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Meme of Four

As I wait and wait patiently for the phone call from the rather hopeful interview which I went a few days ago, I am thinking that interviewer lady is just giving me false hopes again, just like the other ones that I had tried for. She didn't promised to call but she sounded like I am 99% sure of getting employed. Maybe I was too hopeful. OT, sai kang, clear the rubbish, I can do it all. Just get me out of my terribly uninteresting and boring slacking life right now.

Saw this meme somewhere.

4 Jobs I've had in my life

Recycled Materials Collector
Warehouse Sales assistant
Convenience store assistant
DSTA intern

4 movies I could watch over and over

LOTR: The Two Towers
Fight Club
Saving Private Ryan

4 TV shows I love(d) to watch

Desperate Housewives
Amazing Race
Fear Factor

4 places I've lived

Toa Payoh Lor 5
Kim Keat
Toa Payoh East

Is it a sign that I'm going to be always stuck in Toa Payoh all my life?

4 places I'd been on vaction to

Errr...Sentosa? HAHAHA

Malacca is such a boring place. Same with Xiamen. But their weather is cool. Not to the point of snowing, which I like very much. It's a shame mid 10 degrees type of temperature won't ever happen here.

4 places I'd would rather be

Germany in June
In a bedroom with twins having a jolly good... *Ahem*

4 favourite foods

Subway Sandwiches
Lor Mee
Kway Chup
Mum's Nasi Lemak

4 websites I visit daily


4 persons to tag this to

My mother
My grandmother
My dog
My Pooh Bear

I don't have friends who blog. Not that I can think of anyway. Most of them prefer to be an anonymous blog voyeur. If anyone happens to read this and you're bored, then go do this lor.

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