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What I dislike most about work...

....is I have to force myself awake by 6am if I am assigned on the opening shift. Suddenly, it is back to the days of primary school all over again. I used to live at the eastern side of the island and had to wake up at an unearthly 5.30am every damn morning to catch two buses to my school in Toa Payoh. Sometimes I am like the first student to reach the school and it was a little errie to say the least. That went on for about 3 years until I moved to Kim Keat.

The work schedule is very flexible. Initally, I thought they put me on full time but actually I realized I am just one of their many part timers. I work like 4 or 5 days and different hours each time. Sometimes 6 hours and the most was 10 hours at a go, which was a little crazy. I have problems sleeping early for morning shift because all along after the internship, I usually sleep late and woke up late every day. You can pretty much say I am a nightowl type of person.

So, I still have this unhealthy habit despite having to work the morning shift, which just makes me pretty tired and grumpy when I reach the workplace. Because I just don't feel like talking much or have this expressionless look on my face, they probably think I am unfriendly or an introvert but the truth is I just feel tired inside and all I want to do is sleep but I cannot, thus my brain just stays in hiberation mode until the afternoon when I feel much less lathergic.

I think most of the people in my workplace are nice except for a few who I can feel sort of dislike me perhaps because I am new or I rarely talk much. The most asked question by my fellow colleagues(those around my age) was how old I was. I always tell them to make a guess. EVERYONE seems to think that I am around 17-19. I am not joking but not one got my age right. It is very flattering to know I still look childish young. How I wished I was really what they say I was.

Other than that, nothing really much to whine about. I am glad just to have a job to keep myself occupied until I am called up. Though some people might feel it is a little beneath them to serve food or clear the crap after the customers had left, to me it is not a problem as long as I enjoy myself and have fun. Nothing really matters much now anyway. Why should I make myself unhappy, angry or whatever when I have roughly only 2 months left to have fun? This turtle bookmark I saw in my cousin's house is a good reminder to me. Take it easy. Simple advice indeed but not everyone knows how to follow it.

Speaking about jobs, I think I had a deja vu feeling when I saw this upon checking the school email.

Sometime back, I went alone for an interview at their office for the printer job recommended by my classmate. In the end, it did not worked out. Neither did my other classmates who tried for it but now they are desperate for people again? I think since they state that they are willing to take in those who are awaiting enlistment, you guys who are hopelessly jobless (YES YOU WHO IS READING THIS!) should go down and give it a try. Time to wake up your idea and move your lazy butt and go for interviews. Anything is better than rotting aimlessly at home really.

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