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This is just...insane...

A pretty disastrous last paper which was not what I had expected but thankfully, it's all over. I am relieved and at the same time depressed as we only have one damn week of rest before the sheeps are pushed to the slaughterhouse.

After reading this just now, my first reaction was to glance down. It's still there. Phew, what a relief.

In the Bundesliga, you had to feel sorry for midfielder Chavdar Yankow at the weekend. The Hannover player received an injury that is surely the worst nightmare for the majority of the world's male population.

The horrific incident occurred in the tenth minute of Hannover's game with Frankfurt. Yankow himself explains:

"I ran towards the ball and my opponent, the Frankfurt striker Köhler, kicked his foot into my penis," the player said.

Yankow carried on playing, despite the usually debilitating feeling one has after having taken a blow to the nether regions.

The Bulgarian went on to gain instant hero status with the home crowd when after a few minutes, he noticed that his shorts were full of blood.

"I quickly ran to the side line," he continued. "But I felt no pain."

In the dressing room he realised what had happened. The skin of his penis had been ripped four centimetres. But the midfielder wasn't finished there - he actually came back out to finish playing the first half after having glued (yes, glued!) the wound and put a plaster on it.

At half time, the plaster was changed and he came back out for the second half a new man (but only just, a few centimetres more and it could have been a different story). And just to prove the point, he went on to score the second goal and seal victory for Hannover.

Damn, what glue does he use? That is simply one bloody good adhesive. I mean he still can come back to play and even score a goal. That is just amazing!

Closest contact in the nuts when I had experienced when playing would be to get hit there by the ball, that already hurts a lot and you would really feel like rolling around the ground and taking sometime to recover, but this fella is just WOW.

I gotta be careful tomorrow. Hahaha.

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