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MV of the Week #1

Most people have a high speed connectionl. Other than utilising it to download porn illegal copyrighted stuffs, play online games or listen to online streaming radio, what else could one do with it? Well, they could watch videos of course! Youtube is a great site for this. It is basically a free website for users to upload their video clips and share it with the rest of the internet community. Except for offensive stuffs, you could find just about anything under the sun.

For the past few weeks, I have not been sleeping well for whatever reasons. It's like I find it hard to get to dreamland. So to cure the insomnia, I would switch on the telly and watch whatever is showing on both MTV channels on cable till I collapse on the bed. So whenever I visit the site to waste time, I would search for music videos to view also.

From today onwards, I would post a favourite video of mine from the site on here weekly. They may range from funny, classics, contrversial or just nice to look at. This one falls under the first category.

(Pause the video, go do something else and wait for it to be fully loaded up.)

I like how their dance actions fit the music so well. I actually thought this dance group really existed but later found out that's not the case. Nontheless, it's still a brilliant piece of work. Never fails to make me laugh.

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