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Audio Therapy of The Week #7

With Mr Gay Jay "Mumble-His-Way-To-Fame" Chou's new album about to be released, it reminded me of an MV I saw a few weeks ago. He wasn't singing, but was just guest starring in it. For a group called (南拳妈妈). Even if you do not follow the Chinese music scene closely, you would had at least heard of Jay before, him being the prince of R&B, ex boyfriend of Jolin Tsai etc etc. But who the hell are the group that managed to get a big name like him to act for their MV you wonder?

Firstly, why such a weird name? Well, it's the name given by Jay. The "南拳" means strength as he likes martial arts whereas "妈妈" stands for teamwork and friendliness, like his mother. Just WTF is he on when he thought of that? It just sounds silly. He discovered them and is like a mentor to them. Kept on hyping them up before they came out. Originally they USED to be an all guys group. But then lately, two of them moved to production of the new album for the revamped group which now consisted of a girl and a new dude. She shares the vocals with another guy on the group.

I briefly listening to every song for a few minutes each yesterday and then carefully listened again just now. Overall, the album is passable, but nothing really ground breaking. They cover everything from pop, folk, hip hop, rap, R&B etc etc. I felt a sense of dejva vu as some of the songs just sound so awfully familiar to Jay's. I like the songs better when Lara sang. Her voice is kinda like Chen Qi Zhen. I would say tracks 1,2,3,4,7,10 would make alright listening.

But like the first album, I still do not find what's the bloody big deal with them. They are recommended by Jay himself but that doesn't mean they are good. But I got to give credit to them for writing every song and producing some songs on the album themselves. I don't really like them. Only wrote and reviewed all these for August, my man. Though that Lara is yummylicious. 17 and mixed blood. Hmmm Hmmm. *Ahem* I mean that is about the only saving grace about them. Sorry Jay, they are overrated, like you.

Album Download

*Mental Note To Self or anyone reading: Don't use WinRar when zipping files for uploading to YSI. I had thought that it was my connection screwing up but I tried it twice over two days and you know there's something weird when 1/2 a day is gone and it's still trying to upload the 50MB+ Zip file. I guess they do not accept .RAR files. Sheesh. I wasted my time. ¬_¬ *

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