Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Government give me present but I am still unhappy...

I checked the letterbox just now and they were finally here. Thank goodness, or else I can't stand the constant questions anymore. I mean my mum kept on asking me when the letter would arrive ever since they announced this last month. Surprise surprise, there was one for me also. Then I remembered, I already hit the age to watch R(A) movies already. So I qualify for this also.

I got a shock when I read the contents. That is quite a lot of $ for a jobless slacker like me. About twice as what I have in my pathetic bank account. Wow. Thank you PAP for this pre election bribe goodie. Though it doesn't have an effect on me as it has always been a walkover for many many years in my town.

This might sound absolutely retarded but honestly given the chance, I do not want the cash. Most people might gleefully accept the handout but I see it in another way. They sending the letter to me only serves to remind me how awfully old I am now. If there was a chance, I would gladly exchange the money to be 18 years old again.
Back to the days where I was youthful, innocent and not giving a damn care of the world.

I would turn back time and make things right again. I wasted a lot of time back in secondary school. I want them back. I would had strived harder to prevent getting into this shitty predicament I am in now. I might not look like it but I have been vastly unhappy for 4 years now. It's like a vicious cycle. I didn't got into something I liked, I lost the passion to work hard ever since I got in to this unfavourable course, I just wanted to get through it and in the end I graduated with a lousy GPA. Neither good nor bad.

Plus, I have zero idea what the hell I will do after NS. I think I lost myself for the past 3 years. I hate to feel like that as I am one who prefers to be in control and know what I am going to do in the future. But now, this certainly isn't the case.

Hoping that lady would really employ me for the cafe job or else I would keep thinking about all these and that other thing more and more as each day passes. Arrgh, it is an unhealthy habit I had developed since I was young. And oh, they had better send the enlistment letter quickly to me also. I am growing a tad impatient.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lame Joke Of The Day

I watched the Merseyside Derby at my friend's, who is a Liverpool fan. It was what you would expect from a derby. Passion, tackles flying around, end to end action. Though I had expected Liverpool to win 2-1 before the match, I was kind of disappointed at how Everton failed to capitalize on the one man advantage.

There were lots of talking points, but the main one must be the dismissal of their inflential captain. He got sent off quite early in the first half. Both of the yellow cards were given a minute apart and well deserved. The first was just silly. The second one was pretty much irresponsible as he went in two footed into the opponent just outside the penalty box. I really thought he must had lost his mind. What a bloody letdown but I bet he is surely thankful to his team mates for coping very well despite his absence.

Read this article first to better understand the joke perhaps.
Special 08 shirts at Mersey derby

Two top footballers have made history by having their shirt numbers changed for an all-important Merseyside derby.

Everton's James Beattie and Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard both wore an "08" shirt on Saturday - marking the city's year as Capital of Culture.

The numbers got special permission from the FA Premier League to promote the 08 Ambassadors Programme.

After the match, at Anfield, the two shirts were being auctioned for charity by the Liverpool Culture Company.

The 08 Ambassadors programme has been created for well-known people to spread the word about the city and its role as European Capital of Culture 2008.

Q: Why is Gerrard's 08 jersey worth more than Beattie's 08 jersey?
A: Cos Gerrard's one would be very clean as worn only for 18 minutes and comes with a red card also. :)

Thursday, March 23, 2006

It is 7am now...

After a wild and crazy night, I should be sleepy by right. But by left I am typing this post out while looking out the window. It's a brand new day, Mr Sunshine ain't out because it's still drizzling. The roads are wet and the cars are moving. I am pretty awake, while listening to some groovy tunes. After we left for home, I told my friend I wasn't a bit tired. He laughed and I can guess he probably didn't believed me. Well, I'm not lying.

While on the journey home, I thought about many stuffs. I realized a lot of things today. I was right all along. Reached home at 5. After a bath, I sat my lazy arse in front of the telly and watched the footie. Flipping between the FA Cup match and the Spanish League. Same old predictable bullshit really. Chelsea winning and Real Madrid being just absolute rubbish.

Then I went to lie on my bed not to sleep but to stare at the ceiling. I reflected on the things that happened.

What I had learnt....

1) The blazer was too formal. But it's alright, I can sav
e it for future weddings and funerals.

2) The food was honestly terrible. Even my ex supervisor's wedding was slightly better. I ate more, dressed worst and paid less than this scam. The only saving grace was the host.

Hot, loud, dark and air polluted with second hand smoke. It's precisely what I had thought of alright.

4) Even if you are ugly or sexually confused, it's alright. Because it's so dark inside that no one really gives a crap about how you look.

5) Continuing on the theme of sexually confused, how do they classified those type of people? Are they allowed in free as a lady? or a dude? This had been puzzling me ever since I left.

6) Even if you don't really like the genre of music that much, after a w
hile you would start moving to the beat. It is just that infectious. But you would probably want to get the hell out after an hour. Like my friend whom left early. I won't blame him. It was like a torture to a metal loving fan.

7) Dancing like an absolute idiot is perfectly acceptable. All thanks to the the lack of light inside.

8) Despite being a non clubber, I think my opinion has ch
anged slightly. Maybe I will agree to go with my army friends to MOS to have a look see the next time they ask me.

After the signs that was given to me, I can pretty much say I am neither as enthusiastic nor as interested in bothering to get into a relationship before I get into National Slavery anymore. I am not stupid, I understood all that. All along I never thought it was a good idea. Now it's been proven.

10) No one will probably give a crap about all these. But it's alright. I love to talk to myself.

Oh no, I had thought I would be tired after typing all this nonsense. But I am still very awake. Blah, I think I am going to watch my taped movie, "The Pianist" now.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Shopping is fun...

...only when it is with the right person. I never could understood the opposite sex's fascination of walking around almost every single damn shop in a shopping mall even though they do not have the intention of making a purchase. It's like you go in to every shop and try a few stuffs on and then quickly exit and go to the next shop and do the same stuff over again. For hours at a time. It's like die die must see got any good offers in any of the shops.

For me, I am very different. Before I make a purchase, I already had in mind what I want. So I just go in to the shop, grab whatever I want and then get the hell out. This is so much simpler and efficient. That is why I really hate shopping with females. It is like the most boring activity. Most of the time you just walk around with them like a fool. Sometimes my mum ask me to tag along to her shopping trips, I always say no. Because I know I will just be given bags and bags stuffs to carry. The only time I would agree is when she want to buy stuffs for me. :)

Prom is a bitch because firstly, I hate to dress formal. It is just awkward and uncomfortable to wear those clothings. No doubt it does look smart but I had never got used to wearing long sleeve shirts and business pants. Secondly, I already had decided what to wear for that night and already had everything in my warerobe except the blazer. I asked my sis how much a typical one would cost and she told me it would burn a $200+ hole in my wallet. O_0 Holy cow, this is insane but I still wanted to get one anyway. But I got to look around for a cheaper one of course.

Initially, I agreed to go browsing around with XF since I did not had a clue where to buy them and she also hadn't got a clue what to wear but she later denied that she had ever said yes. Boo boo to broken promises. But thank goodness, she "put aeroplane" on me as I had a backup shopping companion with a better taste anyway. That would be my sister.

We walked around quite a number of stores like G2000, U2, Zara, Takashimaya, Topman etc etc. She was right all along. A typical blazer cost around $200+. I even seen a few which cost $1000+. That is absolutely ridiculous. After walking around a lot of shops, I think most of the blazers they have do look nice but the thing is their smallest size doesn't fit me. The sleeves are too long and when I wear it, it just doesn't fit me. I had wanted to get the one from Topman as it was the cheapest but after hearing my sister's advice, I decided not to as the altering would take 1-2 weeks.

I kind of lost interest in walking around more shops because I guess it would be the same outcome anyway. The smallest size ones they have won't fit me. My sis just told me to walk and look around more and maybe I will struck gold. She was right. I finally found the perfect blazer in a shop at Centrepoint. Ironically, we wouldn't had knew the shop existed if not for the recommendation from a previous shop. The shopkeeper advised me to try that shop when I couldn't fit into their smallest size blazer.

This was where my sister was a great help. She asked a lot of questions with the sales assistant which I normally won't had bothered. Like whether it would fit my shirt, pants and all that. She even tried to bargain the price for me, which I would never do because I don't like to be seen as a cheapskate. I still was a little undecided as it cost $250. But I thought since I finally found one that suits me,screw it I'll splash the cash. It is still expensive in my eyes but compared to Zara and G200, it is 50 bucks cheaper. Can say I got a small bargian and furthermore, it fits me perfectly and needs no altering. So I reckon it's worth it anyway.

I got home and my mum scolded me for wasting money. I could understand why but I used my own money anyway and I won't deny that it still does hurt a little because I had never spent so much on a single clothing item. But well, I can still use it next time anyway. All I can say is after this shopping trip, I know better next time who to bring along when I need to shop for clothes.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am not myself...

I really can't figure out why. The past few days have been really weird. I think I really might have some mental disorder. Even my friend says so.

-For two days in a row, all I ate in the afternoons when I woke up was the a bowl of dessert cooked by mum.

-For two days in a row, I did not had any appetite to had dinner. And no, it's not because
I am on a diet like Xiufang :)

- I had the balls to go find that someone on Saturday and wait for 3+ hours patiently in vain the next day. Yet now, I don't feel any motivation to follow up and try again.

-The idiot in me thought that the 0030 in the last bus departure time = 1.30am. So in the end, had to take taxi home from one end of the island to Toa Payoh.

I must be lying through my teeth if I said I didn't felt a little down after what happened on Sunday. What I had thought in mind didn't materialize. I realized it was a big mess when I really got down to execute the plan. Nothing was going right but at the end of the day, I can only blame myself for assuming that the plan was flawless.

When I woke up on Monday, I just felt awful and all I wanted to do was continue sleeping. But I just remembered I had already promised my classmate to go
for a job interview together. So I dragged my ass off the bed and got down to meet him. I don't know why but I brought along the bag containing the presents though I didn't intend to do anything with it.

We went to Gallery Hotel in Robertson Quay. Neither of us had heard of it before. My friend then realized that the place is somewhat near Liquid Room or whatever when we reached it. I think I got more confused when he mentioned Liquid Room. The non clubber in me ain't that familiar with all these names. I think we spotted the hotel whe
re the prom night would be held. Looks like the $55 might be well spent but it's still nothing compared to The Fullerton last year.

After the interview was over, my friend had strong opinions about it. After thinking through what he had said, I agreed also. The job is a little strange in terms of working hours. There's nothing strange about the pay but 5 hours only?? That is a tad too little? Though that stylish interview guy looks likely to call anyone of us on Thursday, I had already made up my mind to reject him.

Next stop for us was Suntec where I was more hopeful because I actually want the job more than that hotel one. We went to Carrefour to seek employment bu
t realized that they only wanted full timers. :( That was the second time I had tried for this job. The first time was when I went with my sister, she got employed on the spot and my form was probably thrown into some rubbish bin I reckon. Guess we won't be fellow colleagues. She works full time till the new semester reopens. They lack and need cashiers but I won't bother trying as the uniform is ugly and I had preferred being a retail assistant for the simple fact that I can walk around and need not handle tonnes of incoming customers. Cest La Vive indeed.

I watched my friend eat his first ever meal at Carl's Junior. I only drank some Coke as I just didn't had the appetite anyway. He told me I should just try again since I already bought the bag along but I just replied I don't know. After the meal, he suggested walking around Marina Square. I had a deja vu feeling again. That week when I went to see the World Cup, I also visited Carl's Junior and then walked around Marina Square. How come it's happening again?

But thankfully this time, we didn't watched any lame crappy movie and just went to the arcade. Maybe he guessed that I would had felt better after this. I watched him played the guitar machine, he's very good. While walking to the MRT station, he just kept on asking me about my decision. I just had the same answer. I don't feel that normal today. I don't know what's wrong with me. It's like I had PMS that day. I told him I'd tried tomorrow if I felt better when I woke up. He couldn't understand why and I also din't know why I don't bother trying again. But the truth is, I don't even had any confidence inside me at all unlike Saturday.

I did felt slightly better today but since I did not saw any suitable jobs interviews to try for in the ads, I just felt like going home. I did and thus, I dropped the idea of going down to pass the bloody overdue presents again. Hurray for procrastination!

But I think I'm back to normal. Of course I am when I just had my dinner for the first time in three days. Hahaha. Tomorrow is a new day, I think it's time to stop worrying too damn much and give myself a chance.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Meme of Four

As I wait and wait patiently for the phone call from the rather hopeful interview which I went a few days ago, I am thinking that interviewer lady is just giving me false hopes again, just like the other ones that I had tried for. She didn't promised to call but she sounded like I am 99% sure of getting employed. Maybe I was too hopeful. OT, sai kang, clear the rubbish, I can do it all. Just get me out of my terribly uninteresting and boring slacking life right now.

Saw this meme somewhere.

4 Jobs I've had in my life

Recycled Materials Collector
Warehouse Sales assistant
Convenience store assistant
DSTA intern

4 movies I could watch over and over

LOTR: The Two Towers
Fight Club
Saving Private Ryan

4 TV shows I love(d) to watch

Desperate Housewives
Amazing Race
Fear Factor

4 places I've lived

Toa Payoh Lor 5
Kim Keat
Toa Payoh East

Is it a sign that I'm going to be always stuck in Toa Payoh all my life?

4 places I'd been on vaction to

Errr...Sentosa? HAHAHA

Malacca is such a boring place. Same with Xiamen. But their weather is cool. Not to the point of snowing, which I like very much. It's a shame mid 10 degrees type of temperature won't ever happen here.

4 places I'd would rather be

Germany in June
In a bedroom with twins having a jolly good... *Ahem*

4 favourite foods

Subway Sandwiches
Lor Mee
Kway Chup
Mum's Nasi Lemak

4 websites I visit daily

4 persons to tag this to

My mother
My grandmother
My dog
My Pooh Bear

I don't have friends who blog. Not that I can think of anyway. Most of them prefer to be an anonymous blog voyeur. If anyone happens to read this and you're bored, then go do this lor.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

World Cup and Paranoia

Ahhh, 2006. The year where the 4 years once World Cup tournament would be held. For one month, eyes of football fanatics would stay glued to the telly to watch 22 men chase and kick a small ball around a grass patch. Many people, non fans or women simply do not understand why they would do that for. It's for the honour of their country and the right to be called world champions of course! Simply put, the World Cup is the holy grail of football.

The winning team would be awarded the World Cup trophy. But the thing is, they ain't getting the real 18 carat solid gold trophy weighting 5kg as the rules state that it would never be won outright. Instead, a replica gold plated trophy would be given to t
he winner to keep until the next tournament.

So when the real World Cup trophy was slated to go on a world tour for the first time ever, fans of the sport were probably hoping it would come to their country. Even though we are only a tiny island, we are the 18th stop in the 3 month tour covering 29 countries. I quickly secured two tickets a week before the exhibiton was to be held.

I think I must had the surprise of the month when my friend called me while I was on the train. He said he somehow met our classmate there. I was like 0_o. No way in hell would he ever come to Suntec carrying his bag and wearing those uncle clothes as usual? I was proven wrong. He did had his usual school bag and wore those unfashionable clothes like I had thought. That was a pleasant surprise to start the day off. Apparently, he was there for the Career Fair

Of course we had to drag him to see the trophy with us, though I can pretty much guess he had zero interest in it. After he queued up to get the ticket, we all went in. While we walked around, he kept asking me where the trophy was. Bloody hell, even the football fan in me isn't as impatient and eager as him. Then we got into a hall and was told to sit down to watch some movie.

It was a short 3D movie and it was a miracle I walked out still having the ability to hear. Throughout the movie, I had to tolerate the loud sound effects as the damn speakers were just behind us. As we walked out, I finally saw the thing we were here for. But first we had to queue up to get our turn to take a Polaroid photo with it.

That was the best shot I could get of the trophy. The other photos I took wasn't as clear because the gold of the trophy just reflected back to my lenses and made the photos blur. Haha. As I stared at the trophy when it was my turn to pose and take a picture with it, there was an urge to touch it. But of course I would be out of my mind to do that because there were policeman all around looking at your every move. Nontheless, it was a fascinating moment to be so physically close to the real thing as all along I had only seen it on TV.

While we were playing the new FIFA2006 game on the fabulous XBox 360, the geeky friend of ours had to excuse himself to visit the Career Fair again. I suspect there must be lots of hot babes there for him to visit it twice. Haha. Anyway, after getting trashed twice, we decided to go have lunch. Usually when I am in the area, I would most probably visit Carl's Junior
@ Marina Square and stuff myself with junk food.

I think I could count with my two hands the times I had patronised it since their first outlet was opened here last year. Since then, they had two more oulets if I'm not wrong. Fast food in Singapore kinda sucks in the sense that the burgers are usually small. The only one I could half tolerate is Burger King. But still, it pales in comparison with Carl's Jr as the food serving is definitely not JUNIOR, unlike the name suggests. Of course, the price is a little steep. You can buy two McDonald's meals with one meal here! The system is like MOS Burger where they would deliver your order and there's free flow of drinks. It is worth it as you would feel pretty full later.

While we ate, my friend suggested watching a movie. The first flim that came into my mind was "Munich" but he insisted on watching Big Momma House 2. I mean, even if you don't know what the movie is about, once you hear the title, you would probably guess that it must be something silly. Even the newspaper 2 ticks rating couldn't changed his mind. He would rather watch a brainless and lame show than to watch one which is nominated for Oscar awards. All along, I had suspected his taste in movies but I reluctantly agreed to go along with his choice as it was shown at an earlier time than mine.

While we were walking to the cinema, that geeky friend of ours finally called. I think I nearly scolded him when I heard his voice but I resisted. It is because I told him to switch on his phone while he left us in Suntec and later I tried to call a few times as we were going to eat but all I got was the damn voicemail. My friend told me to ask him if he wanted to waste money tag along to watch the movie with us. I think he would be a fool if he said yes. Of course being the good boy, he declined and asked me which is the cheapest way to go home. DUH! I think I really wanted to *$*#@^@* him for asking such a stupid question. But of course being the nice classmate, I told him to take a bus home. I don't know why but he also told me that he saw two female classmates of ours at the Career Fair. I can only say WHAT'S WITH THE CAREER FAIR SERIOUSLY???? How come so many of them go there?

My friend wasn't satisfied with only recruiting me to agree to his evil plan, so he called those two female classmates and asked them to join us to waste money watch with us. Thankfully, they were smart enough to say no also. Only some idiot like me would say yes. But that is only because I could afford to waste money. All thanks to Mr Hasselbaink :)
I was surprised to hear those two applied for jobs at the IT Fair? I can't imagine them as showgirls really. Maybe they aren't. But if they are, surely there are better jobs out there?

As we passed by the bowling alley, I pointed to the one lady who threw the ball into the "drain". I told him I was like her. My money is already down the drain. The movie was pretty lame as expected. I think I only really laughed like twice throughout the movie. The other parts were so corny but yet the audience laughed like idiots at every other scene. All I can say is AVOID WATCHING BIG MOMMA'S HOUSE 2 IF YOU PLAN TO. It is that bad. Even the gay themed Brokeback Mountain would make a much better choice really! Oh well, at least my friend admitted afterwards that it was rubbish and we should had watched Munich instead.

Maybe I was too worried inside while watching to really enjoy the movie. I am getting paranoid by that decision made by that one individual. In fact, I still am thinking about it now. Arrgh, I don't know why but I can't stop thinking about it. But first, I got to find out more before I go crazy for nothing.

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