person. As he stood up, I was expecting the doors to open. No it did not. I was already impatient and pressed the bell again. Hello??? Is the driver asleep? I was still standing there with so many people staring at me. It was only when I pressed it for the 3rd time then the doors to my escape from the bus ride from hell was over.
World class transport my foot. To think they are planning to raise the bus fares again.

It is incidents like these that I wished I had a car. Really.

Ohhh...the mynah is gone when I got home after work yesterday. My mum told me it left when she woke up in the morning at 10am. Now she better hope that it does indeed bring her luck for the 4D tonight. Haha.

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