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Audio Therapy of the Week #12

If you had watched the movie Closer, you would probably had heard a couple of th songs in it. I haven't seen the movie but I did chanced upon the "Blower's Daughter". At first I thought the title sounded suggestive. BLOW? But it actually refers to the daughter of the singer's clarinet teacher. It was an enchanting and heart rending little song that made me felt a little touched inside. So I went to find out more about the singer behind it.

His name is Damien Rice. An Irish fellow whom used to be the lead singer of a rock band but quit because he didn't liked the direction their band was going. After that, he followed to a quiet place in Italy where he learnt to play acoustic guitar and also to sharpen his songwriting skills. He went around Europe busking peniless before he moved back home with many ideas and the eagerness to translate them into an album.

He went around borrowing $ to record a demo and send it to a renowned producer and luckily for him, the producer liked what he hear. Thus, he could now make a record. The end result of that was "O", released in 2002. All the songs in it were written by him. And in some of them, a voice of a woman can be heard signing also. His band is made up of 5 people. He shares the vocal duties with that woman, while the remaining ones deal with instruments.

Track 3,4,6 and 7 would be my favourites off it.


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