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Goodbye, Good Food and Good Riddance...

This week was significant as it spelled the end of my three year tertiary education finally. I have been waiting for so long for this day to come but when it arrived, I felt nothing special. It was just like any other ordinary day.

My viva was like on the first week of this month. Overall it was alright even though there were a few screw ups. In the end, I thought I did the best in the presentation despite not having the chance to rehearse unlike my two other team mates. The demo had a few cocked up moments as I forgot the page address and where the database was. The second marker was like very very curious about the system. He didn't really asked me much but instead shoot a lot of questions and also irrelevant ones towards my team mates which thankfully my supervisor answered.

Though the viva was already over, we still had to come to the office for one last week. I still had some work to complete whereas my team mates was free and slacked the whole day away. But during the last two days, my colleagues finally told me to forget about it and let them complete my stuffs. I felt a little guilty about it but thankfully, they ended my misery. No more bloody programming ever, I swear on that. I realized how out of depth I am when I got into this internship. The IT industry ain't suitable for me, that's for sure.

But the last few days before we left, we ate a lot of stuffs. Good stuffs. Thank god I'm not a girl, otherwise I would had put on weight! On Thursday, we had a company sponsored 7 course set lunch at Long Beach East Coast. Yeah, that one with the famous pepper crab. I think the company is pretty well off, half of the office was there. Even some who were at the users' site came down. Who says there's no free lunch(literally) in the world? But I wasn't really full until dinner time.

Since we interns were leaving soon, my colleague suggested we go to Geylang to sample the claypot frog(田鸡) porridge for dinner. I love eating frog legs since young. We also ordered some side dishes. A few of them on the menu were exotic, like Marmite(!!!) crab. I had never heard of mango chicken until that day we tasted it. Everything was delicious really and the best thing was my colleagues foot the bill. So damn generous. Next time must patronise again.

After that we walked to the famous Taiwanese soya bean curd store and washed it down with a bowl of beancurd. It is still as soft as I had tasted few months ago. After all this, I think I felt like puking after that. I felt really full.

On the last day, it was the turn of my supervisor to treat us. We went to a Japanese restaurant nearby for lunch. I really wanted to record a video of my colleague eating. Watching her eat is really a joy because she is very focused in it and takes her time to chew her food. I think even if it's like the worst tasting food but after you watch her consume, it would be like the most delicious food. Next time I would record a video when we meet up.

Again we didn't had to pay. Bloody hell, I really felt damn fortunate. Throughout the past few months, they treated us interns so well. So at least must get somet
hing for them also. I ordered a Lana Cake of course, even if I STILL thought that it was way overpriced and overhyped. One of my colleague said she was touched that I bought the cake. I just honestly said it was nothing and I had to do this. Of course I would cut a big piece for my supervisor and one of my another colleague, who helped and guided me all the way when I was doing my project. But when I cut a big portion, they declined and settled for a smaller piece instead.

The surprise of the day must be when another colleague from another department came and gave us coffee from Coffee Bean. The nearest outlet was at Tiong Bahru Plaza which is like a 15 minutes walk from the office. So I guessed he deliberately walked there and bought back coffee for us. He acted like it was no big deal and just wanted to treat us as it was our last day. This is just crazy. Everyone at the office are just so nice people. Of course we had to pour him a cup of his own caffeine and I also cut him a large slice of cake to go along with it.

The remaining portion of the cake was distributed around the office. When I was washing the plates and knife in the pantry, a female colleague from another department made
small talk with me. She asked if next week was the last week of our intership. I told her today was the last day. She asked what my plans were and then suddenly offered her hand, intending to shake my hand. I was taken aback by it and was slow to stretch my hand out. She laughed and said I shouldn't be shy and all along called me Xiao Di. I replied that I was already not young anymore. I was 21 and she still called me that! But she laughed again and commented that I am still youthful compared to her. Though I only really talked to her a few times before this, I always thought that she's kinda like the out going and friendly type. She then genuinely wished me good luck for the future.

While walking to the MRT station at the end of the day, my colleague asked me if I was happy to leave the office for the last time. I told her I felt nothing because life goes on. Inside, I felt relieved because I need not deal with any more IT stuffs but I also felt a little sad to leave the workplace filled with nice people.

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