Saturday, October 29, 2005

Audio Therapy of The Week #7

With Mr Gay Jay "Mumble-His-Way-To-Fame" Chou's new album about to be released, it reminded me of an MV I saw a few weeks ago. He wasn't singing, but was just guest starring in it. For a group called (南拳妈妈). Even if you do not follow the Chinese music scene closely, you would had at least heard of Jay before, him being the prince of R&B, ex boyfriend of Jolin Tsai etc etc. But who the hell are the group that managed to get a big name like him to act for their MV you wonder?

Firstly, why such a weird name? Well, it's the name given by Jay. The "南拳" means strength as he likes martial arts whereas "妈妈" stands for teamwork and friendliness, like his mother. Just WTF is he on when he thought of that? It just sounds silly. He discovered them and is like a mentor to them. Kept on hyping them up before they came out. Originally they USED to be an all guys group. But then lately, two of them moved to production of the new album for the revamped group which now consisted of a girl and a new dude. She shares the vocals with another guy on the group.

I briefly listening to every song for a few minutes each yesterday and then carefully listened again just now. Overall, the album is passable, but nothing really ground breaking. They cover everything from pop, folk, hip hop, rap, R&B etc etc. I felt a sense of dejva vu as some of the songs just sound so awfully familiar to Jay's. I like the songs better when Lara sang. Her voice is kinda like Chen Qi Zhen. I would say tracks 1,2,3,4,7,10 would make alright listening.

But like the first album, I still do not find what's the bloody big deal with them. They are recommended by Jay himself but that doesn't mean they are good. But I got to give credit to them for writing every song and producing some songs on the album themselves. I don't really like them. Only wrote and reviewed all these for August, my man. Though that Lara is yummylicious. 17 and mixed blood. Hmmm Hmmm. *Ahem* I mean that is about the only saving grace about them. Sorry Jay, they are overrated, like you.

Album Download

*Mental Note To Self or anyone reading: Don't use WinRar when zipping files for uploading to YSI. I had thought that it was my connection screwing up but I tried it twice over two days and you know there's something weird when 1/2 a day is gone and it's still trying to upload the 50MB+ Zip file. I guess they do not accept .RAR files. Sheesh. I wasted my time. ¬_¬ *

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Crap Course (Part 4)

Rubbish Course + nonchalent student = blog post

Even before I got my Os results, I had already set my heart on getting into a Business course. My dad encouraged me and furthermore, I liked the idea of being surroundered by hordes of girls learning about how the economy works and other business stuffs. Anything except boring Engineering nonsense or courses dealing with a lot of Science hocus pocus.

First 2 choices were Biz courses in SP and NP. Whereas for the others, I anyhow chose as I honestly thought I could had gone in to my first choice anyway, so why bother carefully choosing the others? All this even though I was one point off the cut off point. It was really moronic of me to think that way. In the end, I got into this shitty course I am in now, my 6th choice and I only have myself to blame for all this.

Though I was not totally an IT idiot, I did not see how am I going to endure 3 years of this. Moreover, I had heard of this evil thing called programming before I got in. I also had this assumption that there would be a lot of losers and geeky people in IT. I really feared for the worst. My friends were congratulating me for finally making it to a poly, but I felt skeptical that it would be a smooth ride.

Entering the classroom for orientation, I saw a few that matched my description of geeky losers. Oh damn, I was right after all. It was uncomfortable sitting in a room filled with strange faces. I guess I made an immediate impression when the mentor asked everyone of us to introduce ourselves. While the others were talking about their interest in computering and proudly proclaiming that this was their first choice, I thought that I really was in the wrong place.

Somehow I thought some of them were fakers. They didn't sounded excited nor really sincere that they got in here. I'd got company then. But I can bet they only said that to go with the majority and please the mentor. I didn't liked to lie. I straight up announced that I didn't had any ounce of interest in IT nor am I delighted to be here. I have the balls to say what I thought,unlike them. The tutor asked why didn't I tried to appeal and I remembered very well that I said I was forced to be here, so I am going to go with the flow then. I really should had have gave a shot appealing. But since fate wants me here, I guess it's no point going against the system.

Struggle, unhappiness, frustration but alright classmates

As my mindset was different than most of them, it was hard to adapt to the new course. Year 1 was blissful for most parts actually. It was carefree and fun as we get to know each other better. The guys made full use of the LAN to play all their CS or whatever games. They were like crazy mofos, almost everyday stayed back to play. I didn't joined them as I don't know how to play it. I rarely paid attention to classes and thus I had pretty average grades(around C) but it didn't mattered much to me as I just wanted to quickly get past this 3 years.

I told myself to like the course. I tried but I still do not find any love for it even till now. It was painful to me to wake up every morning to go learn something I didn't liked, but I survived barely. Programming was indeed a pain in the arse fo
r me like I had predicted. It was boring looking at lines and lines of codes and not forgetting those irritating errors.

I was lousy in it. Some people just ain't talented in some stuffs. For me, even if there was an MCQ Exam on programming, I would had flunked anyway. That's how rubbish I am. I remembered when I flunked my PSP2 Common Test, I went to the loo and looked at myself in the mirror and thought hard that I should really give it up. I really felt helpless at that time, how can I ever advance beyond to Year 2 if I can't even handle simple programming?

I seriously thought of switching over to Business if I did not pass my PSP2. I was finally going to end the struggle and get into something which I actually would enjoy. Bye Bye to I(Shit)T. But my good pal in class actually believed that I would pass and kept encouraging me and told me that this was just a little setback and that I could surely conquer it even though I told a lot of them that I don't see how I can make it. Somehow in the end, I scraped through. That was surprising to me. I guess Lady Luck was smiling at me. Perhaps, someone up there don't want me to leave.

Year 1 I kept a pretty low profile, talking to only a few of the guys. I only started to warm up to the others in Year 2. I realized some of them finally opened up and agreed that given the chance, they would had not come in here. Hah Hah. No turning back now. The class was getting smaller as two of the dudes dropped out. I'd thought I would be the first. But if I was younger a bit like most of my classmates, I would had switched over without batting an eyelid. But I was not getting any younger now and my dad would not had been happy with my decision. Better just bear it for 2 more years and graduate.

Despite my deep hatred for the course, I actually think the class is pretty united and close with each other. It can be seen through the chalet we had, birthday celebration outings, cycling activities, playing LAN games in class, going to everyone's favourite Chinaman Fei's house to get drunk, gamble and be merry, helping out each other during projects/assignments and a lot of other stuffs. It was like we were more than friends. Just like a close knitted army unit. Even I was not that close with my class in secondary school.

A few of my friends from other classes have conflicts, do not give a shit nor get along well with some of their classmates etc etc. So it is pretty comforting to know that despite coming from different backgrounds and having different personalities, everyone is alright with each other. Thank god at least my class ain't that screwed up, or else I would had felt MORE painful.

The End
*That's about all the bollocks I could remembered on my past. 4 chapters of it*

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I miss school...sort of...

Made a trip back to school yesterday as I wanted to loan some books which would hopefully aid me in what I am doing now, where I have not even the slightest knowle
dge on. Why didn't I went down to the nearest National Library then? Wouldn't it had been nearer? Well, the funny thing is the programming technology I am using now is an old version and I had already browsed the whole IT section in TPY Library few weeks ago and still couldn't found any materials on it

My colleague didn't believed me until she searched the online catalouge of NLB and she finally realized they really only have books of that programming langauge in it's latest version. Bah. So efficient and fast moving huh? All my years in campus, I had never borrowed a book before, only videos for viewing. There were times when I had wanted to, but I didn't knew my password. Thus, I did not bothered about it. Until now.

After an online check, I realized my card had expired. Funny, I haven't even graduated and they already cancelled my card. Those bastards. So I asked my colleague for his. He was reluctant as I nearly forgot to return him his handphone but in the end, he passed his precious to me. (If you are reading this now, I can only say FARK YOU for not trusting me. HAHAHA. Look at the pic leh. Your damn card is safe with me ok? Me not THAT blur now lah.) But anyway, with a card like mine which looks like the mice had bitten through it, I wouldn't had dared to ask the librarian for assistance. They would had #%@%^@ me, laughed at me or a combination of both.

Alighting at the familiar bus stop there were some people, which was surprising for a school holiday. I thought I had stopped at the wrong one when I saw this.

Renovations huh? I guess they are going to make the bus stop much much bigger which is a good idea as it's always bloody crowded after school hours. About darn time actually. There was even a new bus service passing through. 52 or something. How come they only start to improve things when I am not in school? Grrrr...

Walking through the ghost town like Atrium and up the stairs, I was finally in the air conditioned environment of the library. The books I wanted were on the top level. Not much people around the top level also, which was sort of errie even with me tuning in to my Poddy. After getting what I came here for, I went down to the much busier first floor to borrow a few books to read for leisure. There was this middle aged guy in my section. He was secretly enjoying thi
s "How to find love" book and moved away when he saw me. Aiyah Uncle, no need to be shy lah. I'm not gonna laugh at you what.

While I was looking around, I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was that guy again. He asked if I was finding some nice books to read. I nodded, stopped listening to the loud music and followed him. He recommend this "Winners and Losers" book. Then went on and on, conviencing me that I should take a look at it as he had read it before and that it was a good book. It was a thick book and the contents were interesting but I didn't borrowed it in the end as I wanted so
me light reading.

After leaving the library, I strolled to Canteen 1, expecting to have my lunch of chicken rice. But it was closed. Arrgh. So long haven't ate it liao. The Canteen was filled with groups of people. They looked at me as if I am an alien when I walked past them to the bus stop. Oh well, I probably am one now, seeing that I do not go back to school anyway. Looking at the rugby field, those goalposts were gone and they were building some path across the field which lead to the bus stop. Kind of like a shortcut. Apparently, it is only p
art of a bigger plan as I saw this board near the gate.

Sounds great. Makes NP more hip actually but I wouldn't have the chance to use it. Bleh.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Audio Therapy of the Week #6

Recently, it was reported that the above Rolling Stone cover was the greatest magazine cover ever for the past 40 years. Actually, I do not understand why such a creepy picture and one which shows a naked man in such a position could get so many editors excited. But I can fully understand the talent behind that naked man though.

Better known as 1/4 of the Beatles, the bespectacled John Lennon sings, plays the guitar and co written a lot of their popular songs alongside Paul McCartney. Towards the end of the Beatles last few albums, it was rumoured that the woman above, Yoko Ono was the reason behind the unhappiness brewing in the band. She wasn't popular with the other bandmates. He was so mesmerised with her that he actually dumped his wife and son for this Japanese woman. Lennon later went on a solo career after the band's split.

Many people consider "Imagine" as his greatest work. It is a simple, stunning and thought provoking song. In it, he describes his ideal utopia, one where there would be no religions and where there would be peace all around the world. Anyway, most of his songs carry a message behind, be it political, religious or love. He sings it all.

Lennon died in 1980 at a young age of 40, shot by some fan of his. The chilling fact about this was in the 70s, when asked how he expected to die, the reply from him was that he would probably be popped off (gunned down) by some loony. He was right after all.


Stand By Me


Instant Karma

Thursday, October 20, 2005

So much telly to watch, so little precious time...

I follow quite a bit of American shows as you can see on the right of my sidebar. Most of the time they are shown on cable and thus I rarely watch sub par local telly on the free to air channels. God bless SCV though you have to agree they are *&@#@#&#@&$#* for not showing boring tatically different Italian Serie A and worst, giving lame excuses for the absence of one of the top European football leagues.

That really made me pissed off. I might not follow it as much but I want to enjoy the option to be able to switch over to watch it when I get tired of the EPL. But no, we won't have the chance to do that anymore this season as they say they would only bring it back next season.

Bloody hell, we as subscribers just paid for an increase for the Sports package a while back and this is how you treat us? Screw monopolisation of the cable TV industry here. The gahmen really needs to open up and let a few more companies in and give the consumers more choices. But yea right, as if they would do it. Why don't they you ask? It is because Starhub is (indirectly) partly owned by the gahmen lor, betcha didn't knew that!

Enough of the conspiracy theory. Back to local TV. Reason why I rarely watch it is simply because there's always the same ol' faces, same old format for the shows ala the 5463473438th eating/food shows, the tedious charities shows that's out to suck your wallet dry, laughable gameshows and bloody boring dramas. Especially those with a hidden message behind. Like those NKF, Heart disease foundation, "giving-birth-to-more-babies-to-save-the-dreadfully-terrible-low-birth-rate" kinda shows. Gahmen propaganda at it's best.

What captures my attention then?

I'm following Amazing Race(new season), Apprentice(3rd season), Lost(first season), Arrested Developement(2nd season) on the local telly. Lost and the Apprentice are in their new seasons over at the States currently. Thus, I have to wait till it finishes it's run here on local telly before I can start watching the new episodes from the new season that I had downloaded.

Unlike last time when I had to wait weekly to see the outdated (first season's) epsiodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives, this time I will download and watch. This is due to Channel 5 being slowwwwwwww and I can bet they will show the new season MONTHS later AGAIN. Sheesh.

I also have some stacks of tapes waiting for me. Usually get my sis to record the shows as I got to sleep early for work. Weekends I maybe watch one tape worth of shows(3 hrs), but still I have quite a lot more left. AHHHHHHHHH. So much to see, so little time.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Who wanna watch FREE movie?

Anyone free or bo liao to accompany me to watch this? I've got a complimentary pass which admits two people. Normally I would had watch it with my good pal, but the problem is, he's stuck in this miserable little island of horror called Tekong. I don't mind watching it alone but well, I felt that would be a waste of another ticket.

If you're wondering how I managed to secure the pass, my sis won 2 pairs of it
through an online contest. Those generous dudes even threw in some official flim's merchandise in the shape of lighters and rubbery things related to the movie. I used it as a water balloon just now. HAHAHAHA.

But there's a catch though. Can only watch on Monday to Thursday as it ain't valid on weekends, public holidays and after 6pm on Fridays/eve of public holidays. Bleh, I knew it. There's no such thing as a free lunch. Guess I only can watch after work then.

Interested? Well, you just need to be a virgin give a shoutout here on the tagboard, SMS or call me. If not, I guess I will sell it away.

Audio Therapy of the Week #5

A few of my friends look at all the junk I've filled my Poddy with and ask me if I ever considerered buying original music instead of being be a cheap pirate bastard? Well, the answer is yes. I DID purchase music albums in the past before. Not that much now though. In fact I have quite a collection. Mostly Chinese ones though.

I used to listen to 933 in secondary school days. Remembered the DJ was recommending a new album and they played a ballad about breaking up. I thought it was bloody awesome and went out to purchase it even though I had never even heard of the singer before. Did not regretted it one bit as it was one of the best albums I had the pleasure to listen to.

His name is Zhang Zhen Yue (张震岳) and he's one cool guy with his I-don't-give-a-shit attitude and bad boy image. The album's called 秘密基地 and it's one mostly filled with rock songs and a few ballads. I like every song in it, no kidding. That is how good this gem of an album is. I tune in to it regularly even though it was released back in 1998! What's amazing is all 12 songs(+1 hidden track) were written and composed by him. He has talent alright.

I'll rip it and share with you guys then. Enjoy :)

Album download

Click here

The chorus in Track #9 so perfectly describes my feelings now. *Sigh*

P.S.S Whoever has his earlier hit song (就是喜欢你)
tell me hor. I can't find it anywhere for quite some time now.

Friday, October 14, 2005

School scared I racist ah?

Ever since attachment started, I very rarely check the school email out. I'm glad I did just now. Because I am laughing my butt off after reading this.

Wah, they really care about us huh? But I mean I can't even take them seriously with that horrigible powderful England of theirs. Well, at least they didn't ban us from blogging.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Diary of a convenience store employee (Part 3)

Working life in a convenience store

After my Os, I had loads of time until school starts. Relaxing Rotting at home was not I had wanted. Imagine doing nothing but sleeping late, waking late and wasting your time like that for months? I am not the sort that can stomach such a lazy lifestyle. Furthermore, my mum kept nagging at me to go find a temp job.

That was when my aunt asked me if I'm interested in working with her down at the convenience store. She told me that the outlet belonged to my uncle in law's sister and they would prefer that their
employees be somewhat related to them as there have been cases of employees whom stole money from them.

I was fine with anything. I didn't even asked about the working hours or pay. As long as I'm not staying at home, I didn't gave a crap. Even though honestly, I am not close with
that side of my relatives. Had heard of them before through my other aunt that they were somewhat well off. She told me they used to franchise a KFC outlet before switching to 7-11, where they had 2 stores.

I had never worked before and was like a naive and ignorant 18 year old. First few days at work, I was paired with my aunt who gave me a crash course of everything on how to make the store running smoothly. Before this, I thought those cashiers at the convenience store had an easy time. Just scanning the items and collecting $, what's so difficult right? How terribly wrong my assumption was until I got into it.

Maybe it only applied to the morning and afternoon shifts. But on the night shift, there are lots of crap to do. Let me list them all out. Clean the Softee machine, pour the Milo/Lemonade or softee mixture in if it's empty, mop the floor, fill up the shelves with stock, check the stock if the deliverymen comes and then move them into the storeroom, go search for expired sandwiches/meals. Count all the stamps, cards left before shift ends, restart the cash registers. Throw the rubbish out. Count the leftover newspapers/count the fresh newspapers that come in the morning. etc etc. Add all these to handling the customers. Multi tasking "cashier" indeed. That extra $10 ain't that easy to earn.

The first few weeks I found it really tough going but I did not bitched at all as I had my experienced aunt beside guiding me through. Some stores have only one people doing all the tasks I'd mentioned above. So you can imagine how farked up it is. But, I enjoyed the tranquil early mornings.

Working at sunrise shift suits me just fine. My boss p
laced me on that shift for the first few months. Occasionally on the afternoon shifts too. I was at the same outlet until she decided to switch me to their main one at Tanjong Pagar (there's only one in that area if you're wondering) anyway.

New enviroment, new people

When I first got there, I immediately realized why this was their flagship store. There was a long line of queue and customers kept coming in. It was definitely busier than the one I'd been in all those months. Another tell tale sign was their drinks/beer chiller was so much bigger than the first outlet. Behind the chiller was a freezer to store all the cartons of beverages. This was better for us as refilling of drinks would be much easier and colder of course.

The store is definitely much busier. Staring work at 11,
the stream of customers would only die down at around 2am. It might be due to PSA being nearby and of course, not forgetting the rows of pubs just down the street. I'd also noticed cigarettes, condoms (well, it's just opposite a hotel), liquor and cards sell better here. The best (or worst) thing was there were all sorts of customers you would meet when on the job. Like...


1) The drunkard

Most dangerous type of customer. They would make a lot of noise, talk very loud and refuse to admit they are indeed pissed drunk. Not even when they can't even turn a few rounds properly Errr...I mean...walk unstably into the store, approach the chiller to grab beer. Sometimes they would keep talking to you in a gibberish manner. My partner advised me not to offend them or make them angry as they might hit you, like a few did to her sometime ago. Some even walk off without paying and you won't want to chase them as someone who's wasted cannot control their actions. I usually pray that they do not puke in the store. It would be troublesome for us to clean up.

2) The cardboard/can collector

Harmless, elderly and occasionally smelly. They usually pick up all the cardboards and empty drink cans we throw to the rubbish bin outside. Sometimes they would come in and ask if there was anymore. There was one which I hated. Whenever he came in, the store was filled with a digusting odour. The worst thing was he walked really slowly to get his can of Red Bull. My partner hated him more than me. I don't blame her. Even I hold my breath whenever he comes in.

3) The horny middle aged man and the hooker

They usually come in to stock up on "raincoats" and to buy some cards. Most of the time, the prostitutes don't look local and occasionally there are some Ang Moh men in their
30s accompanying their escort. I bet they would cross the road to Amara to watch TV "you-know-what" in their room. It's not hard to notice that some of them wear a ring on their hand. I can't help but imagine do their spouses back home know their partners are out there fooling around?

4) The "Wah lau eh why so expensive" whinger

I guess some people just are too dumb to realize that it's not called a 24 hour store for nothing. Some of them complain to us. But it's not like we set the price of the items. Blame them instead alright? Some just storm off and vow never to come back. Suits me fine, one less idiot to handle. Just stop bitching and don't patronize if you think that it's unfair. Sheesh. Even I do not buy stuffs from them when I am off duty as I think that it's honestly a rip off.

5) The underaged Ah Beng wanting to buy ciggies/liquor

They would try everything to fool us like speaking in a more matured voice, wear grown up clothes etc etc but we're not that dumb. You still have to hand over your identification. Some beg, ask us to turn a blind eye or give the most lame excuse ("Oh, I forgot to bring IC lah!) but no card, no talk lor. Bugger off then, little boy. Sometimes I know they are underaged but I would still let them off. Only when my partner ain't beside me that is.

6) The impatient/illiterate newspaper desperado

Some of them would keep on coming in and ask us when the newspapers would arrive. We tell them that we have no damn clue as it's due to the deliveryman's route. When the deliveryman is late, I really hate it as it means that I have to repeat the same answer to every few minutes. Grrr. When the stack of newspapers finally arrives, I have to quickly count it so that I can place it on the shelves. But some of them just grab what they want from when I'm counting. Bloody impatient bunch of rude fellas.

Afternoon shift when the Chinese newspapers are sold finish, we would put a sign in various languages by the shelves which informs them that there ain't any more. But still, we have people annoying us asking if it's true or whether we kept any extra copies. ¬_¬ Sometimes, I really want to scold all of them but I can't as I cannot be rude to them. Even my boss agrees with me. Why should we bloody lie to you all? Nothing better to do ah? Duh.

7) The Holier-Than-Thou arses

Sure, I might just be a lowly employee. But I am still a human being after all. Kindy keep your voice down when voicing out your dissatisfaction. Be it the Straits Times you bought is missing a section or the bread you got tasted funny, it ain't any of our fault anyway but we would gladly exchange it for you if stop being so unreasonable. Yes, I know you despise us from the way you look us.

Go ahead and threaten about complaining to my boss about rude service, I don't give a shit. Because after all, you are in the wrong as you verbally abused us. At the end of the day, you might be richer, smarter, older, better or have bigger tits than me but the fact of the matter is you're still an asshole.

Despite all the idiots I might come across, I am quite alright with this job. I mean, well, even when it was the holidays, I went back each time to work for the first 3 semesters. It was because I enjoyed working with the people there. I am among the youngest there. Most of them can be my mother/father/big brother.

I might have a love-hate relationship with my boss as she's fierce and tomboyish looking with short hair (she's called Audrey hahaha), but still, I think she likes my workrate despite me being inmatured when handling customers at times and late for a lot of times. Morever, all of us there are sort of related. They do take care of me well. I won't mind going back after my boring attachment to work for fun and pass time until enlistment. But I doubt there's a place to accomadate an old bird like me.

To be continued....

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Blogger has gone bonkers

I have been experiencing this bug thingy for a week or so now. Whenever I want to type up a new post. This is what I would see on my screen.

The icons go all the way DOWN when by right, it should be positioned ACROSS the screen. It is a pain in the arse to compose a post but the worst thing is, a few of the buttons ain't usable as it's broke. Stupid bug.

I thought it was my browser's problem. Even when I switched over to M$ IE, it was still the same. I tried downgrading my Firefox to an earlier version, but it doesn't do any difference. Must be spyware then? Even when i scan finished using Ad-Aware and Spybot, it still stayed there!

So I thought of logging out and back in to see if it would mattered. This was what I saw.

Duh, even their main page is a little weird. Thus, I emailed their support team few days ago and asked what the hell was happening. Unfortunately, I only received an automated reply advising me to check out their FAQs section. It ain't do any crap to solve my problems as there wasn't any thing on there about cocked up layout.

I wonder if I'm the only one experiencing this. Anyone with a Blogger account would verify if you're facing this problem too?

Update: The layout's back to normal now. No more cursing and frustration when typing up a new post again.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Audio Therapy Of The Week #4 D-Day Special Edition

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Today is the day when the exams results are released. Normally, I could barely sleep well the night before. But strangely, I slept like a baby last night. Though it did not meant that I was 100% confident about doing well. There were still a little doubt that I might flunk in one module.

On the way to work this morning at 8+, my classmate messaged me asking how I did. The hell, So fast know already? Not even 9 yet and they released it? Maybe he subscripted to the SMS option. I never did, not even from the 1st sem as I did not want a message revealing my results.
Imagine if you were having your breakfast and your phone beeped. You happily expect an SMS from your friend but to your nasty surprise, it's the results you're reading instead.

If you did crap, the rest of the day would felt really rotten. I'd rather found it out by myself by logging on to the school's site. If I expected myself to scrape through/borderline results, I would wait until at night to check it out so I would not feel that horrible in the afternoons. At least I am well prepared for any setbacks

How did I do? I did what I had predicted. Pretty good. But I should had done better for my SS. Grrrrr....But I can take comfort at the fact that I finally got my first
(and last) AD and moreover, this sem was my best results ever if you judge it by GPA.

(Click for clearer view)

Yea, I know. Not top student standar
d but to me, it's pretty good enough. Even though I am at office staring at all these lines and lines of boring ASP nonsense, I still feel terrific. It's like nothing can bring my mood down today. Life indeed feels much better today somehow. I rarely am satisfied with myself and a lot of things. But today I feel GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEATTTT. :)

Stop the bragging, what's this week recommendation then?

Whenever I feel down or pissed off, I would seek out Weird Al Yankovic's songs. It never fails to make me feel a little better and laugh like an idiot . He is really a genius.

He's a parodist, meaning that he sort of copies other people's work for comic effect. Listening to his songs, you would feel how come the tune is familia
r whereas the words are changed. That is what he does. He writes the lyrics to the songs and uses the tune of popular songs to make a new song.

Not only that, he also spoofs music videos. I managed to find a few and compared with the original singer's, there were lots of similarities. Oh man, he is damn bloody hilarious. To avoid misunderstandings, he would always seek permission from the singer before he spoofs their songs.

Being funny does bring recognition too. He has won 2 Grammys over the years for Best Comedy Album. No kidding. He does write his own original songs also. But still, he's more famous for his parodied works.

Try guessing the songs he copies from. hahaha

Eat it:



Like A Surgeon:

The Saga Begins:

Dare To Be Stupid(Original):

You Don't Love Me Anymore(Original):

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Second chance at life (Part 2)

Back to school...unwillingly.

I decided to return to my old shitty school to retake my Os as I did not want to go take it as a private candidate. It was far more expensive and moreover, I heard that those outside schools do not give a shit if you did not come for lessons or whatever, what matters most in their eyes is the $$$ sign. I rather go back to school even though it might be humiliating.

Thus I had to drag my mum down to see the principal and act
pitiful humble so that they would accept an idiot eager student like me back.The principal was a lady. We sat outside her office and waited till she called my name.

I could see some familiar faces around me. It seems like I wasn't the only one coming back after all. Some were from my original school and there was even one that was my classmate for 2 years. The principal called me in and then took a look at my results slip a
nd report book. She laid down the rules that in order for me to retake, I had to be a well behaved student with no disciplinary problems through the past schooling years, attendance be above 75% and I had to take 5 subjects.

The first two criterias wasn't a problem as I usually am a goodie goodie student but the last one was absurd when I only wanted to retake two, my Math and Science. Bloody fark, I guess they wanted to earn more $ for MOE as I would have to pay more to take the Os papers. But then I thought, my timetable would be damn weird if I took only two. Thus, I thought of 3 more subjects I wanted to improve my grades on just to fuifil the conditions.

"Good, now that you have understood the rules, I would place you in 5N(A) then"

But I was in Express all along! Can I go back to an Express class?

"No you can't. You are not up to standard with the Express students. Moreover it is March now, you would had missed quite a bit of the lessons and would be tough to catch up."

But I do not mind. I can read up on my own. I am here to do well this time, not relax and have a good time.

"No means no, can't you understand? Moreover, your subject combination is not available for Express classes and a few of your subjects are of the old syabullus."

So that was how I was placed in the last class of Sec 5 Normal, despite my best attempts to avoid it. I still think I should be placed in Express though.

Last class and familiar faces

Stepping in to the class, I was relieved for a few reasons. Relieved because I knew most of my new classmates, they were from my original school. Relieved because I was accepted back. Relieved because I can finally start my second chance in studies.

The best part was all of my teachers were those that I knew or had thaught me before. My form teacher was a Malay lady whom thaught me back in my original school, my Science teacher was my previous form teacher and my Chinese teacher was also from my original school. This time, I felt more relaxed that there would not be a repeat of any of the problems I faced last time.

My form teacher introduced the repeat students (there were 3 more) to the class. I am the most familiar face to most of them I guess as there were even some who were in the same class as me in Express but dropped down to Normal. She privately told me later that she did not expect to see me back here and that the class was a weak and naughty class.

She was right. During lessons, most of the boys did not cared. They were either just sleeping or talking. The worst was when they would be disrespectful to the teacher and caused trouble. HELLO? There are still people like me who wants to pay attention. Most vivid incident was when a few of them scolded vuglarities to my Math teacher and then they got a public caning. We were often singled out by the principal during flag raising as the worst class, most problematic class in school blah blah blah. It was all because of those black sheeps in my class.

They might be rubbish students but outside lessons, I thought they were cool people. I joined them for acitivies like football. I mix around with them and most of them told me they were also surprised to see me back. Guess, they still remembered what sort of student I am back at the original school. Most of the time in class, I would only pay attention to Math and Science lessons as I was here solely for them only. English lessons I was sleeping, Chinese lessons I was daydreaming.

My teachers doesn't give a shit as they know my standard well. Moreover, my English teacher told me that she had to spend more time on the others as Normal students are usually very weak in it. She was right. I topped the class for every ot
her English test or whatever. The others were amazed by my dominance and asked me how to do well in it. I just told them to speak more and read more.

Even during prelims, I did not give a shit. In fact, I only
wanted to pass my Math and Science papers and thus I only studied for that. In the end, I did quite average. But still, I managed to somehow topped the class. What a bloody surprise. Not to brag but that says a lot about the standard of 5N classes. There were only 3 5N classes and that was the best they could come up with? Guess I had too much expectations of them.

(Click for bigger pic if ya dun believe, No Photoshop lor!)

In the end, I did passed my Os Math and Science with a 6 and 5. I was not pleased by my Math grade as I knew I could do better. MUCH BETTER. I only better my L1R4 by 1 point to 20. What a disappointment. But oh well, I finally passed and proved those doubters wrong. I heard only a few of my classmates managed to make it to poly whereas the others only could go to ITE. Thank god I am finally leaving this shitty school.

Despite my dislike for this school, I would still remember it for some reasons. My best memories of it in my 2 years here were:

1) when some idiot slide down the flagraising pole in the courtyard from the 2nd level. (No joke!) A future fireman in the making but he was never caught.

2) when some idiot fell down from 2nd level after trying to retrieve a textbook he dropped onto the ledge.

3) when me and my classmate were the only ones taking the History Os paper in the exam hall.

4) where I could sleep and not pay attention during Histo
ry and English lessons and the teacher doesn't mind anyway. Not because they didn't care about me but because I am better than most of them, even if it was a combined class. I love special privileges. ;)

5) pon-tanging lessons by climbing over the barbed wired backgate without getting caught. It was always thrilling.


Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Adventures of Blur Sotong Man

I absolutely cannot believe how damn absent minded I am this week. My colleague friends are right. I am really hopeless, like an old man now literally. Can't bloody remember small details. I am as good as brain died.

Just now I wanted to watch all the crap I taped for the week
. Popcorn in hand and a comfy seat to sit my lazy arse on, I was preparing to watch the 2 tapes worth of shows. One tape was the Arrested Development + Rise Of Evil and the other was Amazing Race + Taken. I preferred to start of the evening with a laugh. So, Arrested Developement then.

But oh no, I could not find any tapes containing that. I wondered who took it or did I taped something over it? I would think it's the latter as no one bothers with the video recorder except me. 2 shows that had just started with their first episodes and I could not watched it.

Then I proceeded to find Tape 2. I played the tape and found something at last. Taken! But where the hell is Amazing Race that I recorded from the front of the tape? Bloody hell, I must had rewinded it that day and then used it to tape Taken without knowing it. ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!

That's not all.


-I left my folder of important documents in the taxi


-I NEARLY lost my precious Poddy in my office. I go
t shocked when I could not find it. Thankfully, my software engineer colleague heard the front desk auntie found something white in color and did not knew what was that and put it in a corner. Apparently, she told me that she found it in the recycle bin for newspapers.


- Work was over and I only realized I did not carried back the stuffs I had bought from the supermarket until my colleague reminded me in the lift when we were going home.


- My temporary phone's battery was flat and thus I lend my colleague's phone to use to message my friend. I was playing table footie with the a
ttachment student from another poly and did not realized how come the phone was missing until he asked me where it was when we went back to our desk. I thought hard then remembered that I placed it on the drawers in the recreation room.


- I was waiting for the bus. Bus 32 came, which was really familiar in my mind but I did not board it. I only realized Bus 32 indeed went to my workplace when I checked the directory. It was too late, it left and I had to wait for Bus 51 which took a longer time to reach. I was late for work. 45 mins late. Sheesh.

You may laugh like an hyena now. Even I found my amazing poor memory silly. I think I might as well apologize to HF for everytime teasing that she's a blur cock. I reckon I am worst for this week. I guess I better lock myself in the room and do nothing so that nothing ever happens to me tomorrow. ¬_¬

UPDATE: Guess I was right. I should had stayed at home. I nearly lost a notebook(the one with pages, not THAT one). I thought I placed it in my dad's car but he couldn't find it. That was when I panicked as inside it contained all my friends/classmates phone numbers that I recovered and there's also some important details in it. It was then when the phone shop dude called back and said I left it in his shop.

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