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Broken free...almost...

It's not a big secret that I dislike my job more and more as each day passes. It's a small miracle that I have been working for 1.5 months now when in fact I really got tired of it and felt like quitting 1 month into it. I mean, why bother to stay on on something you dislike and make yourself unhappy? But still I decided to stay on. The question is why am I unhappy? Mainly because of the long working hours and crappy starting time. There's no fixed salary as the system here is the more hours you work, the more you are paid.

For a miserable hourly pay, they expect us to do almost everything. Like wiping and clearing the tables, serving food, washing the dishes and teabags, throw rubbish, lock the tables, get the stock from the storeroom etc etc. Bloody hell, sometimes I think I'm underpaid. When I told my football kaki in the army about the job I'm holding, he raised his eyebrow and laughed at me. He said I should had asked for a higher pay considering that I've graduated. He used to work in a IT company for a few months drawing quite a respectable sum, though not as much as $1800. *Cough*. His boss quoted him a low pay but he insisted he deserved more as he's a poly grad and guess what? He got what he wanted. But of course, he could had do this because he was enlisted in September last time. Much more time than what I have. I mean who would want to employ someone who can only work for 2 months plus or so? Not many.

The real reasons why I stayed on are because ...

1) During the interview, I said I could be able to commit until the 1st week of June to the boss. So a promise is a promise, I would stick to it. I would had felt really guilty if I quit before that. But weeks after I started working, I realized I shouldn't had said that because I am just bloody tired almost after each working day. That is not what I had in mind. I only w
anted a relaxing and easy job. A typical day for me would require me to wake up at 6am, reach at 7 and then work to 5pm or sometimes till 10pm if I had to cover for someone in the afternoon shift. But when the manager noticed that I wasn't really that keen on working like a dog, they managed to cut my working hours. Last week, they managed to employ a full timer and so I have a considerably lighter schedule now. Mostly just 5 or 6 hours and then I can go home. I like this arrangement better but still it doesn't hide the fact that I won't want to work till June. I need to rest and chill out before enlistment.

I told my manager last Friday that I would be quitting next Wednesday(today). But he said I cannot do that as I had to consult the boss and have to give two weeks advance notice. He then asked me to work till this week ended. I reluctantly agreed, feeling a little upset by that also. Oh come on, I might come somewhat late every morning but you can't deny the fact that so many times I agreed to cover so many other people's shift and work more than I was supposed to without much hesistation. Even when I said Sunday would be my preferred off day because I have to play football, sometimes I still agree to your request to work on that day just because you sound kind of desperate and asked in a begging tone. Where can you find such an idiot accommodating employee like me? Yet a simple request like that and you have to beat around the bush.

2) I had grown to like working with some of my colleagues. Especially those on the night shift. But unfortunately, they always slot me to work in the mornings because they lack people in there. Most of my colleagues are poly students part timers so mornings are out of question to them. Overall, everyone doesn't treat me that bad. Just that when people treat you good, you have this thinking that you had better work harder to deserve that treatment.

I don't like to lie. Never had and never will. When I say something untrue, I would felt horrible and guilty after that. But sometimes, some people just force me to do this. Since my manager told me to consult my boss if I could quit by this week, I had to come up with a credible excuse so as to make it believable. If I told them I wanted to quit because I want to rest for army, they probably won't allowed it because they would surely bring up the promise I made last time that I could work till the first week of June. So I had to lie and tell her I had to visit my sick aunt for a week in Malaysia blah blah blah. I also had to emphasis the point that I was returning back next Friday morning.

I expected her to get the hint that I would be quitting and not coming back ever. But unfortunately no, she didn't got it. She is persistent all right, asking if I could work Friday afternoon or the weekends and till the days before I enlist. My god, she really can't bear to let me go. Sheesh. Being the model employee, of course I agreed to her request and do her one last favour to work 1 more day before I kiss goodbye. Next Saturday would be my final day. I won't miss the place.

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