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Audio Therapy Of The Week #4 D-Day Special Edition

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Today is the day when the exams results are released. Normally, I could barely sleep well the night before. But strangely, I slept like a baby last night. Though it did not meant that I was 100% confident about doing well. There were still a little doubt that I might flunk in one module.

On the way to work this morning at 8+, my classmate messaged me asking how I did. The hell, So fast know already? Not even 9 yet and they released it? Maybe he subscripted to the SMS option. I never did, not even from the 1st sem as I did not want a message revealing my results.
Imagine if you were having your breakfast and your phone beeped. You happily expect an SMS from your friend but to your nasty surprise, it's the results you're reading instead.

If you did crap, the rest of the day would felt really rotten. I'd rather found it out by myself by logging on to the school's site. If I expected myself to scrape through/borderline results, I would wait until at night to check it out so I would not feel that horrible in the afternoons. At least I am well prepared for any setbacks

How did I do? I did what I had predicted. Pretty good. But I should had done better for my SS. Grrrrr....But I can take comfort at the fact that I finally got my first
(and last) AD and moreover, this sem was my best results ever if you judge it by GPA.

(Click for clearer view)

Yea, I know. Not top student standar
d but to me, it's pretty good enough. Even though I am at office staring at all these lines and lines of boring ASP nonsense, I still feel terrific. It's like nothing can bring my mood down today. Life indeed feels much better today somehow. I rarely am satisfied with myself and a lot of things. But today I feel GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEATTTT. :)

Stop the bragging, what's this week recommendation then?

Whenever I feel down or pissed off, I would seek out Weird Al Yankovic's songs. It never fails to make me feel a little better and laugh like an idiot . He is really a genius.

He's a parodist, meaning that he sort of copies other people's work for comic effect. Listening to his songs, you would feel how come the tune is familia
r whereas the words are changed. That is what he does. He writes the lyrics to the songs and uses the tune of popular songs to make a new song.

Not only that, he also spoofs music videos. I managed to find a few and compared with the original singer's, there were lots of similarities. Oh man, he is damn bloody hilarious. To avoid misunderstandings, he would always seek permission from the singer before he spoofs their songs.

Being funny does bring recognition too. He has won 2 Grammys over the years for Best Comedy Album. No kidding. He does write his own original songs also. But still, he's more famous for his parodied works.

Try guessing the songs he copies from. hahaha

Eat it:



Like A Surgeon:

The Saga Begins:

Dare To Be Stupid(Original):

You Don't Love Me Anymore(Original):

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