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Audio Therapy of the Week #5

A few of my friends look at all the junk I've filled my Poddy with and ask me if I ever considerered buying original music instead of being be a cheap pirate bastard? Well, the answer is yes. I DID purchase music albums in the past before. Not that much now though. In fact I have quite a collection. Mostly Chinese ones though.

I used to listen to 933 in secondary school days. Remembered the DJ was recommending a new album and they played a ballad about breaking up. I thought it was bloody awesome and went out to purchase it even though I had never even heard of the singer before. Did not regretted it one bit as it was one of the best albums I had the pleasure to listen to.

His name is Zhang Zhen Yue (张震岳) and he's one cool guy with his I-don't-give-a-shit attitude and bad boy image. The album's called 秘密基地 and it's one mostly filled with rock songs and a few ballads. I like every song in it, no kidding. That is how good this gem of an album is. I tune in to it regularly even though it was released back in 1998! What's amazing is all 12 songs(+1 hidden track) were written and composed by him. He has talent alright.

I'll rip it and share with you guys then. Enjoy :)

Album download

Click here

The chorus in Track #9 so perfectly describes my feelings now. *Sigh*

P.S.S Whoever has his earlier hit song (就是喜欢你)
tell me hor. I can't find it anywhere for quite some time now.

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