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Rain Rain Go Away

Dear God,

Could you stop crying anymore? Granted it makes for a cool comfortable sleep at night, this little boy here ain't very happy at your constant display of making everyday like that. I would had thought all this would had stopped when the new year started. But no, a check at the Meteorological site says you would continue to mess with the skies till next week at least.

By right, last week and today at this time I am supposed to be out there kicking a ball around with my kakis but you spoilt it all. I can guess it would be the same thing this weekend which would mean I would not have touched a ball for 2 weeks straight. I am now stuck at home bored like crap and typing this on my bed while looking out the window cursing. It's not only me who's not too excited about this. For the past few weeks, I have been enduring my mum's complaints that the clothes can't be hung out to dry because of you.

Here's hoping you would stop all this nonsense before Chinese New Year comes around. Please?

Yours truly

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