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Auld Lang Syne 2005...

Since the year is about to come to an end, here's a look back at how it has been for me.


It was pretty much less of a drag and I sort of enjoyed it at times. Maybe it's because there ain't much bloody programming modules to worry that much about. In terms of results, the previous two semesters were the ones I did the best so far (2.85 and 3 overall GPA). Sure, not spectacular compared to the top brains in my class, but it's good enough for me. In fact, I got my first A in my 4th sem(so late I know) and then my first AD last semster. For someone who loathes the course with a passion, I thought it was a sizeable achievement. Partly have to thank my classmates for covering my sorry arse for the elusive first A from ECAD.

I would really have to disagree with my cock ex supervisor whom many months ago asked in a sacrastic tone if it was group project that helped me achieve that A . He was suspicious as I had always scraped through my Java modules for the 1st three semesters in a row. I would have this to say - Go screw yourself, old man. I only got B+ for the project. I still had to work hard for the A. Why don't you ask the one who set the exam? The paper was a freebie, so damn easy and no kick. I will remember him for telling straight to my face that I did not stand a chance of doing internship. I'd proved you wrong.

And oh, I still did not get what you meant by "You seem like no life leh" when you said that to me in the lift while I was listening to my iPod. Thank god I'm not in school. Getting supervised by a weirdo would be uneasy.

The previous semester was a breeze. Easy modules for the most part, and the timetable was so slack. What more can a student ask for? And yes, taking PI was the easiest and wisest decision I'd ever made in my poly life. I mean where else can you watch movies, talk cock, write blog and then score an effortless AD? That was a no-brainer. Nobody can dispute or argue with that grade. Maybe it's because I'd always love to write, though I don't use a lot of bombastic words. Maybe it's because I'd always did well in English in school.

Whatever the reasons are, in fact I sort of harboured dreams of getting into Mass Com. But I'm not that smart nor co
ol to make it in, neither in Business. That's why I'm in IT. Honestly, IT is like home of the rejects. I can see that most people probably failed to make it into their first few choices like me and ended up here. Given a choice, I doubt most would want to get in here. Thank goodness, my three years have not been exactly a total waste because I'd got a great bunch of classmates, which brings me to my second point.


I don't really keep into contact with my primary nor secondary school friends. I don't want to anyway, most of them make me remind of bad memories. A few of my primary school do ask me out at times to meet up for a gathering as I was sorta popular last time in school. After some relentless persuading, I did went once. It was awkward as most of them are just like strangers to me now. I don't hate them, but I just can't feel a connection with them anyway. Thus I vow never to go to any of such events anymore.

Secondary school friends? The situation's better a bit as I do keep into contact with a few. Some live near me and I bumped into a few more last time. I would not mind catching up with them again some time later to see how they are doing now. But the thing is, I do not have their phone numbers. It's more depressing when most of my football kakis are in army now. I do feel a tad lonely at times. Hard to find someone to watch movies, talk or go out with me.

But one thing for sure is I would still want to keep into contact with my current poly friends. Especially most of them from my class. After we graduate, there would be a major significant change in our lives. The guys would go serve army while the fairer sex would probably work/further study. Everyone would become adults with responsibilty. Well, of cours
e it would be great to keep a contact list as next time you can call them up and ask them to buy insurance from you how they're doing. It would just make me feel comforted to know that the people you care about are doing well. I enjoy this feeling, though I don't know why.


9-6, 5 days a week, OT, staring at boring and uninspiring crap while sitting your lazy butt for hours behind the desk. After the day is over, the only thing you want to do is go back to your bed and sleep till the next morning. In summary, you're pratically like a no life loser. I must admit I struggled to come into the reality that my future would be like that. For the first few months, it was a drag waking up and going to the office. Weekends were precious and Monday mornings were the devil.

I knew what was in store for me when I agreed to go out on an internship. Among the three of us interns, I can safely say I am the most atrocious in programming. When assigned my project to do, I simply had no idea how and where to start. Even when I had an idea and knew what to do, the numerious errrors just keeps popping out. I reckon more time was wasted in dealing with errors, surfing the net and looking around to solve the error than me doing the actual coding.

I was easily pissed and put off by it. I was at the end of many scoldings from my irritated colleague as I couldn't grasp what she was trying to tell me and also due to my reluctance to remember what she always told me. I am not pissed at her, in fact I have to thank her instead. Her @&#&@#% made me understood more in what I was doing. I mean she could had left me to deal with my own stuffs, but she was always there to lend a helping hand no matter how busy she was.

Thankfully, we were assigned to a great company(no bias really!). At least we could approach someone to ask for help. Not to forget that the people from other departments aren't stuck up arses and my supervisor/colleagues are great. But still, it doesn't change my view that my future lies in this industry. What I noticed is even if you are a software engineering maybe say specializing in programming, you would still have to multitask and do other stuffs like database, neworking and all that. That means you are being under paid really!

Another thing is if you don't upgrade your skills to keep up with the ever changing technologies, you would risk getting phased out. I can imagine that it's hard to survive in this industy. That's why most people are hired on contract basis. The turnover rate is high. The last reason would be I find office jobs mundane and I'm neither skilled enough. Whatever it is, now I got to do a good job with my report and then try to convience my markers that the stuffs I did over the past few months was superb. Though honestly, the latter would be tough.


Nothing much has changed. Months had flew by, it's still the same. Many times, I did prepared what to do but what it comes to real thing, all I do is just sit there and stare quietly like a blockhead and drop the idea. I hate the spineless me.

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