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I finally got this shit right...

Finally. I started when I finished my dinner and after 4+ hours of trying different scripts, fiddling with the codes and nearly screwing up my template, I finally done it. Sheesh. What a pain in the arse.

What did I expriemented around with? Well, the "read on" thingy I mean. I used the previous post to test around. It is where a small part of the post is shown and the rest of the bullshit can be read when you click read on. I had been wanting to split my nonsense to this way so that it would look neater but I never really got down to it. Until now. It looks way neater I guess.

Damn, to think I nearly gave up just now to take my shower. I was so persistent and pissed off to get it right then I didn't noticed the time. Must thank my brother as he hogged the shower or else I would had proscrastinate again.

If only I had such enthusiasm in doing my daily FYP crap.

lol i noticed dat... ... haha

Haha yeah...only for that post...but the latest one also got appear...even if I had deleted the tags and it wasn't supposed to be shown...Grrrr...

Gotta fix it during the weekends then...

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