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Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Wedding On The Way

Back to office feeling a tad better after the terrible cough plaguing me the whole previous week. Actually this week I felt much better. I felt less frustrated with my work and frowned less than usual. My colleague told me she actually haven't scolded me this week which was surprising because it's not ususual for her to not berate me for being bloody rubbish in apprehending what the program I'm writing is doing. She said maybe it's because after I'm sick, I looks more focused in my work. Well,not really. It was just because I understood what I was doing lately. But still, I reckon I'm awful with programming overall.

Some time before noon or so, my supervisor walked in. I guessed he was here to demand my MC but nope, he was here to spread his joy to his subordinates. I thought most of such invitations were pink in color but his was a bright attention attracting red. My permanent employed colleague sitting on my right asked if it was the first time I'd received such a thing. Of course it was. Normally such invitations would be addressed to my parents and they would drag my arse there to attend even though I usually have no clue who the couple are. I agree just for the sake of going there to eat, drink and be merry. But this time it was different.

Sort of heard that my supervisor would get hitched months ago as he mentioned they would go to Turkey for their honeymoon. Actually all these nearly didn't materialized due to the demise of his future father in law. But thankfully, it was alright for him to get married. 33 and married. Sound
fine for a masters graduate working as a project manager for a while now. For me, I think 35 is the ripe age for a guy to settle down. But ultimately, it depends on how far you are in your career. If you're successful and saved quite a bit of moolah, you can afford to settle down earlier definitely.

I think he planned it very nicely. Just before X'mas, a great location and on a Friday somemore. That means right after work rush down to attend. But I'm not so sure how much to pack in the hongbao to give them. I'm thinking $40 would be alright but kinda like cheapskate and don't give face to my supervisor who have been treating us interns pretty well honestly. Furthermore, I doubt it's cheap to hold a wedding at that hotel. But I don't want to give too much as I gotta buy some stuffs after I get my pay. My colleague suggested we interns combine a hongbao and pass it to them.

The only gripe I have is I can't shower before going. Ah crap. Have to wear the same clothes to work and then to the wedding.

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