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Second chance at life (Part 2)

Back to school...unwillingly.

I decided to return to my old shitty school to retake my Os as I did not want to go take it as a private candidate. It was far more expensive and moreover, I heard that those outside schools do not give a shit if you did not come for lessons or whatever, what matters most in their eyes is the $$$ sign. I rather go back to school even though it might be humiliating.

Thus I had to drag my mum down to see the principal and act
pitiful humble so that they would accept an idiot eager student like me back.The principal was a lady. We sat outside her office and waited till she called my name.

I could see some familiar faces around me. It seems like I wasn't the only one coming back after all. Some were from my original school and there was even one that was my classmate for 2 years. The principal called me in and then took a look at my results slip a
nd report book. She laid down the rules that in order for me to retake, I had to be a well behaved student with no disciplinary problems through the past schooling years, attendance be above 75% and I had to take 5 subjects.

The first two criterias wasn't a problem as I usually am a goodie goodie student but the last one was absurd when I only wanted to retake two, my Math and Science. Bloody fark, I guess they wanted to earn more $ for MOE as I would have to pay more to take the Os papers. But then I thought, my timetable would be damn weird if I took only two. Thus, I thought of 3 more subjects I wanted to improve my grades on just to fuifil the conditions.

"Good, now that you have understood the rules, I would place you in 5N(A) then"

But I was in Express all along! Can I go back to an Express class?

"No you can't. You are not up to standard with the Express students. Moreover it is March now, you would had missed quite a bit of the lessons and would be tough to catch up."

But I do not mind. I can read up on my own. I am here to do well this time, not relax and have a good time.

"No means no, can't you understand? Moreover, your subject combination is not available for Express classes and a few of your subjects are of the old syabullus."

So that was how I was placed in the last class of Sec 5 Normal, despite my best attempts to avoid it. I still think I should be placed in Express though.

Last class and familiar faces

Stepping in to the class, I was relieved for a few reasons. Relieved because I knew most of my new classmates, they were from my original school. Relieved because I was accepted back. Relieved because I can finally start my second chance in studies.

The best part was all of my teachers were those that I knew or had thaught me before. My form teacher was a Malay lady whom thaught me back in my original school, my Science teacher was my previous form teacher and my Chinese teacher was also from my original school. This time, I felt more relaxed that there would not be a repeat of any of the problems I faced last time.

My form teacher introduced the repeat students (there were 3 more) to the class. I am the most familiar face to most of them I guess as there were even some who were in the same class as me in Express but dropped down to Normal. She privately told me later that she did not expect to see me back here and that the class was a weak and naughty class.

She was right. During lessons, most of the boys did not cared. They were either just sleeping or talking. The worst was when they would be disrespectful to the teacher and caused trouble. HELLO? There are still people like me who wants to pay attention. Most vivid incident was when a few of them scolded vuglarities to my Math teacher and then they got a public caning. We were often singled out by the principal during flag raising as the worst class, most problematic class in school blah blah blah. It was all because of those black sheeps in my class.

They might be rubbish students but outside lessons, I thought they were cool people. I joined them for acitivies like football. I mix around with them and most of them told me they were also surprised to see me back. Guess, they still remembered what sort of student I am back at the original school. Most of the time in class, I would only pay attention to Math and Science lessons as I was here solely for them only. English lessons I was sleeping, Chinese lessons I was daydreaming.

My teachers doesn't give a shit as they know my standard well. Moreover, my English teacher told me that she had to spend more time on the others as Normal students are usually very weak in it. She was right. I topped the class for every ot
her English test or whatever. The others were amazed by my dominance and asked me how to do well in it. I just told them to speak more and read more.

Even during prelims, I did not give a shit. In fact, I only
wanted to pass my Math and Science papers and thus I only studied for that. In the end, I did quite average. But still, I managed to somehow topped the class. What a bloody surprise. Not to brag but that says a lot about the standard of 5N classes. There were only 3 5N classes and that was the best they could come up with? Guess I had too much expectations of them.

(Click for bigger pic if ya dun believe, No Photoshop lor!)

In the end, I did passed my Os Math and Science with a 6 and 5. I was not pleased by my Math grade as I knew I could do better. MUCH BETTER. I only better my L1R4 by 1 point to 20. What a disappointment. But oh well, I finally passed and proved those doubters wrong. I heard only a few of my classmates managed to make it to poly whereas the others only could go to ITE. Thank god I am finally leaving this shitty school.

Despite my dislike for this school, I would still remember it for some reasons. My best memories of it in my 2 years here were:

1) when some idiot slide down the flagraising pole in the courtyard from the 2nd level. (No joke!) A future fireman in the making but he was never caught.

2) when some idiot fell down from 2nd level after trying to retrieve a textbook he dropped onto the ledge.

3) when me and my classmate were the only ones taking the History Os paper in the exam hall.

4) where I could sleep and not pay attention during Histo
ry and English lessons and the teacher doesn't mind anyway. Not because they didn't care about me but because I am better than most of them, even if it was a combined class. I love special privileges. ;)

5) pon-tanging lessons by climbing over the barbed wired backgate without getting caught. It was always thrilling.


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