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So much telly to watch, so little precious time...

I follow quite a bit of American shows as you can see on the right of my sidebar. Most of the time they are shown on cable and thus I rarely watch sub par local telly on the free to air channels. God bless SCV though you have to agree they are *&@#@#&#@&$#* for not showing boring tatically different Italian Serie A and worst, giving lame excuses for the absence of one of the top European football leagues.

That really made me pissed off. I might not follow it as much but I want to enjoy the option to be able to switch over to watch it when I get tired of the EPL. But no, we won't have the chance to do that anymore this season as they say they would only bring it back next season.

Bloody hell, we as subscribers just paid for an increase for the Sports package a while back and this is how you treat us? Screw monopolisation of the cable TV industry here. The gahmen really needs to open up and let a few more companies in and give the consumers more choices. But yea right, as if they would do it. Why don't they you ask? It is because Starhub is (indirectly) partly owned by the gahmen lor, betcha didn't knew that!

Enough of the conspiracy theory. Back to local TV. Reason why I rarely watch it is simply because there's always the same ol' faces, same old format for the shows ala the 5463473438th eating/food shows, the tedious charities shows that's out to suck your wallet dry, laughable gameshows and bloody boring dramas. Especially those with a hidden message behind. Like those NKF, Heart disease foundation, "giving-birth-to-more-babies-to-save-the-dreadfully-terrible-low-birth-rate" kinda shows. Gahmen propaganda at it's best.

What captures my attention then?

I'm following Amazing Race(new season), Apprentice(3rd season), Lost(first season), Arrested Developement(2nd season) on the local telly. Lost and the Apprentice are in their new seasons over at the States currently. Thus, I have to wait till it finishes it's run here on local telly before I can start watching the new episodes from the new season that I had downloaded.

Unlike last time when I had to wait weekly to see the outdated (first season's) epsiodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives, this time I will download and watch. This is due to Channel 5 being slowwwwwwww and I can bet they will show the new season MONTHS later AGAIN. Sheesh.

I also have some stacks of tapes waiting for me. Usually get my sis to record the shows as I got to sleep early for work. Weekends I maybe watch one tape worth of shows(3 hrs), but still I have quite a lot more left. AHHHHHHHHH. So much to see, so little time.

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