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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

From the words of The Clash, this would be a crucial decision for me. I had already made up my mind weeks ago. I can finally see the finish line in my hat trick of frustrating and tedious tertiary education. The only hurdle left is the Final Year Project (in house or outside) which would span roughly 5 months.

The system used to be that one would do their FYP along with a few modules in school for one semester while for the next sem, you would go out for attachment in the next. But it was scrapped last year. Thus, we are the first batch of guinea pigs.

After two rounds of rejections for attachment, I was resigned to staying in school. I sort of expected it anyway as they would look at your past results to gauge if you are fit to take the job or not. Knowing me, my C+ overall GPA ain't what you call brilliant but I do not give a shit anyway.
Yes, that is how much I loathe my course. I just want to get this over with and serve the nation unwillingly next.

But I did not want to stay in school for my final semester. I was desperate to go out to the extent of accepting a job which I thought I would struggle badly in. My mentality at that time was "Wah piang, sure die anyway what, but at least I not in school...So ok lah!".
There was an uncertain feeling in the air. It wasn't until my friend who asked if I wanted to tag along for a job which I at least knew and understood better than the first one, that I felt a little better.

Let's weight up the pros and cons, should we?


- $$$$, though seriously we are just underpaid slaves mere interns
- Gain working experience and see how
fucked up it is like
- A change in my daily lunch. Seriously I am sick of eating the food in the campus already
- A change of environment
- Avoid meeting some idiotic arses in school
- At least it isn't purely programming


- 5 days week compared to 2 days week for those in school
- Can't be blatantly late like I always do for lessons now. Have to wake up early. Arrgh.
- Work like a dog and no life.
- Can't watch as much football or relax as much in the coming months :(
- No more chances of having delicious
eye candy chicken rice from Canteen 1. And also Canteen 4 food. Overall, no more cheap food really.
Guess I would miss that someone who is in school

Hey! It's the same then. Neither good nor bad. ;)

Seriously, I hope I won't regret my decision. There is no turning back now.

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