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Audio Therapy of the Week #6

Recently, it was reported that the above Rolling Stone cover was the greatest magazine cover ever for the past 40 years. Actually, I do not understand why such a creepy picture and one which shows a naked man in such a position could get so many editors excited. But I can fully understand the talent behind that naked man though.

Better known as 1/4 of the Beatles, the bespectacled John Lennon sings, plays the guitar and co written a lot of their popular songs alongside Paul McCartney. Towards the end of the Beatles last few albums, it was rumoured that the woman above, Yoko Ono was the reason behind the unhappiness brewing in the band. She wasn't popular with the other bandmates. He was so mesmerised with her that he actually dumped his wife and son for this Japanese woman. Lennon later went on a solo career after the band's split.

Many people consider "Imagine" as his greatest work. It is a simple, stunning and thought provoking song. In it, he describes his ideal utopia, one where there would be no religions and where there would be peace all around the world. Anyway, most of his songs carry a message behind, be it political, religious or love. He sings it all.

Lennon died in 1980 at a young age of 40, shot by some fan of his. The chilling fact about this was in the 70s, when asked how he expected to die, the reply from him was that he would probably be popped off (gunned down) by some loony. He was right after all.


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