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Government give me present but I am still unhappy...

I checked the letterbox just now and they were finally here. Thank goodness, or else I can't stand the constant questions anymore. I mean my mum kept on asking me when the letter would arrive ever since they announced this last month. Surprise surprise, there was one for me also. Then I remembered, I already hit the age to watch R(A) movies already. So I qualify for this also.

I got a shock when I read the contents. That is quite a lot of $ for a jobless slacker like me. About twice as what I have in my pathetic bank account. Wow. Thank you PAP for this pre election bribe goodie. Though it doesn't have an effect on me as it has always been a walkover for many many years in my town.

This might sound absolutely retarded but honestly given the chance, I do not want the cash. Most people might gleefully accept the handout but I see it in another way. They sending the letter to me only serves to remind me how awfully old I am now. If there was a chance, I would gladly exchange the money to be 18 years old again.
Back to the days where I was youthful, innocent and not giving a damn care of the world.

I would turn back time and make things right again. I wasted a lot of time back in secondary school. I want them back. I would had strived harder to prevent getting into this shitty predicament I am in now. I might not look like it but I have been vastly unhappy for 4 years now. It's like a vicious cycle. I didn't got into something I liked, I lost the passion to work hard ever since I got in to this unfavourable course, I just wanted to get through it and in the end I graduated with a lousy GPA. Neither good nor bad.

Plus, I have zero idea what the hell I will do after NS. I think I lost myself for the past 3 years. I hate to feel like that as I am one who prefers to be in control and know what I am going to do in the future. But now, this certainly isn't the case.

Hoping that lady would really employ me for the cafe job or else I would keep thinking about all these and that other thing more and more as each day passes. Arrgh, it is an unhealthy habit I had developed since I was young. And oh, they had better send the enlistment letter quickly to me also. I am growing a tad impatient.

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