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Audio Therapy of The Week #8

Mention local music to any locals and ask if they could come up with some names, most would probably come out with those Chinese singers that went to Taiwan and became household names. What about the pretty non-existant English music? Honestly, if you questioned me to name one English singer/group from our island some months ago, I would be stumped by that. But not any more, when I happened to tune in to a pretty grainy and edgy MV many many months ago.

The song was easy listening and catchy. I thought the MV was pretty low quality and who the hack was them? The name is Electrico, a band consisting of 4 dudes and 1 lady(!!!). I never heard of them before. It was when I tuned in to Perfect 10 sometime later after I viewed the MV that I finally knew the answer. They were a group from our island!?!?!?!?! That was impressive and surprising.

After some investigation, I found out the song on the MV was called "Runaway", which was their second single off their debut album. Their first hit single was "I Want You". Just a few weeks ago or so, I think I heard "Good Time" also. I love 'em all. After them, there was this female singer called Corrinne May who released her 2nd album this year. I guess it's time for the local English scene to catch up with the more popular local Chinese market here.

I Want You


Good Time


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