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Life is one sweet irony

Good Friday, Bad Friday. I should had been working but then I took leave for the chalet thingy a few days ago but then last minute it got switched to next week. Bleh. I messaged my manager to explain that I could cancel my leave and work on Friday as scheduled if he wanted me to and to also ask for leave next week. He didn't replied. I am thinking I had sort of lost the trust he had in me. Hope I don't get ^#@&@^#& when I see him tomorrow at work.

Speaking of trust, my friend must be wondering what the hell is going on also. Few days ago he asked if it's possible this Friday organize a kickabout. I told him it wasn't possible as I will be working that day which of course isn't the case now. Well every week, I am the organizer and the one that brings the ball. So if I fell sick or wasn't free, the whole thing is cancelled. Since I am free today, I sent messages to my kakis yesterday that we would be playing today anyway. I think he must be a little suprised when he got that message.

While we were waiting for our turn to play, I told my football kakis(ALL of them serving NS now) that I would be enlisted on the eve of World Cup. Their immediate reaction was to laugh at me. I had always followed the World Cup since US 94 so I
thought it is very ironic that I would miss nearly all of the tournament this time. This fact is just hard to swallow but really, I can only blame myself for not passing my NAPFA. One of them told me he also had to miss Euro 2004 tournament also when they were enlisted that time.

A few of them, awaiting to go into NUS/NTU coming this August just mocked at me by shouting ORD LOR! Lucky bastards are going to get out soon enough and I still haven't go in and the worst thing is I am older than them. Sheesh. But their mocking I can take because I also mocked at them by flashing my pink IC in their face last time. Haha. They said my batch is very fortunate because they had to serve 2.5 years. I guess so, 1/2 more year of time wasting would had felt worst. I think we didn't even played much and then the skies just opened up and cried. God, I absolutely hate it when it rains cats and dogs. Especially when we were just starting to have fun. Today's session was over just like that. :(

The World Cup, well I am not really that interested in watching the group matches anyway. I just hope if I do get to book out on the weekends, I might be able to catch a few matches. Thus, I went to find out the schedule to see which matches falls on the weekends...

24 June Sat Round of 16

1 July Sat Quarter Finals

8 July Sat 3rd placing match

Oh crap, I guess really no chance to watch the final then... :(

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