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One good reason to watch Lost

Mediacrap finally ended their SLOOOOOOOOW run of Lost's Season 1 yesterday. Nontheless, I finished viewing Season 1, time to make way for all those Season 2 episodes I'd downloaded. Oh, like I had mentioned in one of my previous post, I predicted that they would probably show it late like they do for most of the other American shows. And hah how right I was. They ran an ad announcing that Season 2 would be back from March next year. All I can say is, good riddance to bad rubbish. By the time they showed the first episode, I think Season 2 would had already end it's run over in US.

Thus, I started watching Season 2 last nite. Seems like one group meets some other survivors of the plane crash and the other one are now finally going down that mysterious hatch. And not only that, my eyes were treated to ice cream when our favourite resident criminal on the island crawled around in the ventilation duct like the hot little kitten she is. Hmm Hmm, what a nice surprise there. And oh, not forgetting also the shower scene. Viva La J.J Abrams, you know what your male audience have been wanting to see all these while. Please continue whoring Kate with more of such kind of titillating scenes. We would be very please to continue following your show. Thank you. ;)

*Ahem* Those damn hormones of mine. Where was I? Ohh yeah, Season 2. Well, seriously, Lost is more than that display of cleavage. Definitely. It's a thriller, mystery and adventure all wrapped into a 40+ mins show. But after viewing a few more episodes today, I am sensing that it's kinda getting boring. I have this feeling that it's just not as exciting nor refreshing as Season 1. It's like they're running out of ideas on how to continue with the story. Let's hope things get interesting soon or I will run out of patience and switch over to watch Desperate Housewives solely instead. But even that is getting draggy also. It seems like these two shows are just suffering from the unavoidable sophomore season slump. *Sigh*

UPDATE: (My wish might come true after all. I just read THIS. Now Abrams has only one show(Lost) on hand and more focus would surely be put in it. I hope...Haha)

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