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Crap Course (Part 4)

Rubbish Course + nonchalent student = blog post

Even before I got my Os results, I had already set my heart on getting into a Business course. My dad encouraged me and furthermore, I liked the idea of being surroundered by hordes of girls learning about how the economy works and other business stuffs. Anything except boring Engineering nonsense or courses dealing with a lot of Science hocus pocus.

First 2 choices were Biz courses in SP and NP. Whereas for the others, I anyhow chose as I honestly thought I could had gone in to my first choice anyway, so why bother carefully choosing the others? All this even though I was one point off the cut off point. It was really moronic of me to think that way. In the end, I got into this shitty course I am in now, my 6th choice and I only have myself to blame for all this.

Though I was not totally an IT idiot, I did not see how am I going to endure 3 years of this. Moreover, I had heard of this evil thing called programming before I got in. I also had this assumption that there would be a lot of losers and geeky people in IT. I really feared for the worst. My friends were congratulating me for finally making it to a poly, but I felt skeptical that it would be a smooth ride.

Entering the classroom for orientation, I saw a few that matched my description of geeky losers. Oh damn, I was right after all. It was uncomfortable sitting in a room filled with strange faces. I guess I made an immediate impression when the mentor asked everyone of us to introduce ourselves. While the others were talking about their interest in computering and proudly proclaiming that this was their first choice, I thought that I really was in the wrong place.

Somehow I thought some of them were fakers. They didn't sounded excited nor really sincere that they got in here. I'd got company then. But I can bet they only said that to go with the majority and please the mentor. I didn't liked to lie. I straight up announced that I didn't had any ounce of interest in IT nor am I delighted to be here. I have the balls to say what I thought,unlike them. The tutor asked why didn't I tried to appeal and I remembered very well that I said I was forced to be here, so I am going to go with the flow then. I really should had have gave a shot appealing. But since fate wants me here, I guess it's no point going against the system.

Struggle, unhappiness, frustration but alright classmates

As my mindset was different than most of them, it was hard to adapt to the new course. Year 1 was blissful for most parts actually. It was carefree and fun as we get to know each other better. The guys made full use of the LAN to play all their CS or whatever games. They were like crazy mofos, almost everyday stayed back to play. I didn't joined them as I don't know how to play it. I rarely paid attention to classes and thus I had pretty average grades(around C) but it didn't mattered much to me as I just wanted to quickly get past this 3 years.

I told myself to like the course. I tried but I still do not find any love for it even till now. It was painful to me to wake up every morning to go learn something I didn't liked, but I survived barely. Programming was indeed a pain in the arse fo
r me like I had predicted. It was boring looking at lines and lines of codes and not forgetting those irritating errors.

I was lousy in it. Some people just ain't talented in some stuffs. For me, even if there was an MCQ Exam on programming, I would had flunked anyway. That's how rubbish I am. I remembered when I flunked my PSP2 Common Test, I went to the loo and looked at myself in the mirror and thought hard that I should really give it up. I really felt helpless at that time, how can I ever advance beyond to Year 2 if I can't even handle simple programming?

I seriously thought of switching over to Business if I did not pass my PSP2. I was finally going to end the struggle and get into something which I actually would enjoy. Bye Bye to I(Shit)T. But my good pal in class actually believed that I would pass and kept encouraging me and told me that this was just a little setback and that I could surely conquer it even though I told a lot of them that I don't see how I can make it. Somehow in the end, I scraped through. That was surprising to me. I guess Lady Luck was smiling at me. Perhaps, someone up there don't want me to leave.

Year 1 I kept a pretty low profile, talking to only a few of the guys. I only started to warm up to the others in Year 2. I realized some of them finally opened up and agreed that given the chance, they would had not come in here. Hah Hah. No turning back now. The class was getting smaller as two of the dudes dropped out. I'd thought I would be the first. But if I was younger a bit like most of my classmates, I would had switched over without batting an eyelid. But I was not getting any younger now and my dad would not had been happy with my decision. Better just bear it for 2 more years and graduate.

Despite my deep hatred for the course, I actually think the class is pretty united and close with each other. It can be seen through the chalet we had, birthday celebration outings, cycling activities, playing LAN games in class, going to everyone's favourite Chinaman Fei's house to get drunk, gamble and be merry, helping out each other during projects/assignments and a lot of other stuffs. It was like we were more than friends. Just like a close knitted army unit. Even I was not that close with my class in secondary school.

A few of my friends from other classes have conflicts, do not give a shit nor get along well with some of their classmates etc etc. So it is pretty comforting to know that despite coming from different backgrounds and having different personalities, everyone is alright with each other. Thank god at least my class ain't that screwed up, or else I would had felt MORE painful.

The End
*That's about all the bollocks I could remembered on my past. 4 chapters of it*

if u tink ur results is bad think again

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