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Pissed off on Deepavali

(WARNING: Lots of boring football nonsense)

Normally I am a very mild and easy going person. Not one who would take things personally. But not today, on the Festival Of Lights. Even thought it's still 4 hours+ after the worst ever experience I had in my years of playing footie on the Street Soccer court, I am still pretty fired up inside my belly.

Since my army kakis were free today, we went down to our familiar ground to kick around. We were just playing among ourselves as there were no other teams. Around 3pm+, came a group of Chinese boys riding your bicyclesto the court. I am guessing they are poly/secondary school students. They had around 10 people. I thought that was great as we would play them. My team made up of 5 people played their first team. We won them 3-2 with me scoring the last decisive goal and providing an assist. I just didn't really liked one of them as he only knew how to boot the damn ball out every other time or shoot the ball as if he's taking a rugby conversion. What a waste of time.

Then we played their second team, which was their 'A' team I presume. There were like 2 really arrogant looking guys in the team easily identifed by their flashy boots and who thought that they were all that skilful. They had a little skill to be honest but most of the time, their team only knew how to play rough and use cheap tactics like kicking the ball out whenever the ball is near the goalie in their half or when my team members is chasing the ball in their half. There are no corner kicks in Street Soccer and that is why when the ball is booted out by their people, it's a goal kick to them. There's nothing wrong with that and I sometimes do that myself but it's really a pain in the arse when they do that ALL THE TIME throughout the match. I hate playing such teams. Even my friends waiting outside to play after them didn't approved of their style of play also. Despite the frustrations, we whoop them 3-0.

3rd match, my kakis(2nd team) were playing against us when one of the guys from the first match(Mr BOOT THE DAMN BALL) requested for a 2 goal half court rule. We had always played 3 goals and full court (meaning can shoot from anywhere, even in your half) as they had more friends of theirs that had just came and they wanted it to be faster. Normally, it is the winner of the previous match or the team that came first(which in both cases is us) that decides on how it's going to be played. But no, they insisted on following their rule as they said it was a public court and blah blah blah. I told them either they play with our rules or just go to other courts. In the end, all of us agreed with a 2 goal full court rule. I can sense that they were pretty unwilling to compromise.

4th match my team was still in the court. We won the other team of my ka
kis. The outsiders came in with their star player. Even before he came in, I had already thought that he was an arse. As I was playing as goalie in the previous match, I could heard that he kept commenting and passing sacarstic remarks during the previous match. He just had the "I-will-own-you-all" snobbish look. The match was full of fouls and rough play with both teams kicking each other left, right and center. I didn't played rough. But I was kicked twiced and pushed a few more times. And there was even a high boot on my side of the face. I didn't even retaliate back unlike my team-mates. Tempers nearly flared when my friend squared up with the other guy for kicking his leg. it happened a few times throughout the game and I just stepped in and act as peacemaker. I guess the afternoon sunlight made them easily irritated.

5th match my team was STILL playing. We won that other team as they pressed the self destruct button by scoring a spectectular own goal. We were now playing my kakis again. I stayed in goal the whole match and I saved quite a lot of impossible shots if I didn't remembered wrongly. One of which was absolutely incredible now I think of it. I passed the ball out to my friend in front of me from a goal kick. He was standing on my right. Then the other team close in on him and my friend was hesistating when he suddenly passed the ball back to me.

The ball looked destined to be rolling into the left hand side of the goal. I was still standing at the same right side position when I finally realized what was happening. I quickly ran back to the left side, dived down and palmed the ball away in time. That was a pure reflex save and the most crucial one as my team was 1-0 up. But it came at a
price as I brushed my left thigh against the ground. Pretty painful but I was very satisfied that I manage to kept out a potentially hilarious own goal. But I did concede one in the end(1-1) and then I came out of my goal to play outfield. I heard one of the outsiders sarcastically shouted "NGEE ANN GUY COME OUT LIAO." Then the other of their friends just laughed. I don't know why someone(me) wearing a Ngee Ann PE T-Shirt would be funny to them. They have a weird sense of humour perhaps.

My team won our 5th consectutive match. Some left and we were left with 8 people. Down from the original 13. We all went out of the court to take in some water. When we came in, the outsiders already were in the court getting ready to play each other. But when did we ever said we didn't want to continue to play? Did going out to the sidelines to drink some water meant we didn't wanted to play anymore? I guess they had this impression. I told them my team would continue to play as we won our last match and they had to choose one team to play against us next. There was one guy(SP shirt wearing) who then said "we couldn't wait to see you all leave and you should tellus when you leave." I could hear that he wasn't happy at all that we wasn't leaving. Of course, when your teams and anyone else couldn't beat us, it's natural to get jealous.

The 6th match was when the trouble began. It was about the same as the 4th match. Lots of rough play, time wasting and all that from them. Sheesh. I continued as goalie and conceded a really silly goal. My weak pass was intercepted by the guy
in front of me and he scored easily. Arrgh. I was really angry with myself for that kelong freebie. I decided to switch with my friend and play outfield again. Then my team mate went in for a 50-50 ball with the opposition and then both squared up to each other as there was a foul. Both thought there was nothing wrong and then I stepped in as a peacemaker again.

But then the guy suddenly told me that he had a problem with me and now switched his sight to me. He said I should be less Sia Lan. What the bloody fark? I was just stopping them from getting into a fight and I was that? Then their other friend came in and shout angrily at me also. He said he couldn't stand my attitude and told me to change or else he would beat me up. I could honestly told you that if I was younger and crazier, I would had threw the first punch on him. But no, I was more matured than them. I had a brain which they pretty much lacked and one who thinks violence solve matters. Moreover, they had more people.

I just felt really confused inside. I didn't even do anything to piss them off. When I spoke, they just cut me off with their shoutings. I told him to calm down and relax for a moment a few times. They didn't gave a shit and kept talking in a tone like Ah Bengs wanting to get into a fistfight soon. I didn't even shout back to them even though I was getting a little angry at them. My team mates now acted as the peacemaker and told me to stop talking anymore. They told me to apologize to them. I did and offered a handshake and a "I'm sorry" even though I thought I wasn't wrong. I only did that because I wanted to get on with the damn game. I was gracious and acted like a gentleman, but that guy said I was not sincere blah blah blah. He only accepted it when their friends told them to shake my hand and then all the crowd went out of the court and the game resumed.

I was calm outside and angry inside. I would had kicked the hell out of them but I didn't do that. I don't believe in inflicting pain. The best way for revenge was t
o win the game. I later scored a goal to make it 1-1. I didn't celebrated nor do anything in case they thought I was xia-lan again. Moments later, my friend passed the ball to me. I was in the clear and one on one with the goalie. I shoot and then the ball hit his glasses and both the lenses fell off. I quickly went over to pick one up for him and to apologize to him for this. But then he angrily shouted at me. "I just made this yesterday and now it's spoilt. I want you to pay me!" He then continued that I deliberately aimed the ball hard to damage his glasses. SAY WHAT? He actually thought I wanted to take revenge by kicking the ball against his glasses? Hello? If I was so damn accurate to hit whatever target I wanted, I would have been in the EPL playing professional football liao lah. If I was deliberate, I would not had picked up their stupid lenses and pass it back to you and even wanting to apologize liao. Sheesh. I just kept quiet and walked back as I just did not want to argue with an idiot. Their friends pulled him away as he kept cursing at me. I was laughing inside.

My friends suggested that I sit on the sidelines as this was the best way for both parties. Thus I was subsituted against my will. I really was pissed watching the remainder of the game. How can he said that I deliberatly did that? I really did not meant to I swear by god. That was just an accident. Really, those playing sports regularly would know very well not to take your best glasses to play but instead wear your cheap and spare backup one. I always do that. On a few occasions playing in goal, I also got hit by the ball, lenses flying and sometimes even get cut near the nose. But do I bitch and whine or act like a crybaby? No, I understand very well that it's an accident. All this would be solved with a sorry. So I really could not figure out why that guy didn't knew all these beforehand.

My friend then revealed to me that they heard them said I looked really stupid when I was making a save by punching the ball which then flew over the fence. They claimed they would record it on their phones and show them to their parents and laugh together. I knew it. Their sense of humour was really weird like what had I thought. Then I suggested to my friend that they should had recorded the shot I took that hit the face of that idiotic goalkeeper and then bring it back to their parents and laugh together also. They should capture that moment because the glasses flew so far. That MUST BE FUNNY to them also. No?

I clapped very loudly when my team mate scored a great header to end the game. After the game, my friends and those outsiders talked, shook hands and laughed for all the nonsense that happened today. But I didn't. I just quickly stormed off home. Why should I stay back and apologize and get ridiculed by those buttholes? They are after all just inmatured young punks still. A few even threatened to beat me up if they saw me on the streets before I left. Bloody hell, I nearly pissed my pants when I heard that. Damn, I better go get myself some bodyguards later. Oh crap, I forgot I had to work tomorrow. I better equip myself with a few penknives and parangs in my bag just in case. Yea right. As if they would really do that. Talking big and making an empty threat is just so easy.

My mood was spoilt the whole evening and probably until the weekend. Next time if I saw them on the court, I might consider roughing them up. They were arguably the most low class and worst bunch of people that I had the pleasure to play against. Actually not the whole bunch, just 4 or 5 of them. Hell, even those Malays have more class than them even though sometimes they are irritating. The moral of the story is, next time you are playing Street Soccer or any other sports, better get as much people as possible, so that your chances of getting beaten up and facing an argument with ignorant uncivilised people would be much lower.

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