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A typical workday...

I only remembered that this would be implemented soon when I happened to check the inbox just now. Oh crap, I actually wanted to take some photos today but I was occupied with the report. There goes the chance of ever using my cam phone in the office again. The email makes it sounds like I work in a top secret company eh? Not really. It's what that is being done that is confidential. But anyway, I doubt anyone inside would be enthusiastic to tell their friend
s what they do at work because honestly it is hardly any exciting. Now I got to find someone with a crap non-camera phone to loan me. I don't trust my expensive phone falling in the hands of my sister. Thankfully, it would be only for a month as the internship is ending pretty soon.

But I actually found some photos in my folder. I think maybe from few months back and t
he irony is that most of them were not taken by me. So before the ban is implemented soon, let's take a walk around the office with ya tour guide.

These are the first two obstacles I see every morning. I dislike the two doors system and the need to enter a password everytime before you are granted access very much. It is troublesome but necessary to prevent unauthorized people from getting in. Like I had said, what's inside is top secret. GRADE A CONFIDENTIAL TOP SECRET 111!! So don't tell anyone after you read this post finish yea? HAHAHAHA

Everyone else in the office has their own cubicle or share one. But my team is special, we have a lab to ourselves. Wow, so good ah I hear you say? I beg to differ. It is a lab where there a
re lots of workstations and bloody noisy servers that get on your nerves at times. And not forgetting the countless number of people from other project teams that walk in and out to fiddle with their servers. So in reality, it is a public place. But really, it is alright when you get used to it.

This is how the lab looks like. There are 6 people in the team excluding my supervisor. You know it is pathetic when half of the team comprises of us interns. Before we arrived in September, it was worst there were only two working on the system. Then they assigned another one to join us. The most surprising thing must be when I heard that my supervisor was the only one working on the whole project before he requested for help. 0_o That was where the last batch of interns before us came in and they also got oursourced help in the form of contract staff.

When I went back to school a few days ago to fix my crappy lappy, I got offended by this comment from Xiufang. (You say Alex copy and paste for you to read the last time I mentioned you. Do it again, man) "Wah, pack lunch for your female colleagues is it? So good ah?" WHAT? Damn it, I where got so kind one? I mean who would be that stupid to walk from Canteen 2 to Canteen 4 just to buy lunch? Oh wait, it did happened. Look at the picture below. These are the female colleagues you are referring to eh?

They are actually my friends from school who are working with me lah. So it proves one thing. I am still a faggot I am not biased leh. Regardless if it's guy, girl, dog or alien I will still help if I could.

Other than us interns, there are 3 adult employees in the team. 2 of them on contract and the last one is a permanent one. I still remembered my friend on the left in the above pictu
re jokingly commented that I was fortunate to be sandwiched in between 2 chiobus everyday. I told him WTF? Where got? Only 1.5 leh. The remaining 0.5 is a witch in disguise who reprimanded me countless times until I got numbed to it. She would always remind me that I should be honoured because I am the first one that made her blood boil. Somehow, I still miss her scoldings. Errr, I am not serious hor. Seriously, I think they treat me as a little brother and in my eyes they will always be good elder sisters. I don't have any and I dislike being the eldest in the family.

It's a small world after all. I realized this line rhymes so true when I started this internship. it's like everyone in the team has a connection with each other. For example: I live in the same town with the colleague on my left. She's just two roads away from my area. Speaking about her, the most amazing thing must be she is the long lost childhood friend of my 3rd colleague whom lost contact and then reconciled when they were assigned to come here to work as contract staff. Freaky stuff. The third connection is the colleague on my right is the senior of my friend in primary school. This just sounds too coincidence.

There are some perks working here. When it gets boring staring at the screen, my friend and I would go to the recreation room to relax. Though there are darts, DVD player, cards and a PS there, we would only usually play some table football. There are 3 such rooms around the office but I had never gone to the others. The only rumour I had heard is one has a foot messager machine. There is also a mini "mama shop" where tibits and other snacks and placed there for sale. This system works like you take what you want and pay the amount in a tin there.

The pantry is pretty awesome. In the first fridge, canned and packet drinks are sold. In the 2nd fridge, there are those free microwavable meals like curry chicken rice, nasi padang, laksa etc etc for those who work OT. One microwave and one oven. Sometimes I buy some popcorn to heat up. Heh heh. But what I still cannot figure out is why are the printer/copier, shredder and the binding machine (in the background) placed in the room?

Let me recall what events had happened ever since I came. Every month or so, there will be some kind of meeting and then they will get those people whose birthday fall on the current month some gift and then cut some cake for everyone. Fridays are where the Sports Hour is scheduled, our team would knock off early and go play badmintion. Half of the office w
ent to Safra Mount Faber to attend talk and then play some silly team buidling games for the whole day. Pre X'mas lunch at Sizzler Suntec paid fully by the company and then went back to the office and slack the rest of the day. Attended my supervisor's wedding at Sentosa. Played football with the guys in the office a few times after work. I would had thought work would be damn boring. It is boring but all those things makes it less painful.

I think I am very fortunate. When I agreed to go out to do IP, I didn't even knew what sort of company I would be working in. I had never even heard of DSTA before. But when I reached here, it exceeded my expectations. I mean it wasn't a small company nor did I had to do the FYP myself as I could still seek help from my experienced colleagues and the people around the office are pretty friendly. Without being biased, I think my company ain't that bad a choice for those who want to work in the industry. But the minimum qualifications is a degree as this is a government linked company. Most of the people around here have more than that actually. Masters, Honours etc etc. But the truth is I do not see myself in this industry. Even if I want to continue on, I am not fit to work here anyway. However, it's been a very good eye opening experience on how the industry operates.

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