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The Adventures of Blur Sotong Man

I absolutely cannot believe how damn absent minded I am this week. My colleague friends are right. I am really hopeless, like an old man now literally. Can't bloody remember small details. I am as good as brain died.

Just now I wanted to watch all the crap I taped for the week
. Popcorn in hand and a comfy seat to sit my lazy arse on, I was preparing to watch the 2 tapes worth of shows. One tape was the Arrested Development + Rise Of Evil and the other was Amazing Race + Taken. I preferred to start of the evening with a laugh. So, Arrested Developement then.

But oh no, I could not find any tapes containing that. I wondered who took it or did I taped something over it? I would think it's the latter as no one bothers with the video recorder except me. 2 shows that had just started with their first episodes and I could not watched it.

Then I proceeded to find Tape 2. I played the tape and found something at last. Taken! But where the hell is Amazing Race that I recorded from the front of the tape? Bloody hell, I must had rewinded it that day and then used it to tape Taken without knowing it. ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!

That's not all.


-I left my folder of important documents in the taxi


-I NEARLY lost my precious Poddy in my office. I go
t shocked when I could not find it. Thankfully, my software engineer colleague heard the front desk auntie found something white in color and did not knew what was that and put it in a corner. Apparently, she told me that she found it in the recycle bin for newspapers.


- Work was over and I only realized I did not carried back the stuffs I had bought from the supermarket until my colleague reminded me in the lift when we were going home.


- My temporary phone's battery was flat and thus I lend my colleague's phone to use to message my friend. I was playing table footie with the a
ttachment student from another poly and did not realized how come the phone was missing until he asked me where it was when we went back to our desk. I thought hard then remembered that I placed it on the drawers in the recreation room.


- I was waiting for the bus. Bus 32 came, which was really familiar in my mind but I did not board it. I only realized Bus 32 indeed went to my workplace when I checked the directory. It was too late, it left and I had to wait for Bus 51 which took a longer time to reach. I was late for work. 45 mins late. Sheesh.

You may laugh like an hyena now. Even I found my amazing poor memory silly. I think I might as well apologize to HF for everytime teasing that she's a blur cock. I reckon I am worst for this week. I guess I better lock myself in the room and do nothing so that nothing ever happens to me tomorrow. ¬_¬

UPDATE: Guess I was right. I should had stayed at home. I nearly lost a notebook(the one with pages, not THAT one). I thought I placed it in my dad's car but he couldn't find it. That was when I panicked as inside it contained all my friends/classmates phone numbers that I recovered and there's also some important details in it. It was then when the phone shop dude called back and said I left it in his shop.

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