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Who wanna watch FREE movie?

Anyone free or bo liao to accompany me to watch this? I've got a complimentary pass which admits two people. Normally I would had watch it with my good pal, but the problem is, he's stuck in this miserable little island of horror called Tekong. I don't mind watching it alone but well, I felt that would be a waste of another ticket.

If you're wondering how I managed to secure the pass, my sis won 2 pairs of it
through an online contest. Those generous dudes even threw in some official flim's merchandise in the shape of lighters and rubbery things related to the movie. I used it as a water balloon just now. HAHAHAHA.

But there's a catch though. Can only watch on Monday to Thursday as it ain't valid on weekends, public holidays and after 6pm on Fridays/eve of public holidays. Bleh, I knew it. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Guess I only can watch after work then.

Interested? Well, you just need to be a virgin give a shoutout here on the tagboard, SMS or call me. If not, I guess I will sell it away.

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