Friday, November 25, 2005

One good reason to watch Lost

Mediacrap finally ended their SLOOOOOOOOW run of Lost's Season 1 yesterday. Nontheless, I finished viewing Season 1, time to make way for all those Season 2 episodes I'd downloaded. Oh, like I had mentioned in one of my previous post, I predicted that they would probably show it late like they do for most of the other American shows. And hah how right I was. They ran an ad announcing that Season 2 would be back from March next year. All I can say is, good riddance to bad rubbish. By the time they showed the first episode, I think Season 2 would had already end it's run over in US.

Thus, I started watching Season 2 last nite. Seems like one group meets some other survivors of the plane crash and the other one are now finally going down that mysterious hatch. And not only that, my eyes were treated to ice cream when our favourite resident criminal on the island crawled around in the ventilation duct like the hot little kitten she is. Hmm Hmm, what a nice surprise there. And oh, not forgetting also the shower scene. Viva La J.J Abrams, you know what your male audience have been wanting to see all these while. Please continue whoring Kate with more of such kind of titillating scenes. We would be very please to continue following your show. Thank you. ;)

*Ahem* Those damn hormones of mine. Where was I? Ohh yeah, Season 2. Well, seriously, Lost is more than that display of cleavage. Definitely. It's a thriller, mystery and adventure all wrapped into a 40+ mins show. But after viewing a few more episodes today, I am sensing that it's kinda getting boring. I have this feeling that it's just not as exciting nor refreshing as Season 1. It's like they're running out of ideas on how to continue with the story. Let's hope things get interesting soon or I will run out of patience and switch over to watch Desperate Housewives solely instead. But even that is getting draggy also. It seems like these two shows are just suffering from the unavoidable sophomore season slump. *Sigh*

UPDATE: (My wish might come true after all. I just read THIS. Now Abrams has only one show(Lost) on hand and more focus would surely be put in it. I hope...Haha)

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Audio Therapy of the Week #10 Special Edition

This week I will not talk about any particular group/singer but instead zoom in on one hit wonders. What are one hit wonders ya say? Well, it means that particular singer is generally known for only one hit song and then fade away or when they try to come up with another song, it isn't as popular as their first. Example of one would be the hideously annoying "Macarena" by those two Spanish guys(?). That would fall under this category very well.

Most of such songs are kind of corny and I won't be caught listening to them but there are some which floats my boat. Though a lot of them are kinda oldies and only someone like my mum would had remembered them very well. Once a while, it's nice to blast them loud and sing along in the room when nobody's at home. Sometimes.

I present 16 of the best and less embarrassing ones.

Shocking Blue - Venus

A-Ha - Take On Me

Semisonic - Closing Time

Toni Basil - Mickey

Cameo - Word Up

Spandeu Ballet - True

Katrina and the Waves - Walking On Sunshine

New Radicals - You Get What You Give

Cardigans - Lovefool

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Terry Jacks - Season in the Sun

M - Pop Muzik

The Buggles - Video Killed The Radio Star

The Romantics - What I Like About You

Wild Cherry - Play That Funky Music

The Wonders - That Thing You Do

Friday, November 18, 2005

Dream a little Dream

Do you remember your dreams/nightmares every morning when you wake up? Well, I don't. All my teenage years till now, I have been suspecting that I do not even dream at all when I'm sleeping. It is because when I wake up, my mind is a blank. 99% of the time, I do not have any flashbacks of what happened when I was in dreamland. It was only when I came across this article that I realized that I wasn't a freak after all

Q: Does everybody dream? Why is it that I don't remember my dreams?

A: Everybody dreams. Not only all humans, but in fact all mammals are shown to have Rapid Eye Movement (REM sleep, which is associated with dreams. It is a normal and necessary function of the body (though the details, especially the exact reason why it is important, are unknown). So if you think you don't dream you probably just don't remember.

People vary greatly in how much they remember of their dreams. Perhaps the most important reason why people forget their dreams is that they don't care.

[Research shows that recall of dreams is correlated with depth of sleep. People who sleep lightly tend to recall dreams; those who sleep deeply go through a
change of brain activity as they awaken which makes dreams harder to remember. ]

Can you predict who will recall a lot of dreams and who won't?

In studies that compare people who recall several dreams a week with those who recall one a month or less, the biggest difference is that the people who recall have a greater interest in dreams and therefore a greater motivation to pay attention to them. For some reason, these people have decided that their dreams are worth remembering. Sometimes it is because they had one that seemed to come true, or one that fascinated them. The main reason we know "interest" and "motivation" are important is the high recallers say on surveys that they think dreams are important. But we also know it because some low recallers are stimulated to recall when they read about dreams or take a class on them.

It does make sense then. I am a deep type of sleeper. My mum had always told me how hard it was to wake me up in the morning for school. Even when she nudges me or shouts at me to get my lazy arse out of bed, I just do not have any response to any of that. Furthermore, I don't really believe in dreams also. To me, most of them are just fantasy bullcrap. So yea, that's probably why I don't seem to recall them

Once in a blue moon, I do recall my dreams. Not the whole thing but only fragments of it. This week was surprising in a way that I actually remembered what I dreamt. Maybe the reason why is because both were weird and unexpected.


~ I was walking around after shopping with that someone and XF at the Jurong Point(I guess). Then they claimed they were tired and wanted to go home. So all of us took a bus home. I sat with that someone while XF sat alone beside me. Both of them were yakking away for the whole journey while I kept silent throughout. Then we reached Kallang (that I was sure of) and then both of them alighted and said they were taking the train to go home. Before they alighted, that someone passed a BIG, I mean REALLY big Char Siew bao to me. What the...Then I woke up.

I don't get what all of that meant. Firstly, in real life, both of them live around the west side area yet they took a bus all the way down to Kallang and then took a train home from there? It just doesn't add up. Secondly, how come I dreamt of XF? AHHHHHHHH!!! Thirdly, what about that huge bun? That was scary. It was like the size of my head.

But nontheless, I guess it's due to this pic I saw on Sunday down at Alex's blog that caused all this?

So there's a link after all. My sis sleeping below me on the double decker bed told me the next morning that I was laughing to myself and seemed happy while I slept.


- I was watching a performance by this group of Shaolin monks at a bus interchange with a female classmate at night. Don't ask me why it was with her or why it was held at such an odd place. I also have no bloody idea. Anyway, those monks performed their incredible acts like climbing up a wall with one finger, running around with two fingers etc etc. Amazing huh? Buses kept arriving and leaving the interchange and when it was midnight, most of the people left. Some annoucement came on through the loudspeaker and advised us to leave right now with the majority before something big happened.

A group of us just did not heed the warning and continued to watch those monks do their thing. Then we decided to leave as we were tired. Upon boarding the bus, another annoucement came on through the loudspeaker telling us that it was too late. Then it let out a continuous evil laugh. Those monks turned into BIG BLACK HAIRY SPIDERS with blood all over them. Seeing that, the bus driver just quickly sped off.

At that moment, I woke up. There was sweat all over my forehead. I looked at the clock and it was 5+am. Bloody hell, 2 more hours to go before I really wake up for work. So I slept on. Then I returned back to the scene of the dream. The bus was now stopping and I quickly grabbed my classmate and ran up the block of HDB flat's stairs to reach as high a storey as possible so as to evade the Shoalin spiders. Then we suddenly stopped at this storey(couldn't see which floor it really was) and then we just walked to this apartment and I saw my grandmother in it. She told me to hide under the bed so those spiders won't see us.

After that, I awoke. It was a crap nightmare with no meaning I think. As compared to the last dream, I don't know why I dreamt of my classmate, went to watch Shaolin monks and then the spiders thingy. What the hell? I can only think of a common link which is buses. I take buses to and fro work almost everyday.

I think this two are the first ones I remembered for many many months but how come I don't remember all the wet dreams instead? BAHAHAHAHA.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

And you thought your willy was small?

You ain't see nothing yet! Next time if ya ever felt unsatisfied with your manhood or if your partner ever laughed at you for the lack of length/size, console yourself and look at THIS VIDEO. You would feel much much much better really, trust me. It goes without saying that it ain't safe for work/school of course.

I couldn't believed my eyes when my friend sent me the link just now. Oh my god, It was bloody hilarious and sad at the same time. People often claimed that size doesn't matter, but hey, if you had one of those like any of those men had in the video, that aged old saying would be a darn outright lie. HAHAHAHA.

According to the Kinsey Institute, there have been several instances where the genitalia do not exceed 1cm when fully aroused. Doctors call these a micropenis. Those unfortunate enough to be equipped with such organs can undergo reconstructive surgery to extend it to about, say 3 inches(7.6cm).

Only 3 inches? Ah well, better than 1cm I guess.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Audio Therapy of the Week #9

In the late 90s and early years of the new millenium, I remembered clearly that punk was suddenly popular and hip with the crowd. Spiked hair, skinheads, piercing, baggy clothings and all that were in fashion. Mainstream acts like Blink 182, Green Day, OffSpring, Sum 41 were names associated with this genre. What actually makes Punk rock popular with the youths? Well, in my opinion, punk is about rebelling against the system, anger, creativity and wanting to be different from the norm. Most youths could identify with all these so that's probably why those bands made it big even though many do not really consider the current punk acts you see on MTV as true punk.

Punk rock had it's roots around the 70s as a reaction against genres that had overtaken popular music, punks did not really liked those disco music, metal and soft rock songs that filled the 70s. Punk rock in UK actually started with the rise of Thachterisim. Many of the punks were not happy with the monarchy system. They did not agreed with a queen ruling them and they wasn't pleased that they were alienated as they dressed, thought and acted differently from the average person at that time.

The movement started after the legendary Ramones had a concert in London in 1976. Many future punk rock groups attended and right after that, formed their own groups and got the UK punk rock scene started. Among them were The Sex Pistols and The Clash, where the latter is the one I am going to introduce today.

The Clash are known for being leftist and wearing clothes with revolutionary slogans. Like many of the early punk bands, they rejected the idea of aristocracy in the UK. But however, unlike many of the early punk bands, they did not agreed with nihilism. A lot of their songs are filled with these beliefs of theirs. With a solid showing in their homeland, they crossed the Atlantic and started touring the States in early '79 but didn't released their first US album until mid '79. It was called "London Calling", which was the height of their lyrical and commercial success.

Besides punk, the album contained different styles like raggae, rock and roll.
The album is considered one of the best rock albums of all time by many. "London Calling" and "Train in Vain" are two of the more requested tracks from this. In 1982, they came back with "Combat Rock", their best selling album of all time. It contained "Rock the Casbah" and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go", which got into the charts.

The Clash split in 1986, a mere 10 years after they were formed. But still, they would be remembered as the forefathers of punk rock.

London Calling

Train In Vain

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Rock The Casbah

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Audio Therapy of The Week #8

Mention local music to any locals and ask if they could come up with some names, most would probably come out with those Chinese singers that went to Taiwan and became household names. What about the pretty non-existant English music? Honestly, if you questioned me to name one English singer/group from our island some months ago, I would be stumped by that. But not any more, when I happened to tune in to a pretty grainy and edgy MV many many months ago.

The song was easy listening and catchy. I thought the MV was pretty low quality and who the hack was them? The name is Electrico, a band consisting of 4 dudes and 1 lady(!!!). I never heard of them before. It was when I tuned in to Perfect 10 sometime later after I viewed the MV that I finally knew the answer. They were a group from our island!?!?!?!?! That was impressive and surprising.

After some investigation, I found out the song on the MV was called "Runaway", which was their second single off their debut album. Their first hit single was "I Want You". Just a few weeks ago or so, I think I heard "Good Time" also. I love 'em all. After them, there was this female singer called Corrinne May who released her 2nd album this year. I guess it's time for the local English scene to catch up with the more popular local Chinese market here.

I Want You


Good Time

Saturday, November 05, 2005

I finally got this shit right...

Finally. I started when I finished my dinner and after 4+ hours of trying different scripts, fiddling with the codes and nearly screwing up my template, I finally done it. Sheesh. What a pain in the arse.

What did I expriemented around with? Well, the "read on" thingy I mean. I used the previous post to test around. It is where a small part of the post is shown and the rest of the bullshit can be read when you click read on. I had been wanting to split my nonsense to this way so that it would look neater but I never really got down to it. Until now. It looks way neater I guess.

Damn, to think I nearly gave up just now to take my shower. I was so persistent and pissed off to get it right then I didn't noticed the time. Must thank my brother as he hogged the shower or else I would had proscrastinate again.

If only I had such enthusiasm in doing my daily FYP crap.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Everyday's a Friday this week

This week must be the most screwed up week in terms of holidays. Sure, everybody loves not going to school/work for a day but what the hack? 2 holidays sandwiched in between 5 days. That is surreal. Normally I can't wait for Fridays to arrive any sooner as work is so darn uninteresting. But this week it's like everyday is Friday. Normally I have Monday blues, but not this week as Tuesday was a holiday.

Yesterday when I went back to work, it seemed that the office was quieter than usual. Hell, even the traffic was more smooth and free of jams. I guessed some of them took the day off. I wished I also could be like them and laze at home the whole week. But I don't have that privilege. It's just strange to go to work for one day, rest the next, go to work the next day blah blah blah. That is how it is like for this week. In a perfect world, I would had preferred today's holiday to be moved to a Friday on the next few weeks.

Yesterday was significant for the fact that I finally got the guts to do something I had been wanting to do all these months. Maybe it was because of what my colleague said to me last weekend.

A different way to spend a weekend

A Typical Saturday to me...

• Wake up late
• Catch up on the TV shows I had downloaded/watch my taped shows.
• Sleep again in the afternoon
• Watch footie on the telly
• Sleep late

Yes, I spend my time lazing around at home like the boring loser I am. But last Saturday, I actually got out of this cycle for a while. My department organised a cycling outing at ECP. 6 of us plus 4 ex interns before us went out to have fun and get away from looking at lines of lines of codes.

At the end of the session, my colleague (the one I get along with better than the other perm colleagues in my department, the one who helps and teaches the programming idiot in me and incidentally the one who also lives VERY near me) suggested going bowling. The others had left and I was now with the ex-interns whom I do not really knew that well. But my clothes were dirty and I was wearing slippers. That idea wasn't feasible. I suggested going to Settlers and play some board games instead. A few of them had heard before but never really did went there. I showed them my membership card and their eyes lighted up.

Stopping at Marine Parade for lunch, I told my colleague I was going to purchase a new clothing and then went off. 20 minutes later, I came back and I was surprised that they were only beginning to consume their food. Apparently, they went all around the hawker centre to search for me. They thought I was missing. I laughed out loud. My colleague said she didn't remembered me telling her that. So blur. Anyway what are handphones for? They were probably too worried to remember my status is just a call away. ¬_¬

Then some promoter came to introduce some fragrance at a cut throat price. She assumed that we were all students and was surprised when we told her that we were all from NP. She was also from NP, Mass Com. She even thought my colleague was like us, still schooling. She let out a laugh and told her that she have been working for a few years now. I think she must had felt really good inside. Someone thinking that she's still young. At first glance, she does look like the typical poly student. I was pretty surprised when she told me her age on the first day of work. She really don't look like it.

When we reached, I looked around for an empty table but it was all occupied. Imagine coming down all the way from ECP and getting turned away. That would had really sucked. It's always popular on the weekends but thankfully, there was still a spare table. Wasn't the first time I was here of course. It was my footie kakis who introduced me to this place. Been here like 5-6 times with them. I still liked it better than their Holland V branch.

We asked our helper to introduce some games. Never did played the first two before. But I did played before the last card game once. The helper was friendly and all and talking loudly like a bitch but she's pretty nice nontheless. Again, we were asked the same question by a stranger. She assumed that we were all still studying. I told her to guess how old my colleague was. Of course she got fooled by the first impression. My god, I guess she was really feeling damn high that day. Two strangers in an hour thought that she was still a teenager. The helper took the place of the other male in our group to play as he had cramps. Of course she owned us all with her quick reflexes and always grabbing the thing faster than us.

Poo Poo and Words of Wisdom

"I think we take taxi home lah. You want or not? I am running late and want to shit liao. We share"

You should had done your business in their toilets before we came out mah. So funny leh.

"Aiyah. I came out then felt like pang sai mah. So you take bus ah?"

Here like no direct bus to our area leh. I share cab with you lah. But at this time like hard to get a taxi one. Maybe by the time it comes, the sai already come out liao. Hahaha.

"You keep quiet lah. It's not out yet. I can endure to Toa Payoh lah. How come the taxis here all occupied and not free one? Grrrr."

Cos they scared later you poo poo in their taxi mah. Smelly leh. I think we walk further up and try our luck lah.

"You don't say liao lah. Come let us cross the road to the otherside."

We walked to the junction and crossed to the opposite side. There was a couple standing waiting to cross the road. My colleague greeted that guy with a pretty surprised look. Later she said that it was her ex poly classmate whom she had not seen for a while now. We stood at the pavement for quite a while and still we ain't got any luck getting a cab. Thus, she decided to take the train instead. I really feared that she would crap in her pants on the train. Next time she really ought to get some Adult diapers lah. HAHAHAHA.

While we walked to the station, she revealed that she secretly admired him during school days. When we finally reached , we saw them again. What are the odds on that happening really? Throughout the train ride, it was pretty awkward. Both of them tried hard to be friendly and talked while me and that guy's girlfriend just kept quiet. Thank god it was over when we reached Dhoby Ghaut.

She mentioned about what my friend said over lunch that week. We (us 3 interns) were eating with her and one of my them mentioned about all the stuffs that happened to me last sem . In particular, me and that someone. I don't like to talk about that really. She said from my tone that day, she could sense that I liked her and told me I should give it a shot. Bloody hell, she doesn't even seen what's did went on and she knows? Apparently, she had asked that guy we saw twice just now to go steady. But everytime that guy rejected her. It was surprising that she's the type that would make the first move. Oh wait, I have never seen such girls before anyway. She added that she also made the first move on her current stead. Oh wow.

She said she tried asking once every year for 3 year but that guy flatly said no, she gave up and she didn't had regrets. She said I should live life without any regrets. I laughed. As I know I am not as persistent nor brave like her. I could never do the things that she did. I told her to forget it as the circumstances wasn't right. Yes, I do fancy that someone but it doesn't look like anything would come out of it. There I said it. But I don't have any expectations or anything. How can I? When I am outside and she's in school? How Can I? When I am going to be enlisted soon? My chances are next to zero. So I had never hoped for anything.

Balls to Call

Her words lingered in my mind the whole weekend. She was right. I would really let myself down for not trying. You only live once. Last night, I finally decided to do something about this. All my life, I had never called and asked a female out 1on1 before. Because I didn't had the balls to do so. I don't want to keep living with fear anymore. Fear of being laughed at. Fear of sounding stupid. Fear of rejection. To hell with it. I picked up the phone and dialled the numbers. A familiar voice answered, one which I had nearly forgotten.

Asked if she wanted to go out and watch a movie as I wanted to relax from the tedious working life. I cooked up an excuse (a rather weak one) that I'd asked my friends and they wasn't free blah blah blah. Alas, she got to work the next day. On a public holiday? That is weird. Strike 1. I asked what about Saturday then? She claimed it's her pal's birthday, which I thought was last week? Oh well, Strike 2. I'm not sure if she was telling the truth of just giving excuses to brush me off. But I later verified that she wasn't lying. Guessed that I'm unlucky then.

Surprisingly, I wasn't nervous at all when speaking nor did I felt sad after that. Alright, I lied. I felt a little disappointed. So full of hope but being shot down like that hurts a little. But that's about expected. I'm numbed to this feeling of setback already of course, when most of my pathetic little life so far is one sad joke. I didn't felt good lying to her. But if I was direct she would had been surprised. I shouldn't had bothered calling. The outcome was already what I had envisioned in mind and it came true.

So yes, that is why you are reading this now. Because I am at home. In the perfect world, I should be down at Orchard now. Enjoying a movie, having lunch and talking cock with that someone instead of with my usual gay army kakis friends. But no, that only happens in my dreams. And dreams never does come true for me. As usual. Why do I even try the impossible? I wonder at times.

Steven Tyler is right after all. What a great song.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pissed off on Deepavali

(WARNING: Lots of boring football nonsense)

Normally I am a very mild and easy going person. Not one who would take things personally. But not today, on the Festival Of Lights. Even thought it's still 4 hours+ after the worst ever experience I had in my years of playing footie on the Street Soccer court, I am still pretty fired up inside my belly.

Since my army kakis were free today, we went down to our familiar ground to kick around. We were just playing among ourselves as there were no other teams. Around 3pm+, came a group of Chinese boys riding your bicyclesto the court. I am guessing they are poly/secondary school students. They had around 10 people. I thought that was great as we would play them. My team made up of 5 people played their first team. We won them 3-2 with me scoring the last decisive goal and providing an assist. I just didn't really liked one of them as he only knew how to boot the damn ball out every other time or shoot the ball as if he's taking a rugby conversion. What a waste of time.

Then we played their second team, which was their 'A' team I presume. There were like 2 really arrogant looking guys in the team easily identifed by their flashy boots and who thought that they were all that skilful. They had a little skill to be honest but most of the time, their team only knew how to play rough and use cheap tactics like kicking the ball out whenever the ball is near the goalie in their half or when my team members is chasing the ball in their half. There are no corner kicks in Street Soccer and that is why when the ball is booted out by their people, it's a goal kick to them. There's nothing wrong with that and I sometimes do that myself but it's really a pain in the arse when they do that ALL THE TIME throughout the match. I hate playing such teams. Even my friends waiting outside to play after them didn't approved of their style of play also. Despite the frustrations, we whoop them 3-0.

3rd match, my kakis(2nd team) were playing against us when one of the guys from the first match(Mr BOOT THE DAMN BALL) requested for a 2 goal half court rule. We had always played 3 goals and full court (meaning can shoot from anywhere, even in your half) as they had more friends of theirs that had just came and they wanted it to be faster. Normally, it is the winner of the previous match or the team that came first(which in both cases is us) that decides on how it's going to be played. But no, they insisted on following their rule as they said it was a public court and blah blah blah. I told them either they play with our rules or just go to other courts. In the end, all of us agreed with a 2 goal full court rule. I can sense that they were pretty unwilling to compromise.

4th match my team was still in the court. We won the other team of my ka
kis. The outsiders came in with their star player. Even before he came in, I had already thought that he was an arse. As I was playing as goalie in the previous match, I could heard that he kept commenting and passing sacarstic remarks during the previous match. He just had the "I-will-own-you-all" snobbish look. The match was full of fouls and rough play with both teams kicking each other left, right and center. I didn't played rough. But I was kicked twiced and pushed a few more times. And there was even a high boot on my side of the face. I didn't even retaliate back unlike my team-mates. Tempers nearly flared when my friend squared up with the other guy for kicking his leg. it happened a few times throughout the game and I just stepped in and act as peacemaker. I guess the afternoon sunlight made them easily irritated.

5th match my team was STILL playing. We won that other team as they pressed the self destruct button by scoring a spectectular own goal. We were now playing my kakis again. I stayed in goal the whole match and I saved quite a lot of impossible shots if I didn't remembered wrongly. One of which was absolutely incredible now I think of it. I passed the ball out to my friend in front of me from a goal kick. He was standing on my right. Then the other team close in on him and my friend was hesistating when he suddenly passed the ball back to me.

The ball looked destined to be rolling into the left hand side of the goal. I was still standing at the same right side position when I finally realized what was happening. I quickly ran back to the left side, dived down and palmed the ball away in time. That was a pure reflex save and the most crucial one as my team was 1-0 up. But it came at a
price as I brushed my left thigh against the ground. Pretty painful but I was very satisfied that I manage to kept out a potentially hilarious own goal. But I did concede one in the end(1-1) and then I came out of my goal to play outfield. I heard one of the outsiders sarcastically shouted "NGEE ANN GUY COME OUT LIAO." Then the other of their friends just laughed. I don't know why someone(me) wearing a Ngee Ann PE T-Shirt would be funny to them. They have a weird sense of humour perhaps.

My team won our 5th consectutive match. Some left and we were left with 8 people. Down from the original 13. We all went out of the court to take in some water. When we came in, the outsiders already were in the court getting ready to play each other. But when did we ever said we didn't want to continue to play? Did going out to the sidelines to drink some water meant we didn't wanted to play anymore? I guess they had this impression. I told them my team would continue to play as we won our last match and they had to choose one team to play against us next. There was one guy(SP shirt wearing) who then said "we couldn't wait to see you all leave and you should tellus when you leave." I could hear that he wasn't happy at all that we wasn't leaving. Of course, when your teams and anyone else couldn't beat us, it's natural to get jealous.

The 6th match was when the trouble began. It was about the same as the 4th match. Lots of rough play, time wasting and all that from them. Sheesh. I continued as goalie and conceded a really silly goal. My weak pass was intercepted by the guy
in front of me and he scored easily. Arrgh. I was really angry with myself for that kelong freebie. I decided to switch with my friend and play outfield again. Then my team mate went in for a 50-50 ball with the opposition and then both squared up to each other as there was a foul. Both thought there was nothing wrong and then I stepped in as a peacemaker again.

But then the guy suddenly told me that he had a problem with me and now switched his sight to me. He said I should be less Sia Lan. What the bloody fark? I was just stopping them from getting into a fight and I was that? Then their other friend came in and shout angrily at me also. He said he couldn't stand my attitude and told me to change or else he would beat me up. I could honestly told you that if I was younger and crazier, I would had threw the first punch on him. But no, I was more matured than them. I had a brain which they pretty much lacked and one who thinks violence solve matters. Moreover, they had more people.

I just felt really confused inside. I didn't even do anything to piss them off. When I spoke, they just cut me off with their shoutings. I told him to calm down and relax for a moment a few times. They didn't gave a shit and kept talking in a tone like Ah Bengs wanting to get into a fistfight soon. I didn't even shout back to them even though I was getting a little angry at them. My team mates now acted as the peacemaker and told me to stop talking anymore. They told me to apologize to them. I did and offered a handshake and a "I'm sorry" even though I thought I wasn't wrong. I only did that because I wanted to get on with the damn game. I was gracious and acted like a gentleman, but that guy said I was not sincere blah blah blah. He only accepted it when their friends told them to shake my hand and then all the crowd went out of the court and the game resumed.

I was calm outside and angry inside. I would had kicked the hell out of them but I didn't do that. I don't believe in inflicting pain. The best way for revenge was t
o win the game. I later scored a goal to make it 1-1. I didn't celebrated nor do anything in case they thought I was xia-lan again. Moments later, my friend passed the ball to me. I was in the clear and one on one with the goalie. I shoot and then the ball hit his glasses and both the lenses fell off. I quickly went over to pick one up for him and to apologize to him for this. But then he angrily shouted at me. "I just made this yesterday and now it's spoilt. I want you to pay me!" He then continued that I deliberately aimed the ball hard to damage his glasses. SAY WHAT? He actually thought I wanted to take revenge by kicking the ball against his glasses? Hello? If I was so damn accurate to hit whatever target I wanted, I would have been in the EPL playing professional football liao lah. If I was deliberate, I would not had picked up their stupid lenses and pass it back to you and even wanting to apologize liao. Sheesh. I just kept quiet and walked back as I just did not want to argue with an idiot. Their friends pulled him away as he kept cursing at me. I was laughing inside.

My friends suggested that I sit on the sidelines as this was the best way for both parties. Thus I was subsituted against my will. I really was pissed watching the remainder of the game. How can he said that I deliberatly did that? I really did not meant to I swear by god. That was just an accident. Really, those playing sports regularly would know very well not to take your best glasses to play but instead wear your cheap and spare backup one. I always do that. On a few occasions playing in goal, I also got hit by the ball, lenses flying and sometimes even get cut near the nose. But do I bitch and whine or act like a crybaby? No, I understand very well that it's an accident. All this would be solved with a sorry. So I really could not figure out why that guy didn't knew all these beforehand.

My friend then revealed to me that they heard them said I looked really stupid when I was making a save by punching the ball which then flew over the fence. They claimed they would record it on their phones and show them to their parents and laugh together. I knew it. Their sense of humour was really weird like what had I thought. Then I suggested to my friend that they should had recorded the shot I took that hit the face of that idiotic goalkeeper and then bring it back to their parents and laugh together also. They should capture that moment because the glasses flew so far. That MUST BE FUNNY to them also. No?

I clapped very loudly when my team mate scored a great header to end the game. After the game, my friends and those outsiders talked, shook hands and laughed for all the nonsense that happened today. But I didn't. I just quickly stormed off home. Why should I stay back and apologize and get ridiculed by those buttholes? They are after all just inmatured young punks still. A few even threatened to beat me up if they saw me on the streets before I left. Bloody hell, I nearly pissed my pants when I heard that. Damn, I better go get myself some bodyguards later. Oh crap, I forgot I had to work tomorrow. I better equip myself with a few penknives and parangs in my bag just in case. Yea right. As if they would really do that. Talking big and making an empty threat is just so easy.

My mood was spoilt the whole evening and probably until the weekend. Next time if I saw them on the court, I might consider roughing them up. They were arguably the most low class and worst bunch of people that I had the pleasure to play against. Actually not the whole bunch, just 4 or 5 of them. Hell, even those Malays have more class than them even though sometimes they are irritating. The moral of the story is, next time you are playing Street Soccer or any other sports, better get as much people as possible, so that your chances of getting beaten up and facing an argument with ignorant uncivilised people would be much lower.

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