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And you thought your willy was small?

You ain't see nothing yet! Next time if ya ever felt unsatisfied with your manhood or if your partner ever laughed at you for the lack of length/size, console yourself and look at THIS VIDEO. You would feel much much much better really, trust me. It goes without saying that it ain't safe for work/school of course.

I couldn't believed my eyes when my friend sent me the link just now. Oh my god, It was bloody hilarious and sad at the same time. People often claimed that size doesn't matter, but hey, if you had one of those like any of those men had in the video, that aged old saying would be a darn outright lie. HAHAHAHA.

According to the Kinsey Institute, there have been several instances where the genitalia do not exceed 1cm when fully aroused. Doctors call these a micropenis. Those unfortunate enough to be equipped with such organs can undergo reconstructive surgery to extend it to about, say 3 inches(7.6cm).

Only 3 inches? Ah well, better than 1cm I guess.

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