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Shopping is fun...

...only when it is with the right person. I never could understood the opposite sex's fascination of walking around almost every single damn shop in a shopping mall even though they do not have the intention of making a purchase. It's like you go in to every shop and try a few stuffs on and then quickly exit and go to the next shop and do the same stuff over again. For hours at a time. It's like die die must see got any good offers in any of the shops.

For me, I am very different. Before I make a purchase, I already had in mind what I want. So I just go in to the shop, grab whatever I want and then get the hell out. This is so much simpler and efficient. That is why I really hate shopping with females. It is like the most boring activity. Most of the time you just walk around with them like a fool. Sometimes my mum ask me to tag along to her shopping trips, I always say no. Because I know I will just be given bags and bags stuffs to carry. The only time I would agree is when she want to buy stuffs for me. :)

Prom is a bitch because firstly, I hate to dress formal. It is just awkward and uncomfortable to wear those clothings. No doubt it does look smart but I had never got used to wearing long sleeve shirts and business pants. Secondly, I already had decided what to wear for that night and already had everything in my warerobe except the blazer. I asked my sis how much a typical one would cost and she told me it would burn a $200+ hole in my wallet. O_0 Holy cow, this is insane but I still wanted to get one anyway. But I got to look around for a cheaper one of course.

Initially, I agreed to go browsing around with XF since I did not had a clue where to buy them and she also hadn't got a clue what to wear but she later denied that she had ever said yes. Boo boo to broken promises. But thank goodness, she "put aeroplane" on me as I had a backup shopping companion with a better taste anyway. That would be my sister.

We walked around quite a number of stores like G2000, U2, Zara, Takashimaya, Topman etc etc. She was right all along. A typical blazer cost around $200+. I even seen a few which cost $1000+. That is absolutely ridiculous. After walking around a lot of shops, I think most of the blazers they have do look nice but the thing is their smallest size doesn't fit me. The sleeves are too long and when I wear it, it just doesn't fit me. I had wanted to get the one from Topman as it was the cheapest but after hearing my sister's advice, I decided not to as the altering would take 1-2 weeks.

I kind of lost interest in walking around more shops because I guess it would be the same outcome anyway. The smallest size ones they have won't fit me. My sis just told me to walk and look around more and maybe I will struck gold. She was right. I finally found the perfect blazer in a shop at Centrepoint. Ironically, we wouldn't had knew the shop existed if not for the recommendation from a previous shop. The shopkeeper advised me to try that shop when I couldn't fit into their smallest size blazer.

This was where my sister was a great help. She asked a lot of questions with the sales assistant which I normally won't had bothered. Like whether it would fit my shirt, pants and all that. She even tried to bargain the price for me, which I would never do because I don't like to be seen as a cheapskate. I still was a little undecided as it cost $250. But I thought since I finally found one that suits me,screw it I'll splash the cash. It is still expensive in my eyes but compared to Zara and G200, it is 50 bucks cheaper. Can say I got a small bargian and furthermore, it fits me perfectly and needs no altering. So I reckon it's worth it anyway.

I got home and my mum scolded me for wasting money. I could understand why but I used my own money anyway and I won't deny that it still does hurt a little because I had never spent so much on a single clothing item. But well, I can still use it next time anyway. All I can say is after this shopping trip, I know better next time who to bring along when I need to shop for clothes.

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