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Ushering in the new year...

Not sure why this year my classmate hasn't organized his birthday party, thus the pitiful me just sat at home thinking what to do. As uninteresting as a person I am, sitting my arse down at home watching the telly was the last thing I wanted to do on the last few moments of the year. I just had to get out. I messaged my friend and asked what his plans were. I won't mind anywhere except going to a club/pub or the bloody crowded and messy Orchard where you would find lots of young punks ready to temporarily blind your eyes with those foam spray or be surrounded by groups of foreign workers who are there to molest young girls. It is not an urban legend, I had seen a few instances a few years ago. I just read this and shaked my head.

I saw a glimmer of hope when he gave a positive reply.
But when I was to go out, he said to find him at a Mohammed Sultan pub. Last minute change of plan. Bleh, that bugger. Then my football kaki messaged and questioned if the kickabout was confirmed. Being all ready and nowhere to go now, I asked if I could join him. But since he was with his poly friends who I do not know at all, I figured that would be awkward. Ahhh, screw it. I think of what to do next after I fill my stomach.

So there I was at Burger King 2 hours before the new year, munching on junk food. Everywhere I looked, everyone seemed to be with their loved ones and friends whereas I was alone. I figured since I am already outside, might as well go down somewhere. Sometime later, the bus reached Suntec and it was 1/2 hour away from the next day. Traffic was a killer and many places and roads were closed. I just walked aimlessly without knowing where I was really heading.

Moments later, I climbed up some unknown stairs and there were already lots of kiasu people there aw
aiting the first fireworks. In fact, there were many cars parked beside the Expressway. Most of them were armed with their tripod cameras. I like to watch fireworks. On National Day, I went to Marina Square to catch the fireworks that was being released over at Esplanade. Months later, here I am standing on the Sheares Bridge footpath looking at the whole thing from a different angle. Actually I did not knew this spot at all, I just followed the crowd blindly. It is actually quite a fantastic spot to catch the whole spectacle.

As people around me marveled and screamed their lungs out(as you can hear in the video clip) at the beautiful pyro over their head, I silently watch and wonder how much taxpayers' money was wasted just like that. HAHAHA. Not really, I also got excited but only kept it inside. I'm not one to express such feelings among strangers. At the same time, it felt awful as I was like the only loner watching the aerial display surrounded by people with their family, friends and couples. A sense of deja vu overcame me. I felt like the same way when viewing the fireworks down at Marina Square. How much bett
er it would be if I had someone beside me enjoying the show with me. *Sigh* Anyway, it was over in 10 minutes.

After that, had to quickly get away and beat the crowd to the MRT station. The traffic congestion was worse, cars were honking and people just anyhow walked around as if they owned the roads. The Citylink underground pessage path to the station was jammed pack with people. It was slow moving and it felt like an oven. The air was stale and people were sweating. Just when finally reached the station entrance, the crowd just stopped there. Bloody hell, must be lots of people inside the station.

Waiting was not what I had in mind if I had to get home fast. Thus, I got out of the maddening crowd and get some fresh air outside and search for an alternate route home. Thankfully there were still buses I could take home. The Nightrider or the taxi would had been a tad expensive for a poor intern who just won $100+ from football recently like me. *Ahem* Ahhh well, at least I end the year off with my wallet a little fatter, which is a scant consolation.

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