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Idiots who deserve a big spanking from Santa

Idiots. They are all around you. But you won't know they exist until they open their mouth or do something annoying. Some of them really makes you want to bash them up or test your level of patience. Everyday I might have the misfortune to meet some of them.

1) Smokers in Lifts

Some people think it's perfectly alright to step into the lift holding their fags. I give them a glare and they don't get the hint. Usually I would cover my nose to give them another very clear signal but most don't give a shit. I have nothing against smokers really, but not those inconsiderate ones. I mean they can smoke all they want and go to hell earlier but why should they force us non smokers to breathe in THEIR second hand smoke? And worst still, in an enclosed space? Most of the time, I really want to tell them to put out their lights, but I never had done it before, for fear that I might not make it to my floor alive.

2) Bus Drivers who drive like women

There’s a direct bus for me to take to work or I could also take the MRT and then walk and walk for 10 mins. Of course the train would be a faster option. But considering the fact that the trains are always crammed in the mornings, and also the sleepyhead in me have to walk that far and because I have to take a feeder bus to the interchange, it’s a no brainer that the bus pass would be more worth it.

I really pray that I do not get anyone like that behind the wheel. These drivers just take their own sweet time and move at a snail pace along the road that I reckon I can cycle faster than them. They are just like most women, so cautious and scared of this and that. Sheesh.

The worst cases was when taking the bus down to school. This bus service travels along the PIE for most of the journey and I always usually would got on one which just travel real slowly along the expressway, hogging the right lane as if it's their grandfather's road. Even if the traffic is clear in front of them, they still do not accelerate a little. Mr Bus Driver, you might not be in a hurry but spare a thought for your passengers, who are rushing to work/school on time. We aren't telling you to speed and risk our lives but it would be appreciated if you bring it up to an acceptable speed. So come on, step on the damn accelerator and stop pissing your passengers off.

3) People with no legs on the bus

Every morning/evening it's like a race to get on the public transport with the working crowd. Most of them are lean mean machines with years of experience under their belt whereas I'm still a newbie in this. They shove you, get into the best positions and do whatever it takes to board the bus. Where I live, there's only one feeder service that gets to the interchange and it's always bloody crowded when it reaches my stop.

As I am usually someone who reaches work on time or minutes late, I calculate carefully the time needed to get to work. Thus if I miss one bus and do not get to the interchange before the second bus I have to take which is scheduled to leave at the same time, I would be more late, which would not please my supervisor of course.

Even though you could see that there are still some space at the back of the bus, some people just stand like a statue at their original position and deny those wanting to board, a chance of a place on the bus. Even when the driver shout to the back to move, sometimes those arses just refuse to do so. Bloody hell.

4) Bus Drivers stopping at every stop

Yes, yet another concerning buses. There are some drivers who would pause at every stop regardless if there are anybody boarding or alighting. They deem it compulsory to turn into every stop, even if there are no passengers to pick up. I honestly don't get it. I can only think that they have the awareness and special ability to see something that us normal people don't?

5) People who can't read signs on the MRT

Continuing with the theme of public transport. Years ago, SMRT introduced this "keep to the left" campaign. It was so that the commuters would move to the that side when riding the escalator and enable those in a rush to have a clear right lane. You would had thought people would had naturally make this a habit and followed that, but no, there are still some who are acting like extras.

I only take the MRT when I overslept or if I reach the interchange quiet late. Thus that means that I am running late for work. Most people do keep to the left but there are ALWAYS some who still cluelessly stand to their right. And when you are behind those people, you would had half expect them to know that you want to overtake them but no, they still do not move. Sometimes I just have no choice but have let out a loud "EXCUSE ME" which then they would realize there is indeed someone who is behind. Sheesh.

The big irony is many of such signs can be found plastered all over the station but it still ain't enough to educate some people in basic courtesy. I guess next time I'd rather use the stairs instead.

6) Neighbours with Killer Litter

If you thought the neighbours staying above you dripping their wet laundry on your clothes is irritating, I can only tell you that is just small case compared to what we have been getting. Actually I do not personally experiencing this first hand as I do not wash my own clothes but sometimes I do help my mum in getting the clothes back in at the evening. My mum had told me that the clothes she hang out to dry had been dirtied by hot water, curry and Maggie Mee before. I am serious. On one occasion, I seen some colored liquid being thrown down from above. Unfortunately, she does not have a clue who does it but she narrowed it down to one unit.

Once my mum went to approach that said suspect but that lady just flatly denied and told us to produce some proof. Well, that would be next to impossible. Unless
we install a survillance camera at the windows pointing above to see who that inconsiderate one is. Not only that, sometimes, the kitchen floor near the window is filled with food/sweet wrappers, leaves and some other small trash. It annoys me as my room is near the kitchen and when I step out of my room, sometimes I see the mess. I am led to believe it's the same moron doing all these. I really wonder does he/she have a rubbish bin at home?

7) Neighbours with annoying kids

Neighbours with kids are honestly a pain in the arse. The ones here run up and down the laughing while playing block catching, pee outside your corridor, steal the clothes you hang outside to dry etc etc. Where are their parents while they were running riot? I honestly have no clue, maybe they are screwing around in their bedroom trying hard to add more brats to annoy me in the future. All these are one off incidents so it's alright.

But what I can't stomach is this neighbour of mine leaving directly below us. They have two kids who shout vuglarities at each other, slam the door loud, argue and fight with each other every other afternoon. It's like nobody at home gives a damn. Well of course, when their mother is out at work. Once I went down with my mum to confront and tell her nicely to keep the noise down and control those monkeys. children of hers. But it seems like that lady is a little mental unstable or something and thinks that we are threatening them. She just rudely told us that it isn't any of our business that her kids are out of control and then slammed the door in our face. Like children, like mother. Sheesh. Sometimes I also spout some dirty words towards them when the crazy kiddos are shouting. For the hack of it.

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