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Birthday Blues

Today is a great day. The weather is fine, cloudy and not a hint of sunlight. Just perfect for playing football or just lazing at home. Unfortunately, I still feel a tad unwell and don't really feel like doing anything or going anywhere except lying on my bed.

Looking across my messy table, I see some presents in the form of chocolates, flowers, a Pooh bear with an inflated head and a birthday card with a specially made handmade keychain lying in one corner. Actually, most of it have been prepared weeks ago and all ready to be given out today. But why is it STILL there when it should be in the hands of rightful owner? Long story short, I don't like to make it look like a big deal nor attract attention if I was to personally pass it. So, I prefer to send all these anonymously and secretly.

But the thing is I don't have the address of the recipient. Ironically, I remembered going to the apartment once with a bunch of friends sometime ago? I am pretty sure of the block and unit but not the exact storey. Last ditch plans to get the address from close friends drew a blank. Ah well, guess it ain't fated. I have been tempting to go down now to where that someone lives and somehow find the exact unit and leave it outside. But I know myself well, I am not that daring to do that. It always have been my Achilles heel.

Hmmph, no worries then. It won't be thrown away to the rubbish bin. I probably give it away to my sister then. She has been eyeing both the soft toy and the bloody chocolates ever since I bought it. I guess the mere consolation here is at least I did made someone happy after all.


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