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Familiar people and First Times...

Went back to the office to play football with the guys on Thursday. When I step into the cubicle, I felt calm for some reason. My colleagues were surprised to see me. They asked what I am doing now, how am I and all that while I waited till for the guys to knock off from work. Before I left, they passed me a big white envelope. Inside contained my testimonial. Actually I didn't really cared much about it, after all I do not intend to work in this industry anyway so whatever that is written inside won't help me much. It was my team mate who requested my supervisor to prepare one for him as unlike us, he had already served the nation and is going to seek employment right now.

After that, we want to the open field to play football. I really couldn't understood why we couldn't played in the usual basketball/futsal court. Then they told me that it was because the PGMs(Program Manager, aka highest ranked in the office) didn't want to go that far to play. The grass field was nearer than the basketball court. It wasn't the best pitch honestly, with all those holes and uneven patches, but I guess it didn't really mattered when all they wanted was to exercise. It was the first time I had played with the big shots from the office. Normally, we would just play with guys around the office but this time we roped in the PGMs to join us and surprisingly, they agreed. One of them was still pretty good though he claims to be horribly out of shape.

What is the first time I am referring to in the title? No, not THAT. Saturday I had my first times. I was preparing to watch the big match and suddenly my classmate called to invite me to go down to his apartment to gamble and relax. I agreed as it was just bloody boring to watch football at home alone. I think I made the right decision after watching the highlights. It was a typical boring Liverpool 1-0 win.

There were 5 of us including his colleague. We played Blackjack, drank alcohol, talk cock until the early morning. Bloody hell, my classmate lost $15 in less than a
n hour. 1 left midway but it doesn't matter as he couldn't take in any more liquid. We finished 1 bottle of scotch and then 2 of the others collapsed soon after. Then only left me and my classmate still sober enough. That crazy dude insisted on finishing the 2nd bottle of scotch when I really just wanted to watch the Newcastle/Saints match on his laptop.

"Come on, we two finish this bottle then we collapse and sleep after that!"

Don't be stupid. 2 people how can finish it? I not as hardcore as you.

"Aiyah. can one. You same age as me surely go
od in drinking. Let's play Blackjack again!"

At that moment any sane person would just had walked away but I didn't. I was still perfectly alright even though I drank quite a bit. But I got to admit I was a little high at that time so I agreed. In my mind, I told myself that I rarely consume alocohol and knew very well that I was a lousy drinker so I probably won't last long. How wrong I was.

We managed to finish it 2 hours later. I drank quite a lot at the start and I felt like the whole room was moving and my head felt heavy. Though I was drunk now, I remembered very clearly that I laughed quite a lot of times and talk a lot of nonsense. My drinking buddy just kept on asking how long more I could last. I just told him a few more till I cannot take it anymore. Then my classmate just kept on losing and losing and losing. He couldn't even count the points on his cards properly! Hahahaha. To think that I am more sober than him, a hardcore drinker.

I could see that he couldn't last much longer and thank god there is only a little left. I knew I would have a terrible hangover if I continued to drink. So whenever I lost, I would just act drunk(I was pretty wasted but I KNEW and remembered perfectly everything I was doing) by...

1) Pouring my drink in the dustbin

2) Spill in on the floor
3) Make an excuse to go toilet to piss when all I wanted to d
o was to pour the scotch in the toilet bowl

I guessed he probably knew but couldn't remembered anyway. He asked me if I ever got drunk before. I said maybe a few times. But the truth is, I had never been drunk. My parents are strict with me on this matter and anyway, I hate drinking. The best part of the whole thing was he took a shower TWICE in like 1/2 hour. I knew something was wrong when he took that long to piss. So I went to check on him in case something happened. Holy cow, he was naked like a baby sitting on the floor and showering himself. I didn't knew how to react because this was the first time I had seen a guy's private parts in real life. This was just....surreal.

He tried to pull me in to shower with him. I just threw him a towel and told him to wipe himself and come out. He walked out as if he would fall down any moment. I tried to guide him to wear his pants but I gave up after he mistook the towel for his pants and tried to wear it. ¬_¬ Oh well, he's pretty much gone case I thought. Then he insisted on continue playing so as to not waste the drink. At this point, I just wanted to go home. But I couldn't until I 100% confirm that he really passed out and slept. You won't want to see accidents happening to intoxicated people. We managed to finish the whole thing but soon after he went to take a shower again. But this time when he came out, he finally collapsed with a blanket covering his body. I breathed a sigh of relief as it's finally over.

I had faded memories of messaging my friend to come drive me home. At 7am. I really really didn't knew why I did that. Maybe at that time I just wanted to get back home fast. I think the most amazing thing was I managed to take public transport home. I remembered and knew everything I did but come to think of it, I seriously didn't knew how I managed to still act so normal and pull all these off.

I woke up 4 hours later with no signs of any hangovers. I was back to normal. I guess I really underestimated myself. But next time, I am not going to be that
foolish anymore. Being drunk gives you a temporary escape from the reality but that ain't for me even though I remembered and knew what I was doing when I was pissed drunk. What about my friend?

Well, he called me later and asked me what happened to him when he was drunk. He was amazed that I could recalled so many things as he really didn't remembered anything. He actually was stunned to find himself clothless when he woke up and thought I was the one who undressed him.
¬_¬ He commented that I am a hidden talent in drinking. Eeeek, no way and no more of this. After that, he collapsed again and went to sleep. HAHAHAHA.

hahahha....when I drink too much, my another soul will take control, I will drink and die, without any memo at the next day.

fei here.
I gonna drink and be dead tis sat or fri again man.

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