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What they didn't show you on the telly....

....after the amazing 5-3 comeback win in the FA Cup last week.

I watched the replay that day and it was a cracking match. Reminded me of that night in Istanbul where I stayed on to watch the 2nd half despite them being a hat trick of goals down. I doubt those hardcore Pool fans would had stayed on through the night like me.

Anyway, the highlights of the match was a fine curling shot from the captain himself and also two stunning goals from Xabi Alonso. The second goal he scored was pure WTF and oh I hate this guy. What a lucky bugger.

I'd always like Xabi since I saw him in Spain where he was the captain of the Soceidad team at a young age. In my eyes, he is the best buy Benitez had made so far from his homeland. He's a damn good passer of the ball but what I didn't knew was his cough packed such a force that Mr Liverpool himself slipped. Next time don't stand next to him ok? HAHAHAHA.

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