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The dreaded letter is here

What an April Fool's Day indeed. After my friend told me that he received his enlistment letter this morning, my first reaction was to immediately go check the mailbox. I got excited for nothing as there isn't anything inside. This sounds stupid but I was jealous of him because my mentality is I rather get into this shit as early as possible and get done with it as quickly as possible. That means to get into the first June/July intake instead of the second September/October intake. So I was pleasantly relieved when I saw two colored letters from Mindef when I checked the mailbox in the evening again.

Finally, it has come. Thank god. When most of my secondary school friends/football kakis are about nearly 1 year into it or soon to ORD already. But here I am, still haven't serve it. I should had been with them but alas for the delay. I am overdue for this and I go in as an old bird. I had counted, 67 days to Tekong chalet. So hey it's time to enjoy, have fun, go crazy and spend whatever remaining civilian time I have to the fullest before my time is up.

*Tick Tock* *Tick Tock* The Countdown has begun.

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