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In the mood for CNY?

Honestly this year I don't feel the Lunar New Year mood. In fact when my mum asked me to do a spring cleaning of my room on Saturday, I laughed as I thought CNY is 2 weeks later. So what's the hurry eh? She then pointed to the calendar then I understood her urgency. That is a good example that I don't even realized when it was.

Maybe it's because I outgrown Chinese New Year. Maybe it's because I now dread having to be act friendly(when you are in fact annoyed by them) towards the relatives you rarely see more than once a year. Maybe I am tired of the same old relatives who are forever asking me when I would get a girlfriend to meet them. Other than stuffing my stomach with all the endless CNY goodies and bak kua and not forgetting the hongbaos, it is just another holiday to me. I rather go abroad if I had the choice. Celebrating the new year here is pretty superficial to me. Moreover, it's always the same old boring shit.

Last weekend I tagged along with my sister and mum to go down to Chinatown as I was terribly bored at home. I regretted that decision later. It rained when we reached and the bloody irony is my sister messaged me to bring along a brolly before going out as the skies didn't looked friendly. But she didn't bring hers when I asked if she could share with mum when we alighted from the bus. ¬_¬ The place was full of people as I'd expected and to get away from them, three idiots shared one tiny umbr

After it stopped pouring, we went to the street market. It was crowded of course and I absolutely hated having to squeeze with people when walking through. It was noisy and t
he air was stale as if I was going to pass out anytime. Of course those two females enjoyed it as there was a lot to see. While my mum got some decorations and my sister got ripped off by those Taiwan mua ji thingy, I didn't left there empty handed. I got myself an Argentina replica jersey at half price from OG.

Their Adidas section had stuffs like jerseys and other stuffs at 50% discount. I had always held the strong belief that buying jerseys is really stupid and not worth it. I mean $100+ for a piece of clothing? My god, it is just ridiculous! Even if I was a fan of any particular football club or national team, I won't splash cash over merchandise. But not this time. Though I know the upcoming World Cup means new jerseys would be introduced and neither am I a fan of any clubs, I thought it was still a steal at $50. But next time I won't be that dumb to visit Chinatown during this period. No way in hell.

Back to the office after submitting the report, I feel a tad tired after staying up for the largely boring and disappointing big match the previous night. But there's still work to do when I got to get rid of the restore database error that's been unsolved for weeks now ever since my colleague discovered it. She suggested me to try "drop dataase" SQL method to solve it but warned that it might not work and I have to find another tedious method to solve it. When I tried it just now, it really didn't worked like she had predicted. Damn! ARRGH, JUST LET ME OFF FROM PROGRAMMING ALREADY!!111!!! I thought I won't have to do coding anymore but seems that won't be the case.

Then another colleague reminded me I had to do the documentations that was assigned months ago. Bleh, I didn't even remembered until she mentioned. The worst thing was this Friday was the deadline. Shit. This week is really packed. Thursday there's a few hours of time wasting meeting which doesn't concerns me while Friday going to have a company sponsered CNY lunch at the restaurant at East Coast. Whoever said after report can slack a little? How untrue in my case. And oh, not forgetting I have to prepare the viva which would occur days after coming back from the holidays.

Happy Lunar New Year? CNY mood? Hardly at all.

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