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Dream a little Dream

Do you remember your dreams/nightmares every morning when you wake up? Well, I don't. All my teenage years till now, I have been suspecting that I do not even dream at all when I'm sleeping. It is because when I wake up, my mind is a blank. 99% of the time, I do not have any flashbacks of what happened when I was in dreamland. It was only when I came across this article that I realized that I wasn't a freak after all

Q: Does everybody dream? Why is it that I don't remember my dreams?

A: Everybody dreams. Not only all humans, but in fact all mammals are shown to have Rapid Eye Movement (REM sleep, which is associated with dreams. It is a normal and necessary function of the body (though the details, especially the exact reason why it is important, are unknown). So if you think you don't dream you probably just don't remember.

People vary greatly in how much they remember of their dreams. Perhaps the most important reason why people forget their dreams is that they don't care.

[Research shows that recall of dreams is correlated with depth of sleep. People who sleep lightly tend to recall dreams; those who sleep deeply go through a
change of brain activity as they awaken which makes dreams harder to remember. ]

Can you predict who will recall a lot of dreams and who won't?

In studies that compare people who recall several dreams a week with those who recall one a month or less, the biggest difference is that the people who recall have a greater interest in dreams and therefore a greater motivation to pay attention to them. For some reason, these people have decided that their dreams are worth remembering. Sometimes it is because they had one that seemed to come true, or one that fascinated them. The main reason we know "interest" and "motivation" are important is the high recallers say on surveys that they think dreams are important. But we also know it because some low recallers are stimulated to recall when they read about dreams or take a class on them.

It does make sense then. I am a deep type of sleeper. My mum had always told me how hard it was to wake me up in the morning for school. Even when she nudges me or shouts at me to get my lazy arse out of bed, I just do not have any response to any of that. Furthermore, I don't really believe in dreams also. To me, most of them are just fantasy bullcrap. So yea, that's probably why I don't seem to recall them

Once in a blue moon, I do recall my dreams. Not the whole thing but only fragments of it. This week was surprising in a way that I actually remembered what I dreamt. Maybe the reason why is because both were weird and unexpected.


~ I was walking around after shopping with that someone and XF at the Jurong Point(I guess). Then they claimed they were tired and wanted to go home. So all of us took a bus home. I sat with that someone while XF sat alone beside me. Both of them were yakking away for the whole journey while I kept silent throughout. Then we reached Kallang (that I was sure of) and then both of them alighted and said they were taking the train to go home. Before they alighted, that someone passed a BIG, I mean REALLY big Char Siew bao to me. What the...Then I woke up.

I don't get what all of that meant. Firstly, in real life, both of them live around the west side area yet they took a bus all the way down to Kallang and then took a train home from there? It just doesn't add up. Secondly, how come I dreamt of XF? AHHHHHHHH!!! Thirdly, what about that huge bun? That was scary. It was like the size of my head.

But nontheless, I guess it's due to this pic I saw on Sunday down at Alex's blog that caused all this?

So there's a link after all. My sis sleeping below me on the double decker bed told me the next morning that I was laughing to myself and seemed happy while I slept.


- I was watching a performance by this group of Shaolin monks at a bus interchange with a female classmate at night. Don't ask me why it was with her or why it was held at such an odd place. I also have no bloody idea. Anyway, those monks performed their incredible acts like climbing up a wall with one finger, running around with two fingers etc etc. Amazing huh? Buses kept arriving and leaving the interchange and when it was midnight, most of the people left. Some annoucement came on through the loudspeaker and advised us to leave right now with the majority before something big happened.

A group of us just did not heed the warning and continued to watch those monks do their thing. Then we decided to leave as we were tired. Upon boarding the bus, another annoucement came on through the loudspeaker telling us that it was too late. Then it let out a continuous evil laugh. Those monks turned into BIG BLACK HAIRY SPIDERS with blood all over them. Seeing that, the bus driver just quickly sped off.

At that moment, I woke up. There was sweat all over my forehead. I looked at the clock and it was 5+am. Bloody hell, 2 more hours to go before I really wake up for work. So I slept on. Then I returned back to the scene of the dream. The bus was now stopping and I quickly grabbed my classmate and ran up the block of HDB flat's stairs to reach as high a storey as possible so as to evade the Shoalin spiders. Then we suddenly stopped at this storey(couldn't see which floor it really was) and then we just walked to this apartment and I saw my grandmother in it. She told me to hide under the bed so those spiders won't see us.

After that, I awoke. It was a crap nightmare with no meaning I think. As compared to the last dream, I don't know why I dreamt of my classmate, went to watch Shaolin monks and then the spiders thingy. What the hell? I can only think of a common link which is buses. I take buses to and fro work almost everyday.

I think this two are the first ones I remembered for many many months but how come I don't remember all the wet dreams instead? BAHAHAHAHA.

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