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Boring and Predictable

Typical words to describe the elections results. Same old results like last time round. YAWN. Of course everyone knows who would win overall in the end but it would had been better if a few Men-In-White lost. I don't claim to know much about politics nor did I had the time and energy to follow the news due to being half died from work but when you have such an overwhelming of the same party controlling the government, it just doesn't sound or look good.

Simple reason is no one would oppose the increases and all the policies etc etc because when you have 82 out of 84 of your own party's people in the government, of course there is no way the parliament would say no to what they would be introducing. So I guess we would expect more increases and a lot of other crap the next 5 years. Hurray for that! As if the bus fare, ERP, COE and all that isn't high enough already. Like everyone knows, the only thi
ng that increases is the cost of living and not your salary. Noticed they won with an overall 66.6%? Is it a sign of things to come? Regardless, I fear for the future now already.

Sure, I just had the chance to vote for the first time ever but it didn't matter because it was a walkover in my area. But from what I heard from my colleagues and customers all week, they don't really totally agree to what the government is doing. Somehow, they lean to an alternative voice. Singaporeans are weird. I say this because looking at the massive crowds at the opposition rallies, you might had think they would support and vote for them in the end. But the truth is, they would still go for the tried and trusted choice in the end. They fear ch
anges and prefer familiarity but inside they complain about the government. Still in the end, they don't dare to voice out and make a difference by exercising their voting power and giving it to the opposition. Maybe. Except if you're from Potong Pasir and Hougang, who have the balls to stand up against the government and wave away all the upgrading tactics promised to them by the Men-In-White.

I was only interested how the results would come out in Potong Pasir simply because it's just a bridge away and some bus stops away from where I live. I thought that old guy would finally lose out but he won again! And even managed to improve his winning percentage by a little. I could hear cheers and clappings around my block when the results came out on the telly. I clapped a little too because I think he's quite worthy. Hougang area was a foregone conculsion because that Hammer guy is very strong. I already thought no fight lah as even the kopi uncle assured me he sure win. He won by such a big margin, looks like those people at Hougang really likes him. The only surprising result to me was the Aljunied GRC as those Hammer group got quite a huge percentage even though they lost. All week long, those Men-In-White kept on targeting the same guy for so many days just for one silly mistake. Even people would get bored and annoyed by this tactic lor. That's probably why they got many votes as usual maybe?

Anyway, life goes on. We the small and powerless citizens will still continue to get screwed either way. Time to sleep after a long day. Zzzzz.....

Sunday update: *Stupid Men-In-White in lorries whizzed past my area waving and thanking us through their loudspeaker. Early in the morning do this kind of thing, people like me are still sleeping ok? I flashed a middle finger at them from my window. They probably didn't see it. God, what's to brag and make noise about when it's a damn walkover? Sheesh, give me a break*

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