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I miss school...sort of...

Made a trip back to school yesterday as I wanted to loan some books which would hopefully aid me in what I am doing now, where I have not even the slightest knowle
dge on. Why didn't I went down to the nearest National Library then? Wouldn't it had been nearer? Well, the funny thing is the programming technology I am using now is an old version and I had already browsed the whole IT section in TPY Library few weeks ago and still couldn't found any materials on it

My colleague didn't believed me until she searched the online catalouge of NLB and she finally realized they really only have books of that programming langauge in it's latest version. Bah. So efficient and fast moving huh? All my years in campus, I had never borrowed a book before, only videos for viewing. There were times when I had wanted to, but I didn't knew my password. Thus, I did not bothered about it. Until now.

After an online check, I realized my card had expired. Funny, I haven't even graduated and they already cancelled my card. Those bastards. So I asked my colleague for his. He was reluctant as I nearly forgot to return him his handphone but in the end, he passed his precious to me. (If you are reading this now, I can only say FARK YOU for not trusting me. HAHAHA. Look at the pic leh. Your damn card is safe with me ok? Me not THAT blur now lah.) But anyway, with a card like mine which looks like the mice had bitten through it, I wouldn't had dared to ask the librarian for assistance. They would had #%@%^@ me, laughed at me or a combination of both.

Alighting at the familiar bus stop there were some people, which was surprising for a school holiday. I thought I had stopped at the wrong one when I saw this.

Renovations huh? I guess they are going to make the bus stop much much bigger which is a good idea as it's always bloody crowded after school hours. About darn time actually. There was even a new bus service passing through. 52 or something. How come they only start to improve things when I am not in school? Grrrr...

Walking through the ghost town like Atrium and up the stairs, I was finally in the air conditioned environment of the library. The books I wanted were on the top level. Not much people around the top level also, which was sort of errie even with me tuning in to my Poddy. After getting what I came here for, I went down to the much busier first floor to borrow a few books to read for leisure. There was this middle aged guy in my section. He was secretly enjoying thi
s "How to find love" book and moved away when he saw me. Aiyah Uncle, no need to be shy lah. I'm not gonna laugh at you what.

While I was looking around, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was that guy again. He asked if I was finding some nice books to read. I nodded, stopped listening to the loud music and followed him. He recommend this "Winners and Losers" book. Then went on and on, conviencing me that I should take a look at it as he had read it before and that it was a good book. It was a thick book and the contents were interesting but I didn't borrowed it in the end as I wanted so
me light reading.

After leaving the library, I strolled to Canteen 1, expecting to have my lunch of chicken rice. But it was closed. Arrgh. So long haven't ate it liao. The Canteen was filled with groups of people. They looked at me as if I am an alien when I walked past them to the bus stop. Oh well, I probably am one now, seeing that I do not go back to school anyway. Looking at the rugby field, those goalposts were gone and they were building some path across the field which lead to the bus stop. Kind of like a shortcut. Apparently, it is only p
art of a bigger plan as I saw this board near the gate.

Sounds great. Makes NP more hip actually but I wouldn't have the chance to use it. Bleh.

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