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Work, Watch and Listen


For the past two weeks or so, been doing the same portion of this particular part of my project. Involving backing up, deleting database data and creating folder/files, error checking and all the nonsense, it sounds simple in theory and I thought it wouldn't take too lon
g but boy, was I wrong. It really made me pissed off somewhat because I encountered a lot of errors and it didn't worked like I wanted it to. But the more time I spent in it getting it to work right, the more I understood what all the lines and lines of code meant. In fact, I think I am more familiar with that portion than any other part I had done before this.

I really could not see what other way there was to get it work perfectly. Thus, last week I came up with a lame way which somehow solved the bothersome error and showed my colleague. She didn't approved of it and told me to find another way to get around that error. I felt pretty demoralized. Well, you do get a little sick with facing the same ol' crap for weeks. Oh well, I figured I had to spent more time on it. But today we asked my supervisor and he said the only way to deal with that problem was actually what I had done. The lame way! Fah, I was right after all.

He also told me I need not do the last part of my module as it w
asn't necessary. That was like the best piece of news ever since I came here because that part would be more pain in the arse than this. All along I had questioned the need for that as it was just something to make my module look more fanciful and wasn't really compulsory to the user. Damn, I could finally see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. I think I am about 95% done with my project if I need not do that part. :)

Now the little problem was I couldn't really remembered how I accomplished writing the code for the lame method. Could only recalled bits and pieces of it. Just now when I coded it back to test, there were errors. Arrgh. So the lesson here for anyone of you is to BACKUP REGULARLY. You never know when you would need it sometime later perhaps.


Today I knocked off on time to go catch a movie, which I rarely do at all these months. I haven't watched a movie since last month or so. I actually arrived at the shopping centre 1/2 hour early. For someone who is exactly or somewhat a little late when getting into the cinema, I surprise myself at times. My regular movie kaki must had been pleasantly pleased that we need not fumble our way in the dark to get to our seats this time.

I had watched the first part before(also with him and another friend) which was an awesome and gruesome indy movie shot on a low budget. Blood, gore and more blood with a surprising twist at the end of the film made it the sleeper of last year. Thus I HAD to watch Part 2 of course even though the director wasn't the same and they now had a bigger budget and shot in Hollywood.

Let's just say there's still a twist at the end but overall I thought the show wasn't as great as compared to the first. Rated NC16 and with a few cuts. Bloody hell. Not recommened for those who are squeamish but perfect to watch with girls just because it's worth it to hear them SCREAM out loud and feel sick in the stomach over the violence. ;)


Someone with an age like mine should be rightfully in army and serving the nation. I think I'm considered sort of old compared to the usual recruit. Guess I can do nothing about it and wait for my turn to go in and waste time. Being the odd one out among my football kakis, I hear a lot of stories from them every weekend. They whine, debate and recall their experiences out at Tekong. I would also ask them some questions so I would be somewhat mentally prepared for my turn. Pretty soon enough.

My companion for the evening just talked freely about his experience during dinner. I had learnt that he gone from 0 to 7 pull ups currently, thought that BMT was the best time of his army life despite being tired due to the tough training, POPed, wanted to sign on, 24K route match, field camp etc etc. After the movie, he kept on speaking about what went on with his company. If he is to be believed, Scorpion(his) is the most welfare(not that tough) company while Mohawk is the most siong one. He also confirmed my doubts that Sispec ain't as cool as I thought to be. Basically you're in the middle of the food chain. Having to take orders from someone above and then passing them on to your men. Kinda hard to please both sides of the fence. He said if you want, either aim for the best (officer) or just be average(men).

If someone like him, who hated NS before he went it and isn't that fit can endure BMT, I think someone like me with a reluctant attitude towards all these would be able to conquer it also. I would not expect it to be as relaxing as his, but it's the damn army for goodness sake. The system might be flawed and screwed up at times but almost anyone born here and who has a penis on this small island are going to serve it anyway, like it or not. At least I can thank that it's only 2 years unlike a few of my JC friends who served 2.5 years.

Tick Tock Tick Tock. I can hear them calling me. But I would had really preferred to watch the World Cup before surrendering my head over to be shaved and be a chao recruit. I hope.


These are actually real posters used by the army as their propaganda to lure those dumbarses in..but someone went to PS it...bloody hilarious...

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