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In the mood to get married....

This week has been a fairly relaxing one. On Thursday half of the office went to Sizzler for a pre X'mas sponsered lunch and then came back and played some Bingo and then proceed to do next to nothing for the rest of the day. I guess most people are in a festive mood to even do any work. Coming down back from the production site, my colleague got us a log cake. The most amazing quote must be when my friend asked what a log cake was. I was half tempted to answer that it was a cake made of wood. But I guess being the youngest in our team is a fair enough excuse to forgive his ignorance. To end the week off, my supervisor's wedding dinner was on Friday.

Smart Casual was the dress code specified in the invitation. Oh crap, I really didn't fancied wearing formal attire but there was no choice. I had never felt comfortable in them ever since I had it on once on the first day to work. I was going to wear the same long sleeved shirt(I had only one) I wore on the first day. They are right, I look more like a banquet waiter instead.

Right after work, we hitched a ride to get there. Without doubt, the Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa must be the most ulu hotel to get to.
You would have to drive so far in to reach it. I only had faded memories of the location, as I remembered been there once with my secondary school friends to play sports at Siloso Beach and then went to the hotel to wash up. It has been a long while since I ever stepped on Palau Blakang Mati. I can only say it indeed has changed a quite a lot. I could spot some renovations at the front of the entrance, the buses ain't the same ones anymore and no more monorail huh?

What about the hongbao for the newly weds? Holding a bash at that place surely ain't cheap. I guess $80-$100 would be the standard market rate to place inside. Even before my supervisor handed the invitations, I reckon he would had understood that 3 of us interns aren't really working nor is it likely that we can give that much with our miserable pay. So, the idea was to combine it to $99 as it sounds auspicious. 2 of my working colleagues said it was a custom to scribble down your name on the red packet so that they would know who gave how much. But who would want to write when we only gave that little? It's better to leave it anonymous and who was given the holy task of passing over the combined hongbao to him? Me of course. The other 2 of my friends don't have the testicular fortitude to do even such a simple thing.

A table can sit 10 people but ours had an empty seat. 3 ex interns before us + 6 of us current employees. A postcard on the table gave away a very clear sign that there won't be any shark fin served later. The substitute dish looked like the real thing and no, that isn't blood but vinegar. Actually, the food served was alright, nothing to shout about. I still felt my stomach rumbling after the whole thing ended. That is probabaly what a wedding dinner is, eat for fun only but won't ever make you full.

I had never really liked my mug taken ever since many years ago. The reasons are fairly simple. One being I'm not photogenic and another would be no matter which angle you snap me, I would still look so damn tanned. But too bad, I am not an expert in Photoshop, or else I would be like the notorious her and do some changes to it. Since they insist on taking one for memorance sake, I just had to play along. Not that I'm very eager about it.

The highlight of the night must be when the couple was up on stage to gave a speech to the crowd. The things the groom said was a little weird but heart felt. Something along the lines of "I want to thank her parents for accepting me" and "Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to everyone".

I was like "HUH? What is he talking about?". Nontheless, it bought some laughter from the crowd. I would had never expect my supervisor to say such stuffs but I think even the most brave people will inevitably get a tad nervous and emotional on the biggest night in their life. He probably just said what was on his mind without really thinking that much. Heh heh. I envy him, going to Turkey for honeymoon while I'm stuck here. I also have this urge to get the hell out of this boring island and see the world before I am conscripted. Maybe after I graduate.

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