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Audio Therapy of the Week #9

In the late 90s and early years of the new millenium, I remembered clearly that punk was suddenly popular and hip with the crowd. Spiked hair, skinheads, piercing, baggy clothings and all that were in fashion. Mainstream acts like Blink 182, Green Day, OffSpring, Sum 41 were names associated with this genre. What actually makes Punk rock popular with the youths? Well, in my opinion, punk is about rebelling against the system, anger, creativity and wanting to be different from the norm. Most youths could identify with all these so that's probably why those bands made it big even though many do not really consider the current punk acts you see on MTV as true punk.

Punk rock had it's roots around the 70s as a reaction against genres that had overtaken popular music, punks did not really liked those disco music, metal and soft rock songs that filled the 70s. Punk rock in UK actually started with the rise of Thachterisim. Many of the punks were not happy with the monarchy system. They did not agreed with a queen ruling them and they wasn't pleased that they were alienated as they dressed, thought and acted differently from the average person at that time.

The movement started after the legendary Ramones had a concert in London in 1976. Many future punk rock groups attended and right after that, formed their own groups and got the UK punk rock scene started. Among them were The Sex Pistols and The Clash, where the latter is the one I am going to introduce today.

The Clash are known for being leftist and wearing clothes with revolutionary slogans. Like many of the early punk bands, they rejected the idea of aristocracy in the UK. But however, unlike many of the early punk bands, they did not agreed with nihilism. A lot of their songs are filled with these beliefs of theirs. With a solid showing in their homeland, they crossed the Atlantic and started touring the States in early '79 but didn't released their first US album until mid '79. It was called "London Calling", which was the height of their lyrical and commercial success.

Besides punk, the album contained different styles like raggae, rock and roll.
The album is considered one of the best rock albums of all time by many. "London Calling" and "Train in Vain" are two of the more requested tracks from this. In 1982, they came back with "Combat Rock", their best selling album of all time. It contained "Rock the Casbah" and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go", which got into the charts.

The Clash split in 1986, a mere 10 years after they were formed. But still, they would be remembered as the forefathers of punk rock.

London Calling

Train In Vain

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Rock The Casbah

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