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It is 7am now...

After a wild and crazy night, I should be sleepy by right. But by left I am typing this post out while looking out the window. It's a brand new day, Mr Sunshine ain't out because it's still drizzling. The roads are wet and the cars are moving. I am pretty awake, while listening to some groovy tunes. After we left for home, I told my friend I wasn't a bit tired. He laughed and I can guess he probably didn't believed me. Well, I'm not lying.

While on the journey home, I thought about many stuffs. I realized a lot of things today. I was right all along. Reached home at 5. After a bath, I sat my lazy arse in front of the telly and watched the footie. Flipping between the FA Cup match and the Spanish League. Same old predictable bullshit really. Chelsea winning and Real Madrid being just absolute rubbish.

Then I went to lie on my bed not to sleep but to stare at the ceiling. I reflected on the things that happened.

What I had learnt....

1) The blazer was too formal. But it's alright, I can sav
e it for future weddings and funerals.

2) The food was honestly terrible. Even my ex supervisor's wedding was slightly better. I ate more, dressed worst and paid less than this scam. The only saving grace was the host.

Hot, loud, dark and air polluted with second hand smoke. It's precisely what I had thought of alright.

4) Even if you are ugly or sexually confused, it's alright. Because it's so dark inside that no one really gives a crap about how you look.

5) Continuing on the theme of sexually confused, how do they classified those type of people? Are they allowed in free as a lady? or a dude? This had been puzzling me ever since I left.

6) Even if you don't really like the genre of music that much, after a w
hile you would start moving to the beat. It is just that infectious. But you would probably want to get the hell out after an hour. Like my friend whom left early. I won't blame him. It was like a torture to a metal loving fan.

7) Dancing like an absolute idiot is perfectly acceptable. All thanks to the the lack of light inside.

8) Despite being a non clubber, I think my opinion has ch
anged slightly. Maybe I will agree to go with my army friends to MOS to have a look see the next time they ask me.

After the signs that was given to me, I can pretty much say I am neither as enthusiastic nor as interested in bothering to get into a relationship before I get into National Slavery anymore. I am not stupid, I understood all that. All along I never thought it was a good idea. Now it's been proven.

10) No one will probably give a crap about all these. But it's alright. I love to talk to myself.

Oh no, I had thought I would be tired after typing all this nonsense. But I am still very awake. Blah, I think I am going to watch my taped movie, "The Pianist" now.

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