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Me No Play Fire This Year, Me Good Boy...

What does the Mooncake Festival means to me? Nothing much actually. I celebrate it by gobbling down mooncake after mooncake, especially the snowskin ones while sipping some Chinese tea. Mum tells me not to eat too much or my face would be as round as one after that. But honestly it doesn't matter to me as I rarely gain weight and furthermore, it's only an annual affair.

Rather than getting dragged down by my juvenile cousins to go play with fire, sparklers at the playground every other year, I spend the afternoon kicking and chasing the ball with my footie kakis and then rushed down to my classmate's apartment to catch the big match together.

Shouting and cursing at the telly alone was just boring. I prefer some companion and what better way to watch the match with an actual fan of the home side. He treats me like a delivery boy though, asking me to make an errand to
good ol' Mr Sanders for him. Grrrr, he's either one amazingly lazy arse or his place is just so damn ulu. I think it's both. :)

6+ ~ KFC, TPY

The moment I went in, I knew I would be late for kickoff. 3 counters, all with sickeningly long queues. But since someone's stomach depended on me, I just had to bite my lips and be patient. As the queue moved painfully slow to the counter, I was wondering why don't they open up one more register to cope with the weekend crowd?

When I finally reached the counter, it was 15 minutes wasted (So much for "FAST" food huh?). I ordered what he wanted and quickly walked out when I heard the guy calling me back as he did not passed me the drink. He did not even fill the empty cup at all in the first place! Duh. And to think he was the assistant manager somemore. ¬_¬

I was already a little uptight and running late. I thought of taking 240 down but the queue was worst than what I saw at Sanders' Place. Gah. But my mood soothe down a bit when I spotted a beautiful rainbow while waiting for the bus.

Halftime ~ Destination reached

"You're early leh. Got buy my dinner?"

I could had reached more earlier if not for the bus which stopped at almost every stop and for the horrendous long wait at KFC. Late liao. Already halftime!

"Huh? I thought start at 8? Oh shit"

No lah, from 7. Quick go switch on the telly and find out the score!

Thankfully, we did not missed much. It was goal-less at halftime.

Anyway, it stayed the same at full time. Good riddance to a boring match. What was he smoking? Rooney on the left? The most talented English talent on the wing when he should be at better off as a striker or behind the hole?

Like what this womanising idiot did with the national team in that pitiful loss to N. Ireland sometime back? And what was with the hat trick of substitutions made right at the end of the match? That senile fool should had bought them on earlier! Honestly, I do not understand him one bit. Yawn. Yet another early surrender of the title to the Russian communist gang at London.

9+ ~ On the couch

The key turned and in walked a woman two hands full of bags.

"Hi Mum"

Hello auntie.

"Ah, you bring your friend to watch football ah? How come I never seen him before?"

Errr, well you actually did once. I did came here before.

"Yeah. He got come before lah."

"Oh ok. You two try this mooncake from Crystal Jade. I bought a box and also chicken rice for you."

"I eat KFC just now liao. and no need lah, he already got a durian one from home."

"Never mind lah. Eh, how come you so dark huh?"

Oh actually I am mixed blood. My mother is Malay and my father is Chinese! That is why.

"Really ah? Wah."

"No lah, he talk cock one. He play a lot of ball sports lah.

Yeah, hahaha

"I knew he was joking with me one...hahaha. Yeah. come set up for me. I want to watch the VCDs in my room"

So I was alone in the living room and enjoying the durian mooncake while I looked outside from the balcony.

10+ till past midnight ~ STILL on the couch

The matches after the big match were also dull affairs. We just turned over to watch Mr Trump.

It was during this period that I received some weird phone calls from an unfamiliar number. Whoever that was over the phone never did spoke a word despite me being polite and kept asking who or why he/she/it was calling me. The only thing I heard was some weird songs or chanting.

"Aiyah, just call back the number and see how lor"

For what? Dun be stupid lah. Come, you listen to it. See if it would respond to a different voice

"Hello? Hello? Who are you looking for?"

"What the hell? Speak lah. Come on."

Forget it, just hang up. I switch off my phone then.

Bloody hell. He/She/It never gives up. Persistent little bastard. My phone rang 5 or 6 times throughout 1hr before I switched it off. It still continued to call as there were a few more missed calls when I switched it back on sometime later. I guess it must be a secret admirer. I know I'm one hot sexy little beast but just SPEAK, god damn it. It's not that I'm gonna eat you up. Sheesh. ¬_¬

Past Midnight ~ still watching the telly

I finally found someone more disgusting, shameless, idiotic and more of a attention whore than Steven Lim when watching Whose Line Is It Anyway.

While my friend couldn't stop laughing at his over the top antics, I was just wide mouthed and speechless. There are actually people out there who are worst than Steven Lim. Wow. The way he dressed, the way he spoke, his actions. What a bad combination. Though I have to admit he has this thing about bringing the audience to their feet. Apparently he is a famous aerobics instructor in the States.

Horrors of horrors, I actually managed to find the video of it when I was seraching for the wiki of him. Proceed at your own risk.


We switched to watch the Spanish League and what we saw was one of the highlights of my night. Real Madrid getting owned by Espanyol. The goal was a little controversial though. But who cares, I just love to watch Real get embarrassed. The 2nd half was one of the best I had seen from any team in the La Liga this season so
far. They were very good with their counter attacks.

One good reason for that is their playmaker Ivan De La Pena. He was all over the field and ran riot over Madrid's defense. The Galaticos' misery was completed when their two summer signings were given their marching orders. How I laughed at them.

Early Morning ~ Room

We played Winning Eleven 9 for a few hours until we called it a day.

"Can you stop rolling around here and there? Noisy lah. I can't sleep leh!"

But I just can't get to sleep leh. Too early liao. What to do?

"Early? Wah piang. Now already 4+ liao! You siao lah"

I usually sleep at 5-6+am during holidays one. How can sleep early?

"Go down and run a few rounds or do whatever you want. Just don't make noise lah. I very tired and want to Zzzz lah."

Counting sheeps wasn't of any use and neither was not thinking of anything helped either. So I went out to the kitchen to grab a late night snack while I switched on the idiot box.

My night was complete. Barca lost 2-1. The two biggest teams in Spain losing at the same time to supposedly inferior oppositions really made my night. I retired to dreamland happy.

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